What kind of tea is the most useful?

Tea – an integral part of our life. We are so accustomed to him that we do not even think about how often we drink it. It is always nice to relax over a cup of delicious tea! And if the guests came, then without it, they will not be right away!

How tea is born?

Tea takes a long way before being in our cup.

• To begin with, grow tea bush. He is unpretentious. All he needs for happiness is a lot of moisture. As you know, happiness does not happen much, but still it is important not to overdo it. Also tea bushes need to cut once a year.

• We need to collect tea bush leaves. They should be young. If you take mature leaves, tea will be low-quality. The best tea is from shoots – stalks with several sheets and kidney.

• Then either outdoors, or in the stoves of the leaves dried. This process is called tying. It lasts an average of 15 hours.

• Next step – squeezing, leaf twisting in special equipment. It is necessary that juice stood out of the leaves.

• And now it’s time to enjoy fermentation! She lasts 2-3 hours. If it is easier to speak, it is oxidation, the fermentation of the leaves in its juice.

• Interlimation with drying at a temperature of 90 ° C. Why do you need a high temperature? The fact is that thanks to her, bacteria dies, mushrooms and those tea sheet enzymes that cause fermentation.

• Final barcode – sorting, t.E. division of obtained leaves in size.

What tea is?

There are different types of tea. What they differ from each other why one tea is yellow and the other is black? All thing in fermentation. The longer she lasts, the darker the tea.

Depending on the degree of fermentation, tea is highlighted:

• green (non-enmented);
• white, yellow (lowermented);
• Ulong – red, blue, purple (half-proof);
• black (fermented);
• Puer (refermented).

Choosing tea, choose health

Tea – the most amazing and tasty medicine. Green tea is especially useful. It is less processed than other types. Tea strengthens immunity, improves the work of the heart, stabilizes the weight, charges energy.
Caffeine contained in tea has vigorous and toning effects, quickly leads to a feeling and relieves stress. Tea, like coffee, helps lift pressure. Therefore, it is useful at low pressure, but with its high it is necessary to drink extremely careful!

The tea has an exciting and soothing effect at the same time, because it contains caffeine (theine), and a tannin that is somewhat holding back the action of caffeine. So tea burst is not as fast as coffee, but the effect lasts much longer.

The use of green tea has a positive effect on the state of the oral cavity. It has fluoride compounds, which are beneficial to the health of the teeth and help prevent the appearance of caries.

For tea to benefit teeth, you need to follow several conditions:

• Drink tea only good varieties;
• Do not add sugar;
• Do not eat sweets with tea.

What kind of tea is the most useful

Although, according to the studies that appeared, in many bags of tea, the content of fluorides is higher than the norm, and this is already harmful.

What you need to know about tea?

1. Drink tea is recommended in the first half of the day so that the caffeine contained in it did not affect your dream.
2. If add lemon in tea, antioxidant action will decrease.
3. More useful that tea that is fresh. The content of antioxidants and the necessary organisms of substances in it more. Therefore, buying tea, check its shelf life.

How much to drink tea to be healthy?

Doing everything well in moderation. This is the golden rule! Even a very useful product can become dangerous if you use it in an unlimited quantity.

Therefore, if you like strong tea, limit 2 cups. Weak tea can afford more – up to 4 cups.
And you can follow the Eastern tradition and drink it often, but on the droplet, literally a few sips. Then you can enjoy them all day.

Is it worth buying tea bags?

Of course, you will say, it is very convenient and quick. Do not mess around with a welding, it is worth only to throw a bag in the bowl – and ready! It would seem that even wish?

The problem is that such tea does not differ in quality. What do you think, what is being done so that the tea is brewed faster? Different additives are used, tea is very crushed, and sometimes the old coarse tea leaves or waste of tea-made are used at all – tea dust. How to distinguish fake? Just open the box and see if she is clean. If it is all sleeping with dark powder – the quality of such "tea" leaves much to be desired.

And yet – you wondered ever how tea bags themselves are made? Usually make them from filter paper, "Parents" which, in turn, are cellulose and cotton. For the sake of interest, you can take a paper napkin, pour tea into it and try to brew. What do you think will be with a napkin? Of course, she will turn into porridge. But! Amazing business – a thin bag of tea and after welding remains in good health. How so? The whole secret is that it is impregnated with special synthetic substances that give it additional stability.

Enjoy real tea, do not spare a little minute on his brew. Quality and taste cost time spent on them!

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