What makes lipstick matte or glossy?

The opposition of matte and glossy lipsticks in the arena of beauty-trends continues for which year. And each of the parties does not give positions: matte lipsticks are becoming better in composition, providing lips maximum comfort, and glossy happy with unusual shades and record resistance. How do they succeed?

Matte lipstick

Choosing between matte and glossy lipstick, have recently needed to choose between expressive deaf mattiness and comfortable for lip coating with caring properties.

Manufacturers had to sacrifice the useful components for the sake of a beautiful external effect. Because if they leave the oil, thanks to which the skin of the lips is softened, lipstick will not be so matte as I would like.

In addition, the coating perseverance will suffer. The texture will literally slide on the lips when applied, but quickly "eaten" or "sliding" to the contour. This is a problem, like the fact that a flawlessly matte result turns into a feeling of dryness and skinny skin throughout the day. Beauty brands try to find a way out of this situation. Many matte innovations are attempts to find a compromise.

For example, Lip Maestro gel from Giorgio Armani is distinguished by a pleasant elastic texture. The basis of the formula – translucent velvet spheres, which, on the one hand, absorb the light, and on the other, still slightly dissipate it throughout the coating.

This allows, retaining a matte effect, give the lips 3D-volume. In addition, the composition provides moisturizing and comfort of lips at least 4 hours.

The secret of Powder Puff Lippie from the NYX Professional Makeup with a powder effect also in a plush apple-cush, which absorbs excess liquid texture, and leaves only color in pure form on her lips.

In the composition, by the way, there is vitamin E, rose oil and glycerin, which moisturize the gentle skin of the lips.

Liquid lipstick like Matte Supreme from Shu Umura after applying frozen on lips – glitter disappears, as if evaporated, leaving only a matte color film on her lips.

With the application of liquid lipstick, newcomers may experience difficulties. How to make it so that it does not spread behind the contour and standal last day? See our video tutorial.

Lipstick Superstay Matte Ink from Maybelline New York such technology provides 16-hour resistance.

Classic lipstick of the same brand, such as Color Sensational Powder Matte, many like more precisely due to the usual cream texture.

Color, by the way, it turns out to be matte, but the lips do not suffer from dryness, and all due to the fact that the formula contains beeswax and sesame oil.

Glossy lipstick

With glossy lipsticks in terms of production, everything is much easier. If the formula is saturated with oils, the brilliant finish is accurately secured. But questions cause persistence of the resulting formula. And again you need to look for ways to solve the problem, search for compromises required to create a reliable and comfortable tool with the necessary visual effect.

The desired color of beauty brands is achieved by the saturation of brilliance with pigments. Next, work begins on facilitating the texture: the tool must lie on the lips by weightless, barely with a tangible layer, not leaving the effect of stickiness.

Everything turned out in the case of Slip Tease Full Color Lip Lacquer, lip varnish from the NYX Professional Makeup, which has a liquid texture, catchy shades and a dazzling gloss, which becomes brighter into the lips at times brighter.

What makes lipstick matte or glossy

One of the main components – mineral oil, it is just possible to thank for the result. By the way, many myths about mineral oils do not have any grounds for them – you can safely use the means with this ingredient in the composition.

L’Absolu Lacquer from Lancôme has a water base and therefore leaves on the skin a very easy shining coating.

OKLDOKANOLOL Softens the skin, and vegetable glycerin provides moisturizing. Comfortable glossy coating while keeps on lips of about 6 hours, which is not bad even for evening makeup: you can not doubt that the solemn part of such a lip varnish will accurately survive without the need to update. We talked more about this tool in this article.

According to the principle of creating on it, both Ecstasy Lacquer from Giorgio Armani, who loved many girls, not indifferent to the elegant glossy finish, worthy of a red carpet. Some shades of this lipstick added shimmer – for the effect of light radiance.

And Lip Paint from L’Oréal Paris is a real paint for lips, the likeness of the title or stein. The brand introduced a tool in two formats: Matte and Lacquer, that is, in matte shades and shades with glossy glitter. In the second case, the combination of shine and saturated color gives a particularly impressive result.

What lipstick is better – matte or glossy?

Lipstick today are presented in a wide variety, with different finishes and many color nuances. Even among matte lipsticks are the same not to find: Some – velvety, others – powdered, third and completely combine mattness with the "inland" shine.

Say exactly what is better not. In each case, the choice will be individual. Each girl chooses lipstick on his taste. Matte lipsticks are often preferred because the velvety finish looks noble and creates an emphasis on color.

In glossy lipsticks attracts a mirroring of the coating, which at the same time distracts from color. At the same time, matte lipsticks are not comfortable for everyone. Many of these funds are still dried by the skin, although manufacturers are working tirelessly over more perfect formulas.

Glossy lipstick – an option that is most often associated with red tracks. It is a special case. They are almost always chosen for makeup to the evening dress, while the matte lipstick is good and in casual images.

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