Three types of restaurant lovers

Silent, experts, neophytes – who annoys the most?

Illustration: Ekaterina Assumption

Svetlana Kesoyan

There are dead-end questions in our life, and one of them: "Why?"As soon as this word looked at the horizon – everything, wait for the clarification of the relationship with the Universe. But nevertheless, questions are helpful, especially if you come across every day with an urgent problem: where to eat and where to go for this. Observations for the capricious society of restaurants visitors suggest that we are divided into three main archetype. Of course, here as in psychology, clean, one hundred percent representatives of the type – units. Most balances on the border or plays every time a new role – it all depends on the weather, heel-tie dresses and other momentary circumstances. So let’s look at yourself more closely.

Three types of restaurant lovers

The first type is the most disciplined. These people know where they go and, therefore, they are waiting at the table, they are clear. If such citizens want cocktails in crystal roats and so that there were only their own, and it was best not that there was no one, they choose a semi-propelled Moscow bar, where only the call. If they need a consistently high-quality breakfast, then they spend the morning in the "Coffeeman". If the soul requires high Russian cuisine, all addresses are also known – and no one will be outraged that the food is served on hemp instead of plates. Waiters, even Moscow, are very loved by customers who understand where they came. Their order is always clear, and clarifying the issues on the menu – Rather, the reason is effective to communicate with a knowledgeable person. Laughter, smiles and tips – pleasant and do not obliging bonuses. Our first archetype at the table is a good mood at the table. No one annoys anyone – neither next door, nor in the dressing room. These people understand that today they play according to certain rules that they themselves have chosen for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In the beer restaurant, no one comes to some of them to complain about the smell of fried food in the fryer, and in the Surfer Burgerian without a signboard – on loud music. If the personnel of the selected establishment does not suddenly go crazy right in their eyes and does not fly with the specified format of a particular trajectory restaurant, then everything will be fine. No unpleasant surprises. Standing restaurants and bars hold for the first archetype, realizing that without such visitors would disappear – flew into a black hole. With the second archetype deal much more difficult. This category includes people with an applub of experts. But the problem is that, in fact, experts of them are very superficial.

What to walk around and about, the second archetype likes to consider itself with restaurant critics or bloggers – this is how the map will fall, depending on the full moon. This character comes to a restaurant with the desire to deliver everyone to place and prove its own consistency. From here, certain intonation and manners are down and in no way. The second archetype – capriculus in a square. They are very difficult to please, because it is impossible to understand what they want. Rather, they want only one – mental knees, respect for knowledge and merit. Food and general atmosphere, as well as a restaurant format – do not play any role. Connoisseurs, as usual, everyone is unhappy: there are irregular wands, there are only woven napkins and there are no paper, portions are small, the prices are high, dumplings are dry, on Phuket it is a hundred times tastier, but in Istanbul – just super, and then what then. At the same time, it does not matter where this beautiful person is sitting: in Georgian Dukhan, nappishly with pho or in DR. Zhivago. He likes to bring Staff to White Caution and comment with pleasure: "And why, a girl, you talk to me like that?"When the lodged waitress is generally silent, that is, he confused along the road all his trained person-lithuania and hung like" Facebook ". What to do? Feed. Hot. Tolerate. Sooner or later "Experts" will go home to write posts about mother’s Cutlets. And there is also hope that over time, the mining experts will turn into the first archetype. With experience and age, the most stubborn of them succeed. With the third division of lovers to eat outside the house – everything is simple. They are naive good people who do not understand anything in the modern gastronomic world in general and in the restaurant community in particular. The only disadvantage of this archetype is a thirst for entertainment, who have no relation to food. When someone sings or dancing – no money is spent in vain. There is a new scary, so ordered understandable things: pizza, caesar, mushroom cream soup. Natural Skyatitz comes, if he lists in domestic restaurants with new Russian cuisine – it is not clear and sometimes even shocking.

The staff with the Third Archetype will not ceremony and trying to unwind on the maximum account. Most often it turns out. As a result, the victims are formed a persistent feeling that he is forces at best, and at worst – "I will cook the first-second-third home". The most inquisitive and fearless representatives of the third archetype comes in the end the question of: "Why?"And this is the right way out of the situation. As soon as the answer is found, they will bravely begin to explore what we are with you already know.

Three types of restaurant lovers

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