What landmark events are waiting for us in 2019: Overview of the main periods

Astrologer forecasts for dates and months that may be favorable and, on the contrary, not very for certain undertakings.

First, this year they can become relevant themes of development, education, strengthen their own authority and status in society, popularity. Possible access to the international level and market. Including everything that is associated with other countries can be activated (moving to another country, including in order to obtain education there, in order to develop business and other). It may also be possible to gain useful links and build a platform for the future.

In addition, views and personal philosophy may vary. First of all This refers to representatives of signs Sagittarius, Aries and Lion. Further, to a lesser extent, but including This refers to representatives of the signs of Aquarius and Scales. And more careful and careful in this plan worth being representatives of signs Gemini, Virgo and Pisces. You do not have the listed areas, also ideas and plans to exaggerate your capabilities and take too much. And before making an important decision, it does not interfere once again all soberly evaluate and weigh.

Also, in March we have a very iconic event that happens every 7 years. It will primarily make upgrading and changes in financial issues or even in general in the financial system. There may also be changes associated with land and land plots and in the agrarian sphere.

Partly, we have already felt this trend at the end of April — In May 2018, and how you remember, during this period there was a dollar horse racing. Plus, this year, conversations regarding cryptocurrencies were especially activated. And the whole trend will continue in March 2019.

For some, it will be the opportunity to make races ahead or even a breakthrough, not only financially, and in the whole, in life there can be a fundamentally new round. This trend gives new features that are often accompanied by the effect of surprises.

The main thing is to pay attention to various ideas, options and opportunities that arise in life.

First of all such a wave Updates will be sprinkled by the calves born from 21.04 – 28.04, Virgin – from 23.08 to 31.08 and Capricorn – from 22.12 to 29.12.

Also, such opportunities can be representatives of signs Fish born from 19.02 to 27.02 and cancer – from 22.06 to 29.06. But until March, the planet, which gives such a tendency, can give a series of not the most pleasant unexpected situations. Including in terms of natural cataclysms, unexpected and not the most pleasant changes or even shake and so on.

What landmark events are waiting for us in 2019. Overview of the main periods

In addition, at the beginning of the year, 06.01 We will experience a train of eclipses. Eclipse periods in 2019 — This is 06.01 — 21.01, also with 02.07 — 17.07 and from 26.12 And they will end already in 2020. These are very significant periods, during which a certain life restructuring occurs or even cleaning.

Such periods felt almost all people through various changes, both at the external level (certain circumstances and other) and in the internal level (in terms of various psychological restructuring, all sorts of rethinking and so on). But at the same time, eclipses can give new opportunities: that is, some doors can close, but in this case, new, most importantly — This is noted. However, these are not the most appropriate periods for important actions and for cardinal steps.

It is better to move to the implementation of the intended already after they are completed. It is also extremely recommended to make flights, planned operations, long-distance trips and in general, something particularly important or risky in the dates of eclipses (that is 06.01, 21.01, 02.07, 17.07 and 26.12). First of all, this year they will feel such an influence Representatives of the signs Capricorn and Cancer.

And also people born from April 2000 to October 2001; October 1981 to March 1983; beginning 1962 to August 1964; from May 1944 to November 1945. For you it will be special periods that are important to live consciously. Events can occur at all just so. They will adjust your life and first of all of you. And the complexity of events depends on how flexible you were and were ready to change before, in various difficult situations.

If they did everything right, according to higher standards, then periods can pass very gently and give new opportunities. And if they restrained too much, nothing in life was not ready to change, were cold or strict with others, showed excessive demanding and so on — then maybe not everything is so simple. However, in these periods it will be important not to be offended in life and circumstances, but still reconsider some of your plants and manifestations.

What landmark events are waiting for us in 2019. Overview of the main periods

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