What makes us happy?

It is believed that man is happy when he is all right with health, finance and personal life. But there are still many nuances, for example, related to people and relations in which we enter. Recently, several scientific research was conducted on this topic.

Friends make us happier than family

I had to hear about it before. Several of my friends argued that they do not feel much intimidation with relatives, but they have wonderful friends. Yes, and I myself can say the same. I have quite a lot of relatives, but with most of them we communicate only episodically. But with friends I call and meet much more often.

Recently, this theory of relatives and friends confirmed psychologists from the Southern Methodist University (USA).

"Previous studies show that the presence of close relationships is a fundamental human need that, when it is satisfied, is positively associated with well-being, – They write in a specialized publication Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.- However, recently scientists argue that communication with partners and family members can be psychologically burdensome, for example, due to pressure related to the need to support, leaving and manifestation of empathy ".

Scientists have found more than 400 volunteers and asked them to appreciate the emotions they have experienced, communicating with members of their family, friends and partners. In particular, it was estimated in points from 0 to 6 level of happiness, satisfaction and sense of significance in this relationship.

It turned out that participants on average rated the time spent with friends, higher than with relatives or even romantic partners.

The authors of the study believe that the case is not in the status of relations, but in the nature of the pastime. So, with family, we usually associate work in the house and other burdensome troubles. With the friends of the same and partners, we often do such things as communication, rest and food. However, if people have been devoted to communication with friends 65% of the time, then with partners its number has decreased to 28%.

Although the care for children, the tests as a whole assessed positively, trips or the need to remove the offspring, who are not related to entertainment, caused negative emotions rather. If the participants described only pleasant classes like joint walks, then there was no tangible difference in estimates, these are family, friends, children or partners concerned.

"It is important to create opportunities for positive experience with romantic partners and children – and really enjoy the positive moments with them, – Commented on Professor Psychology Nathan Hudson. –
Family relations that do not assume anything other than working on the house and care for the child will most likely bring much happiness ".

Old age should be social!

Previously, German doctors concluded that social isolation increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and deaths. At least it applies to old people.

The observation of more than 4,000 older people showed that those who did not have friends and partners, and also did not in any social organizations, with 44% more often tolerated infarction and strokes and 47% died more often from various reasons than those Who in old age had active social contacts.

What makes us happy

The most vulnerable was the non-working elderly women who were not physical activity, had a low level of education and income, as well as smoked and were prone to depression.

Cats against dogs

As you know, a lot of happiness is also brought to us pets. There is evidence that communication with them improves our health, increases the mood, relieves stress and depression … Another study showed unexpected results: it turns out that women prefer men who have pets, those who do not have them, and also prefer doggy cattle!

Specialists from the University of Colorado and the University of Idaho in Boise published this article in the Animals journal. In the course of the study, they analyzed the reaction of customer dating sites in the photo of men.

Since the information that is contained in the questionnaire is still limited, women who are looking for a couple on sites are largely focused on the pictures of potential partners. The fact that the fair sex is paying more attention to the photos of men with homemade pets, as well as those who in the questionnaire indicate that they have animals, was originally not for researchers surprise. After all, the presence of a pet or attachment to animals means that, most likely, a person is capable of kindness.

But that’s why ladies on statistics are more attracted by dog ​​owners than cat owners? As it turned out, the dogs are considered more open, courageous and balanced, and catsmen – more closed and too nervous, and in addition, too "feminine". Photo with a cat sometimes even becomes the reason for a date. Although, if the woman herself is a lover of cats, the chances of such a representative of a strong sex increase sharply, scientists say. But still, if there is an opportunity, it is better to put a photo with a dog on a dating site than with a cat.

So, the most important thing in life is positive emotions. And it is necessary to strive to find as much opportunities as possible to receive them.

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