What gives a woman pregnancy: 7 superpackers

After childbirth, you increasingly get into the whirlwind of worries, forgetting about the most important thing. Let’s find a positive in each, even the most common day and more often feel the insights of gratitude. Lisa.RU reveals the secret of happiness for a young mother.

Around me crowds moms with strollers and children of different ages, and I easily start talking and new acquaintances. And I have, like most of my new acquaintances, moms, chronic lack and fatigue, because in the house three children (there is no younger and two months), and my husband at work from 7 to 22 without days off.

No, I, of course, is glad to motherhood. Healthy children, smart. But with a psychologist, I communicate regularly – the fight against burnout syndrome takes two hours a week, usually consultation on Skype. And you know, it became easier for me when the so-called insight gratitude happened.

It turns out, thanks for yourself (fate, husband, God) can be said not only for the child. Pregnancy brought us much more good than it seems!

№1 – self-confidence

You know what the difference between self-confidence? The latter does not have a real soil. "Ponte", "Discharge", boasting is self-confidence. But confidence is based on real achievements.

Righting the baby, a woman made a major action to which she is programmed by mother-nature. In our age get pregnant, to endure and give birth to a child very difficult. You did everything, which means that your mission is successful. And this is a good reason for pride and gratitude. And self-confidence!

№2 – the opportunity to walk a lot

And yet – sleeping in the afternoon with a crumb. I want to ask those who have no pets, bicycles, tourist friends: admit honestly, how much time you spent before pregnancy in the fresh air? Two hours a week? Four? But now you will probably walk at least three hours a day in the next square.

From this the color of the face is improved, the blood is saturated with oxygen, and the figure becomes slimmer. It is especially pleasant to look at moms, which, besides, are engaged in passing training – attacks, deep attacks, walking with a high lifting of the knees. And in the spring you can wear rollers!

№3 – Perfect posture

It appears not only from feeling confidence. In the last weeks of pregnancy, it is simply impossible not to keep your back straight – a big belly does not allow to narrow. Now the main thing is not to lose this feeling.

If you feed the child sitting, try to do it in a chair or on a chair with a high back. Great if you have a feeding cushion, which allows you to keep the baby above, the chest itself, so as not to bend. And remember that the beautiful proud posture looks in a royal!

№4 – excellent metabolism

Concerns those who feed the breast – this is quite energy-intensive work. From 500 and more calories per day is spent only on the production of milk for the baby.

Therefore, feeding in the usual mode, mommy suffers unnoticed 200-400 g per week, not straining at all. This is such a buzz – without a branch of conscience, for example, greasy cottage cheese, calorie bananas, and eat well! And at the same time in less than a month to return to the previous form.

What makes a woman pregnancy 7 superpackers

№5 – flexibility and plastic

During pregnancy, a hormone relaxin stands out. It acts on the bundling and continues to work during childbirth and for some time after them. While he did not leave the body at all, it is useful at least a couple of times a week practicing yoga or pilates.

Flexibility can be developed very quickly! Why? For the beauty of movements and prevention of diseases of the joints.

№6 – patience and endurance

Superconducts are given to all moms without exception! First of all, they may not sleep at night, because you need to constantly feed and rock a child. And still – work without days off. It is unlikely that there is another work that does not imply vacations or at least lunch breaks.

In the course of such work, by the way, such important superconductors are developed as patience and calm. And even stamina – to wear these kilograms of happiness.

№7 – Shining Eye

If the back is stuck, and the hair will fall, then the eyes will now be filled with special awareness, which is only those who revealed the world of a new man. Moms – they are always moms. Only becoming mothers, many understand that they can make any difficulties for the health and happiness of their own child.

What makes a woman pregnancy 7 superpackers

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