Three ways to make clutch do it yourself

We offer you a little to save blood worked, having studied the simplest master class on creating a clutch with their own hands. Your unique designer masterpiece you can decorate any materials. Here it is worth relying solely on your preferences. Someone like fashionable sequins now, someone loves flowers from tapes, and others give a booho style with elegant fringe. One advice is always appropriate: winter bags are better decorated with pearls or rhinestones that come into fashion every winter season. LogicProst: Pearls Looked Snowballs, and rhinestones – on ice.

Almost every woman needs a small pretty handbag. To say more precisely – every woman should have a lot of small handbags. To each along and on every case of life.

Of course, there will be considerable money on such a big arsenal, but even if you have the presence of the necessary part of the toilet, which would come to a bright sharper, and to the new shoes, sometimes it happens completely difficult. Do not hurry to storm all nearby shops and boutiques. After all, you can always make a handbag do it yourself.

Method number 1. Clutch with animal print (without sewing)

To sew a trendy clutch your hands you will need:

– Strip of leather or leatherette 25 by 60 centimeters;
– Lightning;
– thick cardboard;
– glue "Moment" or superclauses;
– Decorative handle, beautiful cord or chain.

The use of any old clutch by measuring its dimensions as a model. Cut from cardboard blank-base and two identical sidewalls. Glue to the cardboard the skin or its substitute, leaving the upper edges. Stick to them zipper.

Due to the fact that the animal print – hit the season, make himself the most fashionable clutch with their own hands with the simulation of snake skin – a wonderful idea!

Method number 2. Cloth clutch (with sewing)

We proceed to the master class by sewing the clutch. Here the main thing will focus, do not rush and try to "enable" the maximum of fantasy.

From your chosen material, carve a rectangle twenty-five centimeters wide and long sixty centimeters, and be sure to take into account the small supply to the alignment, and the Path for the future handle. Try to the edges of absolutely smooth.

We fold the flap in a smooth rectangle and to its short sides gently sew zipper.

Now the resulting ring is folded in such a way that the distance from the bend to zipper was the distance of at least five to six centimeters.

The edges are thoroughly glued "Moment" or another superclaim, while exactly in the middle leaving a couple of centimeters to your chosen handles. For example, for the chain you will need two loops. Connect the edges.

We give a certain amount of time for a peak of glue and flash two side seams. We fold our rectangle and get a pretty clutch.

That’s all. Instructing master class by sewing clutch completed.

Lateral seams, if desired, can cover some beautiful patterned patterned. It is possible to sew a clutch from neutral tissue, and in the form of decoration apply any bright ribbons. You can also carve out and sew a lining with a pocket. Everything is completely in your hands.

There are other similar ways to sew clutch. For example, in this video language everything is shown simply and clearly.

If the new clutch needed you right now, and there is practically no extra time, now you know how to sew a clutch with your own hands for half an hour – fashionable, exclusive and most beautiful.

Method number 3. Clutch with sequins (with sewing)

Three ways to make clutch do it yourself

You, too, do not soul as a burden in sequins? Then you definitely like stylish and shining clutch. For him you will need:

– a small slice of the drape of any coloring with a dense lining;
– meters five to six "grouped" sequins of any color;
– Wooden line;
– chalk or dry soap;
– the corresponding color of the thread and needle;
– lightning for sequel.

Sewing such a clutch will take no more than two or three hours. Let’s start work. First we define the necessary size of the clutch. For example, we took the size of thirty five to twenty seven centimeters. Accordingly, make the pattern with a small margin of forty-fifty five centimeters. On the fabric we measure the line you need, the lines are clearly noting with a small one and carefully cut out the pattern. In folded form you got a rectangle.

To know where exactly you need to cut off, on a folded twice a piece of fabric put a strip of sequins and zipper.

After the tape sequins cut the right number of strips. Then sew them to the Drapa small suture. Do it with special accuracy. On the previous one we climb each next strip. What is noticeable your seams will be obtained, the clutch will look flawless. When all strips are prisoner – it turns out a pretty "mail".

Then we fold our resulting fabric, and gently sew in one looped seam so that the sides clearly coincide with each other. Turn out and as a result we get a brilliant bright bag.

Do not want to mess with sewing sewers? No problem! In stores for needlewomen you can buy ready-made fabrics with glitters already sewn to them.

And now it remains to be accurately sewing our selected zipper or insert a rivet. Fashionable bright clutch with sequins ready for any buffet!

In the form of a decor, as far as your fantasy works, the bag can be decorated with suede, leather or beads elements.

Hold one evening with needlework to create your own clutch, because this handbag is among the things that each woman should be . By creating their own clutch, you will be absolutely sure that no one will no longer be the same handbag!

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