What kind of stone marble

Marble – crystalline-grainy metamorphic carbonate breed, limestallion recrystallization product, less often – dolomite. Due to the close grip of calcite grains, the breed is well polished. The technique and construction of marble calls any carbonate breed, satisfactory polishing, – limestone, dolomite or marble. The metamorphism of pure limestone leads to the formation of marble, since the only possible change in calcite at high pressures and temperatures is its recrystallization. At least partial recrystallization of calcite can occur without the participation of dynamometamophysma, and in some ancient strata of limestones were turned into marbles without the impact of diastrogen.

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Description of marble

The composition of the marble in metamorphism does not change. Source carbonate breeds – either limestone, or dolomites. Accordingly, marble consists of calcite, or dolomite, or from both minerals. However, if the starting breed contained silica or kaolin as impurities, such characteristic lime silicates, as tremolite, pyroxen or flogopit, are formed in metamorphism. Carbonaceous substance scattered in limestone can be turned into graphite (pure carbon).

Some varieties of marble – fine-grained, others are so coarse-rich, that they are clearly distinguishable by the spike of grains of calcite by rombohedron. Marble hardness 2.5 – 4, volumetric density 2.63 – 2.92 g / cm3. An ordinary lime marble will boil violently, dissolving in dilute acids, but the dolomite marble will boil only in powdered form. Pure calcite marble – dielectric with excellent electrical insulating properties.

The color of the marble is usually bright, however, the presence of even the percentage of the percentage of impurities – silicates, iron and graphite oxides – leads to staining of the breed in different colors and shades, including yellow, brown, red, green and even black; There are also motley, multicolored marbles.

Which deposits

Marbles are prevalent pretty wide. Marbles of Italy enjoy the greatest fame. Famous White Sculptural Marble is mined near Carrara in Tuscany. It is also famous for the yellowish Paros marble from Greece – the beloved material of the ancient Greek. In the US, significant strata marble lie in the eastern part of the country – in Appalachians and other areas. Marble mining is also conducted in North Africa. Large deposit of Dolomite stones is located in Natal (South Africa).

In Russia, marble is mined in the Urals and the Far East, in Karelia, in Altai, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory; in Ukraine – in Transcarpathia, Crimea, Donetsk region; in Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Eastern Kazakhstan. White fine-grained sculptural marble of the Malguzar field in Uzbekistan, according to experts, better thangraved Carrara.


Marble is used as a stone for sculptures and monuments (monumental sculptures and tombstones), like a piece building stone for outdoor cladding and interior decoration of buildings and in the form of crushed and ground stone, and a piece (saw) stone.

Marble boards made of pure calcite marble are used in electrical engineering (dashboard panels, distribution, dispatch shields, etc.NS.). Marble crumb and crushed sand are used in architecture and construction in the manufacture of stone mosaics and plaster, as well as as concrete aggregates. Marble flour finds use in agriculture.

Hardness – 2.5 – 5; Density – 2.3 – 2.6 g / cm3.

Features of treatment

Litterapeuts claim that the stone marble has the property to treat bowel disease, stomach, pancreas, pancreas. Mineral perfectly removes stress, heals from insomnia, eliminates unreasonable fears.

Massage with marble balls heals radiculitis, lumbago, vascular disease. Beads from this mineral (or pendant) help cope with throat diseases, prevent the development of many cardiovascular diseases. The ring or bracelet with a marble insert is recommended to carry people suffering from high sweating.

Magic properties of marble

Since ancient times, the marble stone is valued not only for the beautiful texture, but also for his magical properties. In ancient Greece, the stone marble was dedicated to the goddess of love Aphrodite. The temples of the goddess were necessarily built from marble. It was believed that the stone stumbles the creature, makes a person faithful to his satellite of life, gives the fortress of married love, helps in the birth of a healthy offspring.

What kind of stone marble

In ancient Rome, it was the opinion that the house made from marble or lined with them is protected from the influence of evil spirits. In India and now, even the poorest people have at least one piece of marble, as they are confident that the stone marble is a mediator between a person and good spirits.

Astrologers recommend to wear and have products from marble to all signs of the zodiac without exception. They argue that the stone is very quickly configured on the biofield of its owner and immediately begins to help him.


Mascots from marble are especially famous for their positive changes, contributed to the personal life and happiness of the hosts.

It is recommended to wear products with marble people who are unhappy in his personal life – marble will help them gain real, loyal and mutual love. Spouses Stone helps keep family happiness and loyalty.

As a talisman and amulet, marble should be worn to all who chose the profession of "risk group": sellers, teachers, doctors, service workers, policemen, and t.D.

Marble stone depart from these people irritation and anger of others, attracted their sympathy and trust.

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What kind of stone marble

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