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Polmyr now gets acquainted through Tinder – a new phone application that drives together men and women currently in the same city. Svetlana Ring found out how to qualitatively diversify his personal life

Tonight, I’m busy – I have a date with the Englishman. And tomorrow – with French. And on weekends – with a Russian boy, "the Vika boasted. I first see that her eyes burned so. Vika – Muscovite, she was 32 years old, was never married. For the past few years, she lives between New York and London – promotes his brand accessories. In Moscow, she only two weeks – as she managed to find them all here? Yes, according to the same scheme, as it does in any city, where it turns out, – through the Tinder app, a new mass annexation.

Mass, in this case, it is very good – the more participants, the wider choice. Vikina Personal life really bloomed at that moment, as she downloaded this wonderful app. When you register there, immediately load the photo (not necessarily pornographic – it’s not very fashionable), basic information about yourself, approximate age of people with whom you are ready to get acquainted.

The application defines your location and shows other users who are currently in the same city. The main attraction begins – what makes people at Tinder, forcing them to skip their metro stations, stumble on the stairs and crawl into the glass doors of the offices, but do not tear up and hands from the phone (new generation tablets are also suitable, but on the phone excitement). You scroll through the photo by sorting in two groups. Left movement – do not like. Movement to the right – like. You will communicate with you only if you both approved each other’s photos. Those who use Facebook, the application shows your shared friends. Because the common acquaintances – a good reason to start a conversation.

Two years ago, Sean Rad and Justin Maitin were invented this thing – two young guys, both of Los Angeles, with good education and from secured families. As in the case of Facebook and Twitter, the first users were students of good American universities. Only in this case, Sean and Justin, big lovers of parties with a scope, have tried that people with as attractive appearance can be registered in Tinder. Now it is one of the most popular mobile applications in the world – more than 6 million people will get acquainted through it! Tinder-slang has already appeared: Tinder’s active customers are called "Tinderlla", and male users – "Tinderoni". By the way, men in Tinder are noticeably more, and all of them really existing – it is in good side different from Okcupid, Match.Com, European Meetic and Parship, Russian Mamba. In addition, Tinder is a fashionable story, there are people of my circle, and not drunk lovers of "schoolgirls from Mytishchi" and other trash.

My girlfriends are sitting in Tinder, as in a casino for slot machines. The principle, by the way, looks like – Pineapples and apples converge in the automata, and here live people. "I go to Tinder when it’s boring," says Yulya, 35-year-old PR, who recently broke up with the fiance. – I click on cute guys in the phone and wait, we coincide with them or not. It is like game. I flatter that I like me many and, if I want, I can go on a date at any time. Here, unlike dating sites, everything is simple: no need to fill out stupid questionnaires, but you can immediately meet and go to communicate ". True, in Moscow, Julia did not go to meet anyone – she is shy of common acquaintances, but on business trips to Europe very interesting time spends time. But Vika (the one who came to Moscow recently), on the contrary, claims that in Moscow "Quality" men in Tinder an order of magnitude higher: "In New York, this thing is so popular that there are men who should be filtered – many want quickly sleep, and all. And in Moscow in Tinder, one person is more interesting than the other – completely perfect samples of the human breed. And in general, men behave more resolutely. And their intentions seem more serious. I do not write anyone myself – let them begin first. By the way, you are sure you want to write about this application in the magazine – suddenly the party will deteriorate? Or girls turn too much?"

So that the Tinder came out well, I recommend putting a fresh photo as much as possible, where your face is clearly visible, you are alone and look satisfied with life. Special romance do not wait – this is a story about here and now. But if, during a full-time date, you will be able to talk and make friends (taking into account the fact that in Russia with the help of Tinder people are communicating about one circle, this is a completely likely alignment), you can count on real relationships.

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Tinder Make your choice

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