What kind of pet choose for home and family

Very often people decide to start the animal spontaneously. Under the influence of a gust, suddenly surpassed loneliness or at the request of children. But before you decide to buy a pet, ask yourself, is you able to provide him with proper care, create suitable conditions for life. About what kind of pet choose for home and family, and it will be discussed below.

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Dog – Real friend, true responsibility

One of the most popular and most beloved pets of domestic animals – it is undoubtedly a dog. Most people love dogs, especially small puppies, and cannot be held from the temptation to take into a family of such «child». And not surprising – the dogs are very friendly, true and devotees. But the content of this pet – Not only pleasure. It is also concern and responsibility (for example, frequent walks, proper training, veterinarian services, vaccinations, care and t. D. ). First of all, let’s see what we have in terms of housing. A big dog is not suitable for a small apartment – she needs space. She will be better live in a private house with a garden. But if you live in the apartment, you do not have to give up a dog. There are a lot of small breeds, so you can choose yourself a dog that will also be an indispensable friend. But if you decide to the dog, keep in mind that this decision for many years ahead, and therefore everything should be thought out in advance. Only then your dog will feel happy, and you will only have to enjoy her limitless devotion and obedience.

Cat – Not so much by itself

Cats are also leading among pets. And when it comes to a small kitten, it is almost impossible to stay. Cats are universal. They feel great both in a private house and in a tiny apartment in a high-rise building. But no matter how big or small premises are you – you should worry about the place where it lives this four, was safe for him. The biggest danger of cats represent windows and balconies, because, contrary to popular opinion, cats are not always landed on the paws. Also, do not forget that they are very mobile and love to climb and jump – at the same time rushed to various items.

Cats do not need walking like dogs, but does not mean, however, that they do not need our attention and care. They are smart, active and very curious, so we have to give them the right dose of fun and interesting games. In addition, we should also remember visits to the veterinarian, vaccinations and t. D. But a healthy and happy cat, undoubtedly, will give his owner a lot of joy and fun.

If you do not have enough space or time to take care of a dog or cat, you can make a decision to start a small animal: guinea pig, hamster or decorative rabbit.

What kind of pet choose for home and family

Pig where your patch?

The guinea pig – Great animal for family. The guinea pig content is suitable for any room: it is only necessary to provide this animal corresponding «housing» – Cage of suitable size, mask for food and water. Remember that guinea pigs – Elder animals. If they are alone, they are often unhappy and apathetic. Therefore, it is worth thinking again before taking care of guinea pigs. But observe so fluffy «Stade» very funny. These animals are very active and smart, with proper care they can live up to 10 years, so the decision to buy a pig can not be just a momentary whim.

Mom, I want a hamster!

No less popular and loved by people decorative hamsters. They also need sufficient space for themselves: a cell or aquarium, which should be equipped with a house, food container and running wheel so that animals are engaged in «Gymnastics». Observation of life and behavior of this little rodent can give us a lot of joy and will learn more about these creatures. They eat little, they are clean and non-aggressive. They live a little, but it is easily and without problems breed. The only minus them – poor health. Rarely hamsters in the house live to their natural old age. The biggest enemy for them – draft.

Rabbits – interesting but troublesome

Rabbits are actually very demanding pets, which can cause a lot of trouble. It is not the best animal for the house. Thus, the decision to buy a rabbit should be really thoughtful. These animals need great care, tenderness, warm, and above all security. Often they gnaw wires, carpets, walls and even half of their cells. They get used to their masters, but may be aggression towards «Choons» in the House. Also can not be left alone with young children – they can seriously scratch and even bite. This is a creature to which you need to move a lot, and therefore it must be released from the cell at least four hours a day. But rabbits in exchange for the necessary care are able to give amazing attachment to the owner, they can welcome it when he returns home, with love to press the legs, «whisper» Something in your ear.

Turtle – Silent interlocutor

Many people are solved to start a turtle in the house. It seems that this pet is absolutely unpretentious. It should, however, keep in mind that these wild animals and conditions for them should be reminded as much as possible to remind their natural territory. Few people can provide this in their apartment. Among the veterinarians there is an opinion that the turtles in our homes «do not live, but just die slowly». In fact, it is difficult to assess the health status of this animal – It is not easy for a specialist. Ideally, the turtles need a terrarium, and large enough to give freedom of movement and a relaxing stay in one place. They fall into the winter hibernation, so you need to create all the conditions for this. However, communication with these reptiles can give us great satisfaction and can become really interesting hobbies.

What kind of pet choose for home and family

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