Three ways to get along with mother-in-law and not spoil relationships with her husband

Going married, we are painted and live in anticipation of creating your own cozy nest, where everything will be just as you want. But suddenly, unexpectedly, almost in the first week of your family idyll, the awareness comes – you are not twice in marriage, and three: you, he and his mother. And there are ways to help competently protect their borders from the mother-in-law and at the same time not to lose his beloved man?

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Frame from the film "If the mother-in-law – monster"

Not in vain. People’s wisdom calls on young families to live as far as possible from caring parents as far as possible. After all, if the mother-in-law is in another city, then it will be quite uncomfortable to conflict with you because of the banal distance.

But what to do if you are still forced to dwell near or even on one territory? Here then conflicts can simply not avoid. And the preservation of a family hearth, which only began to emerge, entirely depends on the young spouse and its ability to be wise and flexible in relationship with mom’s husband.

No one makes you love to love for you yet. In some families, it is customary to call the mother-in-law Mom, and Svetra Father, but you don’t have to do it at all if you don’t want. Quite quite respectful appeal by name-patronymic. It is with this modest detail that the construction of the bridge begins under the name "Mutual respect".

Get ready for the fact that it will provoke conflicts with you with a son and all this will be triggered by a friendly smile and a completely innocent look. Your husband is first of all her child who has only listened to her for many years and only her opinion was in the first place.

Three ways to get along with mother-in-law and not spoil relationships with her husband

And then suddenly some girl who not only encroaches on its territory of influence, but also refuses to obey. Do not forget, for her you too baby.

We will have to deserve respect for adult actions.

First, in someone else’s monastery with his charter do not climb. Considerate the established rules and do not argue. Over time, you will see how mother-in-law will answer your warm and respectful attitude and herself will ask the Council in choosing the color of new kitchen towels.

Remember, first of all you with the mother-in-law rival. And this is not your position at all, but her. After all, in her life (or even in the house), a stranger woman entered, who settled in the heart of her son and now intends to win her right of the hostess.

Of course, she will defend their borders. It initially relates to you biased. Even if you live in different apartments, first time will have to suffer frequent visits of his mom, her curious glances abandoned in all ajar cabinets and most importantly in the refrigerator, where it will certainly climb at the first opportunity, in order to make sure that there is still not everything is covered with mold. Oh yes! Boriches are not excluded in banks and cutlets wrapped in Foil, so that her beloved son does not die from hunger in the heyday of years because of the inept young woman.

Your task is to convince her that you do not see the enemy in it, and her son’s comfort stands for you in the first place.

If you live separately, ask her to call before giving up to visit you to prepare time.

If you live together, then immediately put up with her homework. She won’t want to give you something without a fight. But agree to live on everything ready, it means to get into the trap compently.

Insist, suggest help, but in no case are not encroaching that it is holy for her. Leave cooking for her. First, she will still work out better, and secondly, your husband has already got used to that food that his mother is preparing. Have time to shine with your culinary talents. Let it be your trump card in a sleeve.

Better Take yourself cleaning at home and hiking to the store. All the advice of mother-in-law perceive good-naturedly and with a smile, but immediately install the boundaries of its influence. Relationships with husband and parenting – exclusively your privilege.

Word – not Sparrow. Nobody argues that in a rummy anger, you can say anything. But learn to control yourself, because once said raw word can turn around against you with real weapons. To begin with, remember – the criticism of your spouse at his mom is unacceptable.

In no case cannot afford itself and the opposite – criticize my mother-in-law. First, for him, she will forever remain mom, which must be read and respect. Not to mention infinite love and gratitude for sleepless nights, algebra and joint crafts to school, as well as scratches, blurred with a green car.

Secondly, if you do not learn to give up, then provoke the beginning of hostilities, which your defeat will be only a matter of time. With a serious conflict, most men choose the mother’s side, because they have one. And the wife can always be found and conspiracy.

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