Tighten the buttocks and hips: a set of exercises

Hot summer is no longer outside the corner, and therefore it is necessary to think about how to tighten your body – and today &# 171; beautiful and successful&# 187; will give a lot of useful advice.

One of the most problematic zones of the female body is the buttocks, and we will talk about them, or rather, how to pull up the ass and buttocks in just a few weeks at home.

What we need?

  • First, motivation: you should clearly understand that without the regularity of the exercise the result will not. In fact, to achieve goals and pull the buttocks, you will need only 20-30 minutes a day, but such a training should be done each (!) day.
  • Secondly, in parallel with workouts, it would be nice to put our food. No, we are not talking about tough short-term diets, it is enough to eat right, and in the spring – lean on fresh vegetables and fruits, green salads.
  • Thirdly, how to prepare a place to tighten the buttocks at home? To do this, it is enough to get a fitness mat (Karemat), well, at the request of cramps (dumbbells, bodybar, rod), as well as comfortable sportswear and shoes.

In general, any exercises will work on changing the shape of your body – for this it is not necessary to go to the gym. For example, yoga pulls the buttocks very effectively, but again, subject to regular domestic training.

Tighten the buttocks: 5 best exercises

And below Sympaty.Net will tell more about how to pull the buttocks and hips in just 20-30 minutes a day and in a few weeks left until the summer. We offer a program from the five best and most effective exercises.

Best at all times for elastic priests were considered squats. There are many training programs for different purposes, but if we are talking about female buttocks and thighs, none do not go without squats. For example, even yoga does not pull up the buttocks as effectively as the crits. But the right technique of execution is very important.

Put your legs on the width of the shoulders (important, by the way, so that you are in convenient sports shoes, especially if you work with weighting), socks can be set directly and parallel to each other or slightly dilute. When squating the knee should go after the sock, "watch" in the same direction. It is important not to start your knees for the level of socks. To do this, the ass is needed to bring back well, firing in the lower back – to feel the stretching of the jagged muscle.

Start performing squats without weight, 15-20 repetitions will be enough for the first time. You can further add weight (take into hand dumbbells or bodybar) or the number of repetitions (every day plus one or two squats).

Tighten the buttocks and hips complex exercises

But the attacks are considered an excellent option for getting rid of cellulite, as this exercise actively involves the back surface of the hip. Fitness experts advise to make attacks not alternately, and 12-15 repetitions for each leg to work pretty muscles.

Become so that one leg is in front, and the second is rear. Now go down to the floor (but do not put back leg on your knee), knees should form an angle of 90 degrees. Just like in squats, watch the knee of the front legs not to go beyond the level of the sock.

Not everyone loves this exercise, but it will teach you how to tighten the buttocks at home – the fitness guru consider it one of the most efficient. Lie on your back, bend your legs in the knees so that the feet rests on the entire surface in the floor. Now raise up to the maximum stop of the lumbar department, following the blades remain on the floor. Hands can be lowered from both sides along the housing and rest in the floor for stability.

In this exercise is not as important, because you are unlikely to install a stationary dumbbell or barbell on the hips in front. But you can vary the number of repetitions: start with 10-15 and increase gradually up to 20-30.

Do not move fast – on the contrary, there is an important smoothness and delay at the top point, as in yoga, so that you felt the buttocks in full!

Also a very effective exercise, but here, of course, it would be good to add weight, albeit not the first time, but gradually. Excellent option – special weights (cuffs) for ankle with lead inserts or sand inside. Their weight can vary from 0.5 kilograms and above.

Become on the rug on fours. Now straighten one leg as much as possible so that it forms parallel with the floor line. Slowly lift the leg as high as possible until you stop, make the delay at the top for 2-3 seconds, as in the buttock bridge. Perform 10-15 repetitions for each leg. There is also a slowness and smoothness, and the maximum effort is up.

Stretching of the jagged muscle

The final exercise of our complex is directed, rather, stretching than on the pumping of the muscles. But this is just important, because at the end of power classes it is necessary to stretch the muscles – it will be less painful sensations with unaccustomed, and the muscle will relax well and restore. By the way, it is borrowed from yoga – it is static, not a dynamic movement.

Lie on the rug on the back, bend one leg in the knee and turn it in the opposite side, the wrinkle at the second leg. That is, if this is the right leg, you bend it in your knee up and leaving left. At the same time, it is good to help your hand, doing effort and stretching even more. Feel like a tensile muscle stretch. The approach here should last at least 5-7 seconds, in exhalation.

The complex of these five exercises will take you about 20-30 minutes, and you need to do it daily. Already 4-5 days later you will see the first results, and if you do within 3-4 weeks and do it with an increase in weight or the number of repetitions, you can very quickly and effectively pull the buttocks and hips. Be slender by summer!

Tighten the buttocks and hips complex exercises

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