Tips for patient depression

— Stas, how do you feel? A, kitten?
— Well. Overall normal. Thank you, sweetheart.
At the same time, in the eyes of her shoulder kitten, there were so many century longguings that both desires intensified. Olya sighed tiredly, removed her dishes and left Stas alone with a bad puree and longing.

To allocate in the situation, When your favorite — strong, gentle and talented — In your eyes, faded from Handra, like a stripped violet? And you can’t tell you that they do not watered it. When the fine creative nature had just started with a new soundtrack for the TV series, Olga doubled the care of Mil: Tuskla in a studio, equipped in his room, tea with biscuits, herself walked down the plump spaniel Mickey and even managed to fix the latch in the bathroom. Nothing helped. Muse flew away, tone fell.
Similar already happened. But the attacks of universal grief took a maximum of a few days of life. And then the fourth month! Do not write to him — and all. Deadlines for the second time moved. Depression blooms and smells, and even the need to shave "Kottenka" have to remind three times. To the psychologist, he, of course, will only go under hypnosis. For some reason for many men, and this special — terrible beast, worse than only a proctologist. But Ola doctor needed before. The pack did not understand anything in the syndromes and symptoms, but his intricate Latin diagnosis was scared. What with her?! Olya courageously missed: "I will live, but. " Ok, Ritka Girlfriend Zabevedhethelnavoche Clinic.
Become a keeper
Ritka patiently convinced pale stas that his wife is better to lie in the hospital. No, nothing terrible. Just to pass the tests, how should all procedures go. Plus silence, peace and bed.
— Stas, do not worry, — Comforted Olya. — I can refuse. Tell me: You are able now.

Tips for patient depression

But the husband did not give her to finish.
— Oh, Ol! Compared! Your condition is now more important!
So, the musician, besides the muse, temporarily lost the keeper angel. Moreover, now he himself had to become. Olga now should receive only the best, the most useful! Stas downloaded from the Internet a recipe for apple pancakes and unexpectedly for himself famously embodied him in life. Ran to the market for "Vitamins", ran across the squabble with mickey. Learned to wash the dishes. Thought on a run: "God, how can I get my long-suffering soundtrack with all this fuss?!" So horrified Stanislav that he pulled her on the outskirts of consciousness.
And at night, loading the underwear into a washing machine, sat down in the studio and turned on the computer.
All in favor
. No, have a hundred friends — Uniquely great. There is always a wonderful healing with whom, even if a dear all day sticks to the studio, discussing some technical details with the director. And you while mixing the most delicious cocktails in the world for the most cute in the light of the interlocutors. After your loved husband, of course.
— You know, Olka, Tipun me in the tongue, but your sore seems to have gone your family to favor! — Occuped Zoyka. — Even Mickey Chef. Not to mention Stas. And then you have been scared lately to you. You even have flowers on the chareli window from this depression!
— Yeah, — with an innocent smile nodded Olya, — Great I thoughtful to pretend the most sick in the world — And pulled it out! Thanks Ritka, what supported. It is right, this effect: when the danger is close to the close, you get out of anything to save him. That is — me!

Zoya on half a minute numb.
— You are?! You. Seriously?
— RIT, confirm!
— Well, yes. And what I feel sorry to resist the girlfriend
in the empty ward and strengthened health with oxygen cocktails? Especially for the sake of the revival of a beloved spouse.
— Well, you give! — Shake Zoyka’s head. — Yes, you are simple. I have no words! Bad man in general.
— Yes why bad, zoya? You yourself say that the whole family bloomed, including a dog! Would I be honest October — Who knows how many people in our house are still all, including me.
There were nothing pound. Although it sounded all this. Zoya was confused with her eyes, but the call of Olyas Mobile was in pause.
— Sun! — The joyful voice of Stas. — How do you feel, but a kitten?! I AM? What about me? I already run to you! Meanwhile, I promise the next good order. This is all thanks to you! You are my most important inspirer!
— See? — laughed "bad person", Wesame tube. — The patient recognized the effectiveness of therapy and thanks his healer!

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