Time Management Errors

The art of competent organization of their time is becoming increasingly popular. However, newcomers in time management sometimes commit to omission that steal their time and strength. So what are the most common planning errors?

Do not take into account your daily rhythm. In the book "How to bring things to order. The art of productivity without stress "Classic Time Management David Allen describes a typical example of this error. Woman-housewife, which also worries needlework at home, used to start his day with cleaning.

Feeding the home breakfast and holding children to school, she removes from the table, washes the dishes, picks up rooms, and after lunch, it starts to his beloved lesson, which also brings her income. It would seem, a good routine of the day. But the trouble, this woman – the larks, and the period of the greatest productivity it falls in the morning. Work on the house takes a lot of strength, and after lunch, she sits down at the work of sluggish. Soon children come from school, husband returns from the office – and you can forget about needlework. Day Beyond the most productive time, this woman is removing cleaning – as a result, the acquisitions almost never brings her income, and the mood falls: its own life seems to her routine, meaningless. Meanwhile, Allen says, these problems can be avoided with the help of one-sole step: permutations.

The most productive time of the day needs to be discharged. Needlework will be done quickly, with pleasure, will bring a sense of self-realization and interest. Homemade cases can be transferred to the afternoon. After performing pleasant lessons to make them it will be easier. In addition, work in the house does not require a special thinking concentration and will be a kind of rest, switching after painstaking work in the morning. Yes, and the arrival of a husband with children is unlikely to prevent wash dishes or sweep. After the mentioned hostess followed the advice of Allen, her affairs went uphill: work began to generate income, the mood improved, moreover, home affairs did not suffer.

Count plans without the "stock" time. If you know how to make a minute chart and do not get out of it – it’s great. But believe me, always so can continue. Not because your punctuality is not eternal, but just for the reason that it does not depend on it. You can’t control the abolition of the train, car traffic jams and trains delay in the subway. Also, no one will give you guarantees that the business partner will come to the meeting at as much as you agreed, or that the job interview will not start half an hour later.

What to do? Leave the stock by trying to provide the most predictable options. If you have a trip to the rush hour – think if it is impossible to go on the subway instead of getting driving. Or "laid" half an hour (and possibly more) on standing in traffic jams. When traveling on the subway, leave 15-20 replacement minutes based on the train delay. If you are going on the train – look at the schedule, so that it soon went to her even one two. It is very useful if your suddenly cancel.

Never plan two business meetings "Addict. Interview with the employer can stretch over time, and the client is to be late or stuck in the same traffic jam. It is unlikely that your negotiations will be successful if you become now and look at the watch, late for the next meeting.

Meeting with "chronic late", be it friends or colleagues, lay their possible late in your schedule. Best if a meeting with such people will be the last in your routine of the day. At least so they will not interfere with the rest of your plans.

Time Management Errors

Not to leave. A big mistake of many women – not to leave a bit of time on vacation. As the writer says and successful Woman Ekaterina Mirimanova, remember that "Super-Woman is primarily the Superwood Woman". Think about the fact that at some point of the crazy racing you will want to sit for half an hour, Polystay the magazine, to dream and have no rose at the same time.

And it is completely natural! Leave yourself this opportunity. Even if you are incredibly ambitious – think about the fact that a closed woman never looks and does not happen successful. It is more likely mistaken, breaks down the accumulated fatigue on loved ones or subordinates, and in general, less productive. From timely rest, your affairs will only benefit.

Leave unsolved questions. Not all problems can be solved "here and now", this is a fact. You did not get through to the right person, do not have time to pay the receipt for the light, the nearest ATM is closed, and the question with the signing of the contract has to be postponed until the Director-General returns from a business trip … and so on. The trap is that "suspended business" give rise to stress, tension and prevent us from cope with the current. The brain seems to be inconspicuously the signal that we left the "unfulfilled operation". As such "fossil operations" accumulates, we feel overloaded, confusing and complaining about the all familiar "porridge in the head". How to be?

Time managerial cunning: our psyche considers the case "unfinished" until any decision is taken about him. The paradox is that the conclusion seems to "make next week" our psyche also considers. And calm down. However, there are two nuances: first, the decision should be as clearer as possible – I will not "do when I have time" (the brain will still consider it a "suspended operation"), but, let’s say "I transfer exactly two weeks". Second Danger: Having calmed down, you can forget about an important thing. Therefore, to avoid stress, take a diary and write down: "Saturday – pay the receipt. Next Wednesday – Go to the General and Show Contract ". And sleep quietly.

Do not take into account the weather and season. The amount of sunlight affects not only our mood, but also on the style of thinking, and on performance. On sunny days we are more active and positively thought. But there is here and catch: a good mood makes people less critical. But in cloudy weather, on the contrary, we become concentrated and cautious. So if you need to work with numbers, make an important report or take a responsible decision in which you can not be mistaken – plan it on a cloudy day. If you are coming a distant trip and a meeting on which you need to be optimistic – for these cases it is better to prefer sunny weather.

Time Management Errors

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