What kind of pet buy a child?

Rabbits, Chinchillas, Rats, Mice and Hamsters – All of them are very pin and good animals. There is only one subtlety – They can not hug too much and too much. They lead a nightlife, so when your preschooler comes home, he will first have to wake his pet. Trying to hug his sleepy, he risks to be scratched and even bitter. And rodents, despite the size, very sharp teeth! Otherwise, these are beautiful animals. They are smart, are not cumbersome or too demanding, but they need to clean the cell regularly. If you let them go free around the house, be careful – They can bother wires. And rabbits also love to swam claws and teeth about furniture and walls.


This animal is usually out of competition. The dog is easily in contact with the child, learns quickly, ties all family members, loves you free. The dog requires a certain change in lifestyle – She needs walks, she needs to teach, raise, instill certain skills. Puppies are very fun and often children ask exactly a puppy. But they sometimes become a present punishment for you. The puppy gnaws everything that he gets in the teeth (including your child’s beloved teddy bear), it often gets dirty and requires cleaning, he louds about and without. In addition, the dog absolutely does not tolerate loneliness and therefore can not sit all day at home alone. You need to communicate constantly, you need to love. The dog will not understand if the child, when hesitate, suddenly will be avoided or even scolding and screaming «Backward!». She will suffer from such a relationship. Therefore, think well before you have a wonderful, but requiring a special attitude of the animal.


Children are often asked to start a funny kitten and never – Big Lazy Kota. But he will be just a few months a kitten, and then turn into a lazy, nervy, requiring calm and independence. Cats also can entertain your child for a while. But they are less needed by the company of a person than dogs. In addition, they spoil the home furnishings more often – Accute claws on the upholstery of furniture, jump on the curtains, sweep the corners (if it cats). They need to organize a toilet that requires constant cleaning. They are not very interested to spend time to children – they are not too playful and offended – can scratch or even bite if something does not suit them.


They are a little contact, that is, they can not be stroked and ride, but the benefits are not less from them than from a dog or a cat. Fish are very relaxing, they treat nervousness, soothe and pacify. Even small children can take care of them – throw in the aquarium feed and watch how the fish is enough. But all the other worries will be slanding on your shoulders. And concerns with aquarium oh as a lot! You need to take care of water shifts, the purity of the aquarium itself, about the health of its inhabitants, about creating conditions for their reproduction and T.D.


On parrots, canary and shcheglov you can watch for hours, because in the cell there is always something interesting happening. You can also teach them to sit on your hand or even imitated your speech. But tetate – Birds get up at dawn and noisy, they often get sick and require careful care. You will need to clean their cells every day. Birds in the house can quickly bored, because they are not very convenient for a person. Yes, and communicate with them is not easy, especially a small child.


This is an interesting and very smart animal. It is ideal for content in any conditions. Turtles are extremely unpretentious, they eat little, slowly moving, do not bite. To play with the turtle can even the smallest child, as, however, and care for her. But there is a danger – Turtles are sick of imperceptible. And we have practically no specialists about these animals. Therefore, often the disease is impossible in time to recognize and the animal dies unexpectedly, inflicting injury to all family members. But when it is possible, these animals can live up to 80 years old and even more!

What kind of pet buy a child

Do not buy animals «depends on the mood»

1. Think in advance what kind of pet buy – The child can ask and a wolf, and tiger. Be realists and explain to the child the essence of the question.

2. Collect information about the desired domestic animal (on the Internet, in the veterinarian, familiar). You will know how to take care of him and how much it costs to keep it alive and healthy. In the case of a dog, make sure that the breed matches your temperament. Remember: Little dog – does not mean less hassle.

3. Find a good store or nursery. So you will raise the chances (because there is never a guarantee) that the animal will be healthy.

4. Prepare conditions. Think about where you install a cage or aquarium, where to place a place for a cat or dog so that no one bothers the animal.

5. Do not deceive yourself. You need to understand the animal – Not a toy. You must treat him with respect and care constantly, and not just from time to time.

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