Tips of the psychologist: how to find your man to a woman

You probably know about sad statistics, which was described in the famous song: «… ten girls on statistics nine guys…» Representatives of the male population in our country are always less than representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. In her youth, a woman is easier to find a satellite of life, because the environment during this period of life is much more extensive, and the requirements for possible candidates are lower. With age, women’s requests to a potential life satellite increase, and the ability to marry decreases.

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Situation Through a prism.
Usually women look at the man you like through the pink glasses approximately 25 years old. At this time, the woman is young, beautiful, so if she does not bind her life with someone, she needs to look in himself. If these words are about you, you may be too shy. Excessive embarrassment may appear for various reasons. Most often it is due to complexes growing from childhood. Only an experienced psychologist can help here. In such a situation, you need to look for the cause, and then work on yourself, acquiring confidence.

Tips for a psychologist How to find your man a woman

There is another reason for the shy of young girls. Most often young girls consider themselves fat, ugly and t. NS. Usually these claims to their own appearance are completely unfounded. If you, and maybe your daughter have such a problem, then you need to make maximum effort. Need to eradicate such complexes. We will not work on your appearance. The exception is only cases of congenital defects of appearance. In this case, only plastic surgeon can help.

Unsuccessful experience.
The above reasons are not so serious as the third. Many women in his youth or a little later, unsuccessful experience in love. With this woman comes insecurity in his abilities, disappointment and, possibly, the refusal of future relations. In this case, you should not lose hope, self-confidence. Need to believe in your luck and look. Surely you just have not met your man. But the holiday will definitely come to your street. Just need to be patient, time will pass, and you will find a soul mate.

Overestimated requirements.
Ladies after thirty often presented overestimated requirements for their chosen. Few men meet such requests. In this case, many women fall into another extreme: ready to marry ababa for whom, just to have a man in their house. Here you need to stop, translate the spirit and think: can you get along with this person? Will his flaws do not make your joint life? You are ready to come to terms with its bad habits and small minuses? Think about these questions very well. To re-educate a person you can hardly succeed, and no need. Not every man will bearing if he is trying to remake him. And if it allows you to do this, perhaps he is overly soft and weakly.

Is there an ideal man?
However, you must keep in mind that the ideal, in principle, does not exist. Male individuals who do not have bad habits and annoying addictions (football, fishing, computer and t. NS.) is not found in nature. So you will have to reduce the bar of your requests, but do not throw it too low.

Loneliness as a way out?
Many women, and not finding their halves, or disappointed in men, prefer to stay alone. However, such a situation has a lot of disadvantages enough: if in your life there is grief or joy, you will not share your experiences and emotions in your life. Well, more trivial lack of lonely life – no one will substitute you a strong shoulder; All men’s home work you will be forced to do yourself, or hire people for these purposes. Perhaps after disappointments, offended by the whole men’s genus Even such a life will seem like a fairy tale, however, it is most likely to be quieter than you. Therefore, you must collect forces, forget and forgive all past resentment and believe that you will probably meet your ideal of a man. It is he who will seem to you the most positive, his flaws will not be noticed, and the minor drawbacks will be forgiven him.

Tips of psychologists.
However, to find a man, you need to make some efforts. Visit places where you can meet your man. Yes, and just stop watching inside yourself, look back around. Maybe your dream man works next to you. Or maybe you will meet it in the supermarket. Smile more often. Smile – Your Best Weapon. Delete a good mood not only in the company of your friends, but also to people around. Remember that men more like cheerful women. Do not bother men who want to meet you. Find a woman man to become active. Perhaps this is your chance for happy love. However, be careful, not all men have good intentions. Pay attention to your opinion. Perhaps in your eyes the excessive pride is written. Get rid of this bad character traits. Forget about Hollywood stereotypes of men. It is only in the militants a man and beautiful, and Silen, and the smart. Recall the films of the 60s, in which situations often demonstrated when a woman screamed her chosen one. Therefore, first of all, you need patience, wisdom, some sickness and care.
Do not look for yourself too soft or, on the contrary, too hard man. The first is unlikely to divide the difficulties of life and will substitute his hard shoulder; The second one is unlikely to respect your opinion.
And understand: not only you want to have a smart and educated life satellite. The man also wants caress and care, wants to have such a wife near, which will always understand, hearse, will give advice from which there is something to talk about. Therefore, work on yourself, develop erudition, get additional education. It will not only bring you closer to the meeting with the man of your dreams, but also will allow you to dare, to forget for a short on tense searches.
We hope that the tips of the psychologist «How to find your man woman» You will definitely help, and you will meet your half.

Tips for a psychologist How to find your man a woman

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