What Korean face masks are the best?

The last few years in the Beauty-industry reigns a real boom of Korean cosmetics. Women gladly adopt the experience of Koreanok who know about the leaving of the face and body all, and pay a lot of time.

Today we will tell about the Must-had care facility – masks.

For every taste and wallet

Species of Korean masks There are a huge set. Depending on the species, they can be cleansing, nutrient, moisturizing, tightening. Sometimes their use is even advised to combine for better effect.

They can also be washed and indelible, alginate, hydrogel. In this kingdom, a variety is easy to get lost and get confused. Because to simplify you the task of choice, we decided to make an overview of the most effective products produced in the Asian continent.

With Muzzin Snail, Benton

If you heard about Korean cosmetics, then, for sure, heard about such an ingredient as a street mucin. It is a famous anti-age component, normalizing the synthesis of collagen and elastin and effectively exfoliating a buried layer.

In addition to Muzin, Benton also mean bee poison and vegetable extracts that help to align the tone.

Essential plus this means – the use of natural components and the absence of fragrances.


Alginate tool that may well replace the salon procedure. There is in four variations: moisturizing, cleansing, smoothing and improving color.

First you need to apply serum, and after the canvas, which makes the procedure more simple, compared to the salon. After half an hour, the residues can be inserted into the skin.

In the process of use, alginate products are well frozen, thereby tightening the skin, narrowing the pores and improving the general view.

Innisfree Jeju Pore Clay Mask, Innisfree

The product with the effect of purification for a fatty and problematic type of dermis, which includes volcanic clay. Among the components you can also see the extract of green tea, camellia, bamboo, citrus, mineral water.

All this in the complex perfectly pulls the slightest plugs and helps to restore the hydrobalance. Plant components have a disinfecting effect by reducing the manifestations of inflammation.

3-Step Lifting Mask, Missha

In three small packages, essence, mask and cream are hidden. The first provides a lightweight exfoliating effect, and helps to reveal the pores. Mask helps to eliminate irritation and satisfies the derma with useful trace elements. And finally, the final stage – moisturizing cream.

This spa session is at home.


Product with pronounced Anti-Age Effect. His upper part &# 8212; It is a gold foil that contributes to a deeper penetration of active substances. And Beluga Caviar, which is one of the main components, restores the protein balance, helps to smooth out small wrinkles and enhances the protective barrier of the skin.


One of the best Korean beauty funds, perfectly copied with clarification and tone alignment. It is based on the water from tomatoes and, actually tomato extract.

It is they who help eliminate dullness, return healthy radiance, as well as derive toxic substances and prevent oxidation.

What Korean face masks are the best

Use Tomatox Magic White Massage recommended 2-3 times a week.

The Saem Natural Rice Mask Sheet, The Saem

One of the best brands &# 8212; The SAEM, specializes, mainly on the release of ecoproduks. Fissure mask with rice is very convenient to use and suitable for all skin types.

Rice extract – a universal component that helps solve a large number of problems. For example, get rid of toxins, stimulate cell renewal due to activation of collagen synthesis, make the skin more elastic.

Those who suffer from pigmentation are also noted that after the systematic use of this mask, the tone is noticeably aligned.


The unique product of the South Korean brand based on clay, enriched with oxygen bubbles. As soon as it hits the face, the composition begins to actively foam, cleaning the pores and delivering from black dots, improving cellular exchange. Result – Beautiful color, Smooth tone and smooth surface.

Whine Therapy, Holika Holika

Such is worth choosing women aged 35+. Among the two types, every representative of a beautiful sex can choose its: with white wine nourishes and tones, with red – works well in smoothing wrinkles.

Animal Mask Red Ginseng, Berrisom

Present salvation for dry skin holders, which will be particularly relevant in the cold. The visible result will appear after the first application at the expense of ceramides, Korean red ginseng and glacial water.

Of course, to adopt a complete face care system, which includes about 20 cosmetics, the Koreankov does not all die immediately. But the masks are an excellent version of the relax for your face, and emergency assistance in a situation where you need to look attractive in a short time. Be beautiful!

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