What makes us unhappy?

Very often we feel discomfort due to the fact that everything goes not as we want. Network on the fate, which allegedly does not allow us to be happy, impose claims to others … And maybe it’s enough to look at the world at a different angle? So, here are the most common things that make us unhappy.

Consciousness that we all should

Recently, one friend with indignation told how he entered the conflict with the owner of the car, which took her place in the parking lot near the house. By the way, parking is not private, places are not "bought". "Well, she saw that there was specially cleaned!"- a familiar.

In fact, people tend to not think about such things. A person puts the car to where there is a place, and if you personally consider it your own – this is not a reason to resent … After all, there are no signs in this place: "Private property".

Also in other situations. For example, grandmother with granddaughter whose parents are disabled, came to the children’s clinic and began to resent that they are not taken without a queue. "But here there are other patients! Wait for your turn, and you will be taken, "the nurse parried. Everyone has their own personal "circumstances" and problems. Why starting someone will make an exception for you if this is not provided by law?

Stop constantly thinking that someone should you have something, and the reasons for disorder will become less.

Comparison of yourself with others

Also a common reason to feel unhappy. Yes, it’s good to be healthy and rich, but how do you know what problems have the person to whom you envy? Think, money just pay? You work for 30 thousand from ten to seven and relax on the weekend, and the "rich" with a salary of 100 thousand can work 12 hours a day without days off and holidays. And if a person has his own business, he must constantly keep his hand on the pulse. It is, to put it mildly, a big hemorrhoid … you need it?

External well-being in general can be deceptive. It is possible that you think that these people live well, but in the family they have a break, daughter or son went through the curve path, bad relationships with relatives and T.D.

It is better to deal with a device of my own life than to analyze someone else’s. If you think that someone is more lucky than you, think about what you can do in order to feel ourselves "we pass". And start moving in this direction.

Low self-esteem

You consider yourself ugly, unsuccessful, unworthy of good things and T.NS. Recognized yourself? What amazing then is that you do not have a career, nor personal life, and with money is not very? A man with the settings of the loser will definitely be scare away from himself surrounding and attracting those who want "free" to use its resources.

After all, you probably have some advantages? Maybe you sing well, or embroider with a cross, or you have beautiful hair? Think more about your advantages and do not dwell on shortcomings. And try using these advantages in practice – to find a hobby, work, a circle of communication or a loved one. I will reveal the secret: all the disadvantages are all, and many of them more than you. Just other people do not dwell on it, and therefore they manage more in life than you.

What makes us unhappy

Accusation in their failures of other people or circumstances

I have a friend who constantly complains that he has to work with the "stupid" people who are not interested in anything, do not read books and are fond of drinking, football and hockey … And he would like to communicate with erudites and intellectuals. At one time, this man threw a university and, despite all the deposits, did not continue. Now he is forced to engage in physical labor – work on the machine in the workshop. Of course, the environment is appropriate ..

And who is to blame? Not at all those people who surround it. He gets a worthy education, he would have a chance to get a "intelligent" job, and the level of colleagues would be different … when I voiced it, the man began to tell something about the "difficulties" that he had to survive … well, it is clear that Not everyone has the opportunity to learn from the day office. But many people learn without separation from production or come to learn when problems hindering this … So there is no one to blame there, besides yourself.

Mass of our fellow citizens also love to look guilt in their failures. These are native, friends, colleagues, the bosses prevent us from arrange a personal life, find a decent work, to advance by service … But you can not pay attention to the opinion of loved ones, to change a profession or an institution where you work, improve the qualifications ..

Even if you were born in a poor family without connections, do not think that you ordered the way to the top. How many people made their way "from dirt in the prince," came from the province with an empty wallet and made a career or found "princes"!

The whole chip is to take responsibility for your destiny, and not shift it on other or circumstances. You yourself limit your capabilities. And those who do not limit themselves, succeed.

The advice is simple: Stop waiting for mercies from destiny or other people. Happiness does not come from outside, it is always only inside us. Work on yourself, Improve, develop your potential – and sooner or later you will achieve the results that you will please.

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