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Do not eat meat and fish, in my menu – exclusively fruits, vegetables, dairy products and nuts. However, when I rent a blood test, doctors say that I have low hemoglobin. Please tell me which products will help me increase it?

To support the normal hemoglobin level, you need to include in the menu potatoes, white mushrooms, peaches, apricots, yeast, food additives containing algae spirulina. The problem is that in many natural products the content of iron and other microelements important for the construction of hemoglobin decreased. This is due to the exhaustion of soil, with special technologies of growing and storage of products of plant origin. Therefore, if you have a very low hemoglobin, still it is necessary to expand the diet and include fish and meat in the menu. If, after that, hemoglobin will still not rise, you need to consult a doctor and resort to medication therapy.

whether baby has meat and fish?

My 4-year-old son refuses meat and fish in any form. Is it worth making it?

Meat and fish are indispensable during the period of intensive growth and health. But it’s not worth forceing a child: violent benefit feeding will not bring. Contact your pediatrician: rejection of meat and fish food may be a symptom for intestinal diseases or parasites. And after treatment, children are glad to eat meat and fish.

Fruit health salad — for dinner

Tell me, is it useful to do fruit salad? After all, each of the fruits is absorbed quite a long time, and here – a whole "bouquet"?

WHO recommends
use fruit in food daily for the proper functioning of the body, health and taking advice for many who care about health. You can eat every fruit separately. But there are good reasons to sometimes mix different fruits. First, fruit salad — one of the attributes = festive table. Secondly, this is a dish that can replace a small calorie dinner to those who control their weight. And thirdly, in the fruit salad, you can add fruits causing fermentation, if there are them separately, such as grapes and bananas. The secret is that the foundation of fruit salad, as a rule, make up apples rich in pectins, they will protect your intestines from bloating and fermentation.

Kiwi against thrombov

Today, many exotic fruits appeared in the stores, one of them – Kiwi. Please tell us about its useful properties.

Kiwi was bred by the breeders of New Zealand and got its name because of the similarity with. Fluffy bird kiwi. Currently, the geography of the spread of this fruit is much wider than the island, on which he was derived: Kiwi plantations are even in the Crimea! Kiwi is very pleasant to taste and resembles something average between strawberries and gooseberries. Finding people all over the world Fruit is very rich in vitamin C. In addition, it contains a large amount of substances that improve the rheological properties of blood, prevent the formation of blood clots and contribute to the splitting of fat.

Freak out. Cedar Oreshkov? Yes!

Tips for many who care about health

I heard that cedar nuts are very helpful. What are useful for health and organism, they possess?

Pine nuts belong to the group of biologically valuable health products. They are very rich in vitamins and trace elements: they contain almost the entire Table of Mendeleev! The value of cedar nuts give fats consisting of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which give the elasticity of the tissues of the body and vascular walls, which protects at the development of atherosclerosis. Nuts are very nutritious: 100 g by calories are equal to a dense dinner. Therefore, those who control their weight should not be abused.

Than helpful soups and borschy?

In the ordinary family in the West rarely meet the soup in the refrigerator. Why do we have learned from childhood to first dishes during lunch and advice for many who care about health. How much is calorie in soup and can it be corrected from it? What is so useful in soup?

Soup — Really the first dish in every sense. Well, first, soups contain all the necessary foods (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salts), possessing high nutritional value. Secondly, the soups excite the activity of the digestive glands, and not only act on the nerve endings in the digestive tract, but also reflex — still with its aroma and taste for health.

This is excellent gastritis prevention. Soup gives energy and heat, activates the metabolism, restores the balance of the fluid. Chicken soup is useful when cold, fish — rich in trace elements, vegetable — fiber. And about calorieness, then there is no reason for anxiety: in the plate of the most welded soup on meat broth — no more than 100 kcal. So, for those who are afraid to recover, soup — indispensable dish.

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