Tired eye masks

1. These are diverse and reasonable, in food must contain vitamins A, B2, C, D.

On the day you need to drink up to 2 liters of water. It will help bring slags.

3. Need rest.

4. More walk, every day come on the street.

5. Do not get drunk alcohol, do not smoke.

How to help tired eyes.

Edema under the eyes and bags arise from fatigue, fear, stress. And also not in time eaten dinner, tea later drunk, smoking, cause swelling.

Help the exciting souls. It will be easier to make mineral water, mint, chamomile cold compress. As a result, excessive fluid is derived, swelling is removed, skin softened.

Bruisies and circles under the eyes say that your eyes are tired, and need rest. Bruisies arise in spring when the body is exhausted after a long winter. Cosmetics will help here. Need to go to a beautician or use a correction pencil and cream.

Tired eyes can be cured by compress.
Prepare a glass of ragger chamomile, for this we put two tablespoons of chamomile flowers and a filling of their glass. Let’s leave twenty minutes, the coolness, pollendy and spill ride in 2 cups. One cup of powder in a water bath so that the decoction remains warm, the other cup is cool. We take cotton swabs and put on the eyelids for 20 seconds, then we change to cold tampons and leave for 5 seconds on the centuries. We make this procedure six times and end with cold compress. The skin around the eyes with the drying and lining nutritional cream, it is whipped with finger tips.

Masks for the eye.

Mask for tired eyes.
Good for computer eyes, and this is not just a mask, but as if 2 funds in one – compress and mask.

We take 2 packs of black tea, 1 st. Spoon of raw grained potatoes, 3 hours. Spoons of cream. Tea bags will be riding boiling water and put in the freezer to cool, and not freeze.

Potatoes mix with cream. The resulting mass I will apply to the lower eyelids, we will put tea cold sachets on the eyes. Pass twenty minutes, then we will reflect cool water and apply cream on the skin around the eyes. Such a procedure is used as ambulance, with inflamed eyes, with a tired view, with eyelids.

Fruit masks.

Under your eyes you can and westly put, and not just potatoes. For example, carrot, orange, banana. Carrot, however, is not a fruit, it is much sweeter potatoes. But you can add some potatoes for carrots.

Take 1 C. Spoons of natural honey, one tablespoon of olive oil, half of the sweet orange, one yolk.
Discovery juice from 1/2 orange. Yolk dimensional with honey and, stirring, add olive oil and orange juice. Let’s leave the mask around the eyes. With oily skin or skin, prone to pore blocking, we use olive oil in mask. Hold the mask for 20 minutes, then we wash the water without soap. If necessary, we will appline cream.

Tired eye masks

Banana mask.
Take 1 C. Spoons of cream or sour cream, half of a banana, 2 h. Spoons of sunflower oil.
Low on a banana, to the state of the Cashitz, add vegetable oil and cream. All mix and apply around the eyes. For oily skin, take olive oil. Hold the mask twenty minutes, then we melt the face with water.

Morkovia mask.
We take 1 carrot, 2 st. Spoons of potato starch, yolk.
Carrots clean and grind on a grater. To carrot mass add potato starch, egg yolk. All mix. If you wish, add olive oil into the mask. Already a ready mask we will apply to the whole face or on the skin around the eyes. Hold for 20 minutes, then we wash the water. If necessary, we will appline cream.

Ice mask.
Mask will help get rid of the swelling of the face and age, but if you easily catchy or you have problems with vessels, it is better not to do it. We will split in the coffee grinder of ice cubes and add 4 slices of cucumber either twig of the greenery parsley. The resulting Ice Cashitz lay out in gauze bags and put them in the eyes. Passion so 7 minutes, no more. To enhance the effect of mask, we massage 3 minutes all the face of ice crumb in gauze bags.

For tired eyes.
Inflammation and fatigue eye will remove cream. Abundantly smoke in cream 2 cotton tampon and put them for 5 minutes.

Chamomile, Sage, Parsley or Linden. Lower in a warm infusion tampons from watts and put for 20 minutes to the eyes. Scheduled tea bags or tea brew used.

If swollen eyes.
Take ½ Water glasses and lower 1 h. a spoonful of natural honey, boiling for three minutes, then a little cool, smoky cotton tampons and put on the eyes for 15 minutes.

With a swelling of the eyelid.
Roots parsley squeeze on a grater or skip through a meat grinder. This mask is put on the eyes for twenty minutes, then we melt the face with warm water.

From dark circles around the eyes.

Take 3 Article. Spoons of cottage cheese, we divide it into two parts and put in gauze bags that correspond to the sizes of the eye wpadin. Little bags with cottage cheese post 10 minutes on the eyes.

For tired eyes, you need to make masks, because your eyes are the mirror of the soul, and you need to care for them, then you will be irresistible.

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