Tips from the Beauty Master

Today, beauty salons offer women a lot of services, but the most relevant the service of the beautician remains. Cosmetologist-aestheticist and part-time operator Solarium Asya Nurzhumanova agreed to answer some questions of our readers.

– The skin of the face is a business card of a woman, its most importantly decoration that needs to be holly and take care of early youth. At what age, for the first time, it is worth resorting to the help of a cosmetologist?

– For the help of a cosmetologist should turn on the years since 12-13. Children are now growing early and as soon as you noticed that your child sits for a long time at the mirror and pays his appearance high attention, already at this stage, perhaps you need a professional assistance. In my practice there were cases when moms brought their girls with completely cleaned eyebrows or those who tried to twist eyelashes and cut them to the ground, or used the mask that caused the skin irreversible harm. Most often at this age something does not suit in his appearance. You can simply come to a beautician just for valuable professional advice. Teenager more listens to the opinion of the side, especially for a person in the office in a white coat, than to the opinion of mom.

– In adolescence, due to hormonal changes, the skin becomes problematic. Parents lead their children to make “cleaning”. Is it correct?

– Cleaning can be done only if the beautician is confident that the child has no health problems. If something serious happened to the skin, and the parents see it, they will simply go to the beautician wrong. Here you need inspection of doctors, such as a dermatologist, gynecologist, gastroautorologist.

– Just one home care of the skin is not enough?

– Of course not. Professional funds are very different from home. If you have applied a mask and went to cook borsch or fry the cutlets – it will not be a full care. The effectiveness of cosmetology procedures is also influenced by soul. In the cabin you will relax, get complete relaxation, plus a professional will work with your skin.

– Whether leather requires an additional care?

– In the summer, creams with a sunscreen factor appear to prevent hyperpigmentation. Despite the fact that the skin is oily summer, it requires moisture. Battime is not a humidity indicator. In the summer of dust and pores very quickly clog. Therefore, it is important as moisturizing and thorough cleansing. Personally, I will give special importance to masks around the eyes.

– Speaking of eyes, I would like to know more about the procedure for extension. Please describe the process itself and how safe it is for natural eyelashes?

– Now there is an opportunity to increase bundle and piece cilia. How much it will be safe for natural cilias, largely depends on you. Mostly it concerns the removal of extensive eyelashes. This procedure must be done in the cabin. The process itself is completely painless. At your eyelashes are imposed on artificial, in structure approximate to natural hair. In the beam cilia, several cilias are collected in one bundle. Building with piece cilia is happening: one light artificial artificial. For extension, those eyelashes that have reached the average size are selected. Because they have to withstand artificial and not updated for a while. Then, as they grow, they will fall together.

Tips from the Beauty Master

– How long is the extension?

– Cilia updated every 2-2.5 months completely. Therefore, extension is holding around two months, but with the condition of correction. This is an absolutely safe procedure. Good master and your responsibility for your own appearance will be the key to success.

– Tan under lamps causes many fears. Are they justified?

– During the sun, it is harmful to excessiveness, as actually and in everything. Leaving at nature, to the country, people are clocks under the sun, sunbathing to burns, despite the fact that it is recommended to sunbathe from 6-7 to 10 am and in the evening. In the solarium sunbathing much safer. No one will allow you to lie as much as you want. Although our people cast out of extremes to extremes. Someone expresses categorically against Solariyev, and someone comes and asks to set 40-50 minutes. The Solarium Industry is very rapidly developing around the world, scientists are working on their development, making artificial tan safer than natural. In any solarium, the eye protection is issued for both breasts.

– What are there any contraindications for visiting a solarium?

– These include problems with thyroid gland, inflammatory processes in the field of chest and appendages, as well as the reception of hormonal drugs. The rest is all individually. If you are watching some specialist and you do not recommend sunbathing, listen. With some diseases, sunbathing is useful, for example, with psoriasis. In general, during sunburn, as under the influence of the Sun, vitamin D is produced in the human body. His value for health and well-being is difficult to overestimate. In cloudy weather, especially in the offseason, when people start Handing, solarium – a wonderful way to cope with depression, replenishing the lack of sunlight. And, of course, your appearance: all skin covers in the solarium sunbatches exactly, unlike the beach tan, becomes smooth, hiding small defects.


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