What looks and what the stars of the series "Enchanted" are doing now

Lisa.RU tells how the life of the cult series has changed after its completion.

Shannen Doherty — Prue Hollyll

Shannen began to shoot in the cinema early — Already at 10 years she received the first small role in the TV series "Father Murphy". For ten years, young actress rejoiced with episodic roles, but in 1990 she was offered to take part in the shooting of the series "Beverly Hills: 90210".

This project made it popular, so the famous producer of Aaron Spelling decided that in the new television series "Enchanted" the senior sister-witch should play Daerty. Prue Hollyl — Talented art historian, as well as a kind witch, which fights with evil beings.

The actress starred in three seasons, but because of frequent quarrels with the film crew and colleagues, she decided to leave the project. In the plot of her heroine dies in a fight with a demon.

Shannen continued to build an acting career, and also became a TV host "Brutal Games". However, new works did not bring her such success as previous. In 2015, it became known that Doherty is seriously ill — Doctors diagnosed her breast cancer. Star "Enchanted" immediately began to be treated, and soon admitted that the disease did it only stronger. Despite the struggle with the ailment, Shannon continues to be filmed in the cinema and appears in some secular events.

Holly Mary Combs — Piper Hollyll

Combs began to act in the cinema thanks to his mother, who dreamed of becoming an actress in childhood. When Holly was 12 years old, she together with Mom participated in the filming of the film "Walls of Glass". A beginner actress was glad of any role, but always dreamed of the main. 10 years later she fell to the shooting area of ​​the "Enchanted" series, which brought her world fame and success.

Piper Hollyl — a modest girl who first works as a manager in a restaurant, and then opens his institution. She bravely struggles with evil and always ready to protect innocent people.

After the cult series, Holly starred in the painting "Cute lizards", which viewers also loved. Today, the actress spends most of the time with his family: she raises three sons from a second marriage with actor David Donocho, with whom he met on the set "Enchanted". Last September, COMBS married a restaurant for T-shirt Ryan.

Alissa Milano — Phoebe Holliel

The actress debuted into the cinema at 11 years in the picture "Who is here boss?"And then starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film" Commando ". In 1998, she was suggested to play one of the main roles in the "Enchanted" series.

Her heroine — The youngest of the witches sisters, which was originally a nipped girl. She did not work, threw her studies, but it possessed superpowers — Could see the future and wrote spells.

After the completion of shooting, Alissa starred in several films — In 2011, the picture "Old" New Year "was published, which became the last work of the actress. Today, Milano supports charitable projects, fond of photography and spends time with his family. In 2009, she married a sports agent David Bagliary for the second time, from which her son and daughter gave birth.

Rose McGowen — Page Matthew

Future actress early left home and to the cinema managed to work as a waitress in the restaurant and the controller in trains. The first roles of Rose were insignificant, but after the release of the film "Generation game" Doom "she began to act in large projects.

In 2001, after Chennen Daerty’s departure from the "Enchanted" series, the actress was invited to play a graduate sister witches. Page Matthews appears in the fourth season, she is half a witch, half a keeper.

In 2017, the film "Sound", in which McGouen played a major role. The actress for three years was married to the artist Davi Deteil, but the children in this marriage were never born.

What looks and what the stars of the series

Brian Krause — Leo Whitet

Brian, like Rose McGowan, before becoming a professional actor, was taken for any job: he sold Popcorn, distributed flyers, was an animator and a loader. In parallel with this Brian mastered acting skills in the school of arts. The first important work in his biography can be considered the film "Return to the Blue Lagoon", where his partner was Mila Yovovich.

The actor became famous and received profitable offers. So, in 1998, he began to starve in the "Enchanted" series, where he played the good guardian angel Leo Wayatt, Piper’s husband.

The success that collapsed on Crause, has influenced him negatively: the lovedits of many girls began to abuse alcohol and was even detained for a drunk entrance in a public place. The actor stopped in time and spent more time at work. He often gets the main roles in large projects, the last of which — horror movie "Fear".

Brian was married once on the model Beth Bruce, who gave him his son. After a divorce, novels were attributed to the novels with many famous beauties, including from Holly Mary Combs, but Krause was actually a short novel with another actress — Alissa Milano.

Julian McMahon — Cole Turner

Julian was originally not going to associate life with cinema, but one case changed his plans. Once a guy with athletic physique was offered to participate in fashion shows, thanks to which the winners who called him in the movies were recognized.

In 1988, he made his debut on large screens, appearing in the painting "home and on the road". Two years later, he was offered to play in the popular TV series "Enchanted", where he played the cunning demon Cole Turner, who was in love with the younger sister Phoebe.

After the completion of the project, Julian starred in the series "Parts of the Body" and was nominated for the "Golden Globe". Today, the actor continues to play the movies, and in his free time, together with his wife rides on a motorcycle and surfing, plays basketball.

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