Toner and tonic: what’s the difference

Is there a difference between tonic and toner, and what is better? Is it possible to use tonic instead of toner, and vice versa? We’ll see now.

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What is tonic

What else can you say about him?

Tonic removes the remnants of cosmetics, foam or gels for washing (if we are not well wash well).

As a rule, the means are selected by the type of skin.

As a consistency resembles water.

The composition is based on cleansing and matting components.

The formula may include alcohol.

Applied to face with a cotton disk.

Answer questions from our test and find out what tonic you need.

What is toner

Toner – a product that enters the Korean skin care system. Its main function – quickly restore the level of skin moisturizing after washing. List other properties of toner.

Has a sufficiently dense texture.

Contains nutritional components and hydrate.

Alcohol and drying components are absent in its composition.

Toner’s task – prevent skin dehydration. © Getty Images

However, Toner has several varieties. Expert Biotherm’s expert Elena Alekseeva explains:

  1. 1

"Fresencher Toner Close on the texture to tonic, has a refreshing effect, applied after tonic using a cotton disk, may contain a slight amount of alcohol.

Skin toner has a more dense texture compared to Fresencher, applied with finger pads, moisturizes and soothes.

Toner It is distinguished by a dense gel texture, also applied to the tips of the fingers. Rich in nutrient components. Depending on the skin type, the toner can be applied in different ways. For example, on dry skin – fingertips, fat – with a cotton disk ".

Main differences

The main confusion makes the difficulties of translation. After all, Toner is translated into Russian as "Tonic". However, there are several signs for which you can distinguish toner tonic.

Often in the European tradition Toniki called Lotions (Lotion). If you see this word on the bottle, know the tonic in front of you.

Toniki, usually addressed oily, problematic combined skin.

Toners meet in rules For Sukhoi and sensitive skin.

In classic Toners never Not included alcohol.

If the second in the list of ingredients is indicated by glycerin – in front of you with a large probability toner.

Below we give a comparative table in which the main differences between toner and tonic are clearly shown.

Differences between tonic and toner

Water, hydrates (mainly glycerin), oils, softening components, soothing the extracts of colors, fatty alcohols. Alcohol is usually not.

A little more thick, with a light hint on the gel or oily texture.

Moisturizes, normalizes ph-skin, soothes.

Water, extracts of herbs and plants, matting and binding components, may have menthol, camphor, acids and alcohol.

Liquid like water.

Refreshes, restores the pH, cleans, narrows the pores, sometimes heats.

With a cotton disk.

Review of funds

While you remember the main distinguishing features of toner and tonic, we propose to take note of the following products.

Tonic for all skin types Tonique Douceur, Lancôme

Soft formula with gliderol, rose extracts and eases gives skin tenderness and shine.

Toner and tonic what's the difference

Moisturizing Tonic for Dry Leather Tonique Confort, Lancôme

The formula is enriched with yeast extract, hyaluronic acid and sweet almond protein.

Soothing tonic for sensitive skin and eyes, La Roche-Posay

Has physiological pH, means optimally for use in sensitive skin of any type.

Cleansing Tonic "Absolute Tenderness" for Dry and Sensitive Skin, L’Oréal Paris

Removes the remnants of makeup, at the same time moisturizing and soothing skin.

Face Tonic "Main Care, With Pink Water", Soothing, Vitamin, For Dry and Sensitive Skin, Garnier

Excellent moisturizes and softens the skin, creating conditions for subsequent care.

Moisturizing Tonic Ultra Facial Toner, Kiehl’s

Soft nonsense tonic for all skin types with squandal, vitamin E, avocado oils and apricot bones. The effect is appropriate – softness, moisture, feeling of comfort.

Naspirtite tonic with cucumber for normal and dry skin Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner, Kiehl’s

Tones and cools the skin due to the cucumber extract and camphor in the composition. Allantoin has a calming effect.

Cleansing Tonic "Pure Leather" against black dots and oily shine, for oily and combined skin, Garnier

Contains alcohol, salicylic acid, eucalyptus extract, which means it keeps the fat brilliance under control.

Susoring Pores Cleansing Normaderm Lotion, Vichy

It consists of effective exfoliating and controlling fatty components: glycolic and salicylic acids. The formula is balanced by hydrates to avoid driving the skin.

Lotion for narrowing pores Effaclar, La Roche-Posay

Product from a ruler addressed to oily skin prone to rash. Struggles with fatty glitter, having a lightweight exfoliating effect due to LHA ​​acid in the composition.

Popular questions on the topic

Can it be used together tonic and toner?

Yes, you can, if you want, only in this situation, the tonic is first used, then toner. General Principle of Cosmetics: from lighter textures to more dense.

How many layers of toner should be applied, in which the meaning of the rules of "7 layers"?

Korean multistage care includes 7 toner layers. That is, after washing and tonic – toner is applied, after absorption – another layer is applied and t. D. Necessarily? Of course not. Is there any reason? Many compare with the effect of a good moisturizing mask. But even after 7 layers, the cream and protection from the Sun are not canceled.

Do I need to wash off toner?

Toner is essentially the first product of the care that you apply on the skin after cleansing. Wash off toner (however, like tonic) do not need. Read more about toners here.

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