What leads abortion, consequences and complications after surgery

Statistics inexorab: annually 50 million abortions are held in the world! So, about each fourth pregnancy is not destined to end. Surprisingly, but 90% of women at least once in their lives did an abortion. But few people think about what the abortion leads, the consequences and complications after surgery can do the woman extremely expensive ..

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What dangers bears an abortion?

It is not even about the psychological drama of a woman, about her moral suffering and doubts. Although this is also an important aspect, sometimes leading to severe mental disorders. The point that an abortion can carry a real threat not only to the health of a woman, but also for her life.

When the abortion refers to abortion, the danger more often represents not so much the operation itself, how many possible consequences of the operation, complications and developing diseases. How likely the development of complications depends on much. This is the age of a woman, and her state of health, and the state of her past pregnancies.

Never be able to give a 100% most qualified specialist that the abortion will pass absolutely without consequences, and no complications are threatened with a woman. In fact, undesirable problems arise 10-20% of women who decided on this difficult step and interrupted pregnancy.


The most common and most dangerous are infectious complications. During operation, harmful microorganisms penetrate the body of the uterus, which certainly causes severe inflammation. Sometimes a bacterial or septic shock is developing, directly threatening women’s life. More than half of deaths after abortion cause infectious complications after surgery, resulting in the development of septic shock.

In case of bacterial infections, all organs and fabric are affected. It may interfere with the work of the brain, heart, kidneys and liver, and can even lead to death. Many women, for various reasons, still prefer to make abortions at home, but it is precisely this option that increases the likelihood of the development of infectious complications and, in particular, bacterial. 80% of deaths among women occur after making a decision on abortion outside the hospital.

Sometimes, what an abortion leads is noticeably not immediately. In some cases, the infection can temporarily stop reminding themselves and wearing a chronic character. A woman seems to be healthy, but a virus hid in the body. It literally waits for a more suitable moment to activate and cause disease. This happens, as a rule, from the exhaustion of the immune forces of the body, t. E. With a cold or exacerbation of other chronic diseases.

Hormonal breakdown

Abortion is always a shock and emergency stress for the whole body. And this is connected not only with a psychological aspect, but also with sharp hormone disorders caused artificially. The body is already tuned to the baby tooling, the hormones are produced rapidly. And suddenly – the pregnancy ends sharply, a hormonal breakdown occurs. Sometimes a woman may face so sharp change in the balance of hormones that its further normal life becomes impossible. In addition, such interference from the outside does not differ in absolute sterility. Unfortunately, often doctors prescribe the course of antibiotics after infectious complications have begun to develop. This is already inefficient.

What leads abortion, consequences and complications after surgery


Another serious complication after surgery – uterine bleeding. Seven out of ten dead women had exactly this cause of death. During pregnancy, the uterus increases, it becomes firm due to the increase in the muscles of its walls. The number and size of the vessels increases with the uterus. It is intended for the nature in order for the fruit to grow normally and develop, being in it. Abortion is a mechanical removal of the fetus together with its shells from the uterus using special tools. At the same time, scars and cuts appear on the walls of the uterus, at which to stop the bleeding is extremely difficult. In fact, the abortion is performed "blindly", the doctor cannot impose seams inside the uterus and can not even see where blood flows exactly.


Another dangerous complication is embolism, that is, air enter the blood vessels. Especially often it happens when abortion at later dates (after 12 weeks). Then, besides the fetal itself, it is also necessary to remove the amniotic fluid into which the air falls and instantly spreads along the vessels into each female body. This can lead to mechanical blocking of blood vessels of vital organs, which for several minutes leads to death.


The probability of complications leading to infertility is the most great if the pregnancy is the first. This is always warned in the hospital, you always need to remember. Sometimes the reckless decision may cost the future possibility of maternity. Think about it worth every woman going to this step.

A little more about abortion

There are various ways of preventing the emergence of uterine bleeding during surgery. Sometimes enough simply physical impact on the uterus (the placement of ice on the bottom of the abdomen), but more often gynecologists resort to the use of drugs. All of them are addictive as part of narcotic substances. They lead to a reduction in the uterine bleeding, but when the symptoms stop stopping. The woman is forced to take these drugs, and then finds out that without them can no longer exist.

In the occurrence of bleeding play the role and other factors that obstetrics report to surgery. The risk of this complication increases in women with impaired blood coagulation. Other predisposing factors – the presence of previous abortions, scraping of the uterus or disease of the internal organs of women.

In practice, each gynecologist can give an example when a completely healthy woman after the artificial interruption of pregnancy has lost its only opportunity to become a mother.

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