Tonal Cream for Age Skin

We understand what should be a tone cream for mature skin. What components it should contain? What texture is possessing? And how to prepare the skin to apply?

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Features of age-related skin

Mature skin from young easy to distinguish at first sight. Its main signs – dullness, roughness, wrinkles, loss of elasticity. However, we hardly let someone (with the exception of the cosmetologist) look at our face without makeup. In the public, we appear in fulfillment, and tone cream – the main subject in Beauty Arsenal.

Answer our test questions to determine which tonal tool suits you.

Properties of tonal cream for age-related skin

Tonal creams create taking into account the needs and features of different skin types. In essence, they are a continuation of care, but only with an emphasis on the visual component. Tones for age-related skin, along with new generation pigments, contain components borrowed from anti-age creams and sera. Good tone cream for mature skin is obliged to respond immediately to several requirements.

Ensure moisturizing

With age, the skin always lack moisture, so hydrating ingredients in the formula is simply necessary.

Have a mild plastic texture

Fluid, serum or two-phase emulsion fall on the skin with a smooth thin layer, smoothing the imperfections and not clogging in wrinkles and folds. Heavy and tight tonal cream with mask effect contraindicated mature skin.

Tonal creams combine light texture, plasticity and stability. © iStock

Have a Factor SPF

We are already accustomed to the fact that sunscreen filters are present in tonal creams. In the means addressed to mature skin, SPF can be slightly higher.


Flawed makeup for a woman in the age of a catastrophe. Avoiding it will help sustainable formulas that can be kept on the skin and in the heat, and in the cold.

Contain light scattering pigments

Optical illusions that create a soft defocus effect can serve a good service after 40-45 years.

Tys of tonal creams

Since soon tonal creams can boast by caring properties, you can even wait for wrinkle correction, and not only visual.

Tonal creams take care of the skin. © iStock

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Moisturizing. Support the optimal level of moisture, without allowing moisture to evaporate from the surface of the skin and without overlapping access to it oxygen.

With lifting effect. Such tones usually contain special polymers that provide a visual effect of lifting.

Wintering. Yes, mature skin also often suffers from excess shine in the T-zone.

With the effect of shine. The popularity of this variety is explained easily – when they talk about the skin, between the words "shining" and "young" put a sign of equality. In addition, the means of this class are optically smoothed the skin and retouch disadvantages.

The composition of anti-aging tonal creams

Tonal creams have an aqueous basis with the addition of volatile silicones or silicone oils that hold moisture and protect the skin. In addition, there are waxes that give the texture of the plasticity in the formula, which allows the remedy evenly distributed. For optical function, color micropigaments are responding, which not only overlap disadvantages and leveled the shade of the skin, but also reflect the light so as to give her radiance.

Tonal creams are capable of different optical effects. © iStock

Also, the composition often includes:

hyaluronic acid for moisturizing and optical correction of irregularities;

Tonal Cream for Age Skin

vitamins as antioxidant (for leather) and preservative (for formula);

Plant extracts that moisturize, align the color, fight redness, soothe;

Oils that support the level of moisture and strengthening the hydrolypide mantle of the skin.

How to prepare the skin to apply tone

How to achieve a tone cream to go smoothly? Several uncomplicated rules will ensure a flawless result.

Regular exfoliation Deadly cells accumulated on the surface of the epidermis make the skin uneven and do not allow the tone to distribute uniformly.

Good moisturizing The better the face is moistened, the smaller will fall down the tonal cream. This rule works trouble-free.

Base makeup Prime smoothes and lines the skin, filling out irregularities and small wrinkles. Plus will provide a tonal cream additional resistance that is never excess.

Rating funds

This review includes the best tones for age-related skin – according to the edition of Skin.Ru.

Tone Cream with Lifting Effect LiftActiv Flexilift, SPF 20, Vichy

Due to the plastic, but at the same time low-fat texture cream is evenly and easily distributed, smoothing irregularities, not clogged into wrinkles. It has good resistance and, with regular use, ability to adjust wrinkles and increase skin elasticity thanks to the Innovative Collage complex.

Aliance Perfect Tone Cream "Perfect Merge", L’Oréal Paris

The combination of classic and hybrid pigments allow this cream to adapt to the color and texture of the skin, creating a perfectly smooth coating without a mask effect. Essential oils and vitamins in the composition are taking care of the skin and support comfortable sensations from the moment of applying to the demacia. Tonal cream enriched with hyaluronic acid.

If this tone cream is applied Day cream "Haluron Expert", L’Oréal Paris, It turns out a wonderful stock of moisture and the beautiful effect of elastic, fresh, smooth skin.

Tonal Cream Teint Idole Ultra Wear, SPF 15, Lancome

Hides everything you need to hide, protects against ultraviolet, provides a slight coating and cares for the skin during the day.

Affinitone Face Cream Alignment and Moisturizing, Maybelline New York

Tonal pigments can adapt to skin tone, and hyaluronic acid in the composition saturates the skin moisture and gives it freshness.

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