How to look well maintained: Caring for skin

Women’s beauty, as you know, the concept of multifaceted and subjective, but with what you can not argue, so this is the fact that a beautiful woman is a well-kept woman. Caring for your appearance does not bordered by narcissism and self-examination, how you care about your appearance, is a reflection of how you feel like a person. What to look well-groomed and attractive? Well-groomed woman always looks confident, she attracts the views of others and radiates some inner light.

Well-groomed appearance is not only a beautiful manicure manicure – nail drawings: accuracy, attentiveness and effort or flawless laying, this is a whole range of factors that need to take into account every woman if she always wants to look fresh and beautiful.

Look carefully on yourself in the mirror and critically appreciate your own appearance. Do not say that you do not have the nose of that form or too complete hips. If you look closely, many will notice the lacquer on the nails, not too clean hair, unlightened clothes or negligent makeup. All these "little things" ultimately create the image of a non-dimensional and untidy woman. So where to start?

Skin on the face

The key factor of well-groomed appearance is a fresh color of the face, i.e. soft, smooth and shining skin. How to achieve this? First of all – moisturizing, moisturizing and once again moisturizing. The skin must be moisturized not only outside, but also from the inside. Drink at least two liters of pure water per day, regularly spend exfoliating procedures and lubricate the skin with moisturizing cream. Special attention should be paid to the most prone to dry zones: face, neck, hands, legs and shoulders. Do not forget about the use of sunscreen. Ultraviolet – the first enemy of young gentle skin, so sunscreen is recommended to use not only for the skin of the face, but also for all open parts of the body.

Especially attention is worth paying the skin around the eyes, it is in this zone that the first wrinkles appear most often. The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive and older it is very fast. Circles and bags under the eyes also do not add beauty. To hide traces of fatigue and lack of sleep, consilet will come to the rescier. Using the correct application of the application of the consistent, you can hide dark circles under the eyes and give the skin soft uniform tone.

In the morning and in the evening, no matter how tired or hurry or hurry, be sure to clean the skin with milk, foam for washing or mycelter water, and then apply a moisturizing cream. Use concentrated serums and face masks face mask: for the most of the skin, the corresponding skin type.

Leather neck

What looks like a well-groomed skin care

Do not forget about the neck. It is the state of the skin of the neck that gives the age of a woman. Make your skin care in an integral part of the daily face care program. Neck skin, as well as skin skin, needs regular cleansing, nutrition and moisture. Useful to make a neck massage and a special gymnastics for prevention. The appearance of the second chin. Neck skin condition plays a critically important role, if you belong to the category of women who love to wear a variety of necklaces, beads or brooches with open neckline. Decorations attract attention to the state of the skin of the neck, so it is very important to preserve her youth and beauty as long as possible.


Another very important point – the removal of unwanted hair on the body. Start with the face: Well-groomed eyebrows are a beautiful and correct outline, which makes a look deeper and expressive. Most women have claims to natural eyebrows, but the perfect form is easy to create, removing from the total contour of the hairs. The eyebrows should not be too subtle, "threads" have long come out of fashion, but even if there is a trend on broad eyebrows, wide eyebrows: we carry them right A-la Kara Melievin should not experiment in favor of fashion. Wide and thick eyebrows go far from all, it is better to give preference to a classic contour with a bend corresponding to the type of face.

Hair over the upper lip and on the chin should also be deleted, and it is better to do this with wax or special cream. Do regular leg hair removal and bikini zones. Some women conduct and remove the hands, but if the vegetation in the hands is almost imperceptible, this procedure can be omitted. Wax epilation is carried out about once a month if you prefer shave, then you will have to do the removal of unwanted hair on the body two or three times a week.

What looks like a well-groomed skin care

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