Three saves

The first saved is called "The origin of the trees of the Cross of the Lord". This celebration is celebrated on August 14. In the royal treasury in Constantinople in the Church of St. Sophia, a relic was kept – particles of the Cross Wood, on which Christ crucified. These particles have a miraculous force, healed and could stop epidemics in Byzantium. In the hottest time, the priests endured these particles from the temple and passed with them through the streets of the city, heading for water bodies. This saved is difficult to attribute to the holidays, because the Assumption post begins on this day. It lasts from 14 to 27 August. In its rigor, he is the same as the great post. It is impossible there is neither meat or dairy. The first saved is called "Honey": honeycombs are filled with honey, it’s time to get it in winter. Consequently, you can try fresh honey. The first save is another name – "Macs": at this time, in the south of Russia, the poppy. On the same day, the memory of seven saints of the Old Testament – Maccavaev Martyrs.

Transfiguration of the Lord – the second saved

This holiday is called in Russia and apple spas. Celebrate it annually on August 19. His main rite is the consecration of fruits and cereals in churches. By tradition, people brought selected apples for the sprinkling water, the aroma of which fascinated by all people present in the Church, as in the Transfiguration Corners of Eden. It was believed that the apples had already slept for this day and they can be started to eat. Until August 19 there are sleeping apples not allowed – it was considered a sin. Apple saved continues for nine days. Apples can be eating, treat each other who happened to meet, prepare from them various eats, make winter blanks. You can finally give will to culinary fantasies. For example, apples in honey: two peeled and cut apples to cook for 5 minutes in 50 grams of water, into which 0.1 grams of citric acid should be added, two tablespoons of honey or 40 grams of sugar. After the mass is cooled, apples are removed on the saucer, and add 2 tablespoons of tart wine into cold honey syrup. Before serving on the table apples pour these syrup.

Of the three holidays, which are called saves (they received such a name, because they are devoted to the wonderful affairs of the Savior), only this holiday, or the second Savior, is among the "United Holidays". It is dedicated to decisive events for the belief of students of Christ, which is the Savior in front of them. Going to the mountain along with his students, Christ began to pray, and soon his face and clothes were excited. The prophets of Ilya and Moses came to him, who have long left the world. Heavenly voice of the Lord came out: "This there is a son my beloved".

On August 19, 1456, the unbeatable Turkish army was defeated by Orthodox Serbs on the walls of Belgrade. Since then, the second saved began to be celebrated as a great holiday.

The third saved – August 29

Still called "dogs", t.To. Ends cleaning of breads, or "bread". And since the nuts are kept by this time, this saved wears also the name "nut". The church also calls this holiday "Transferring the Independent Image of the Lord". The true origin of this holiday will take us in a distant story. Prince Edessa, Avgar, fell ill. He was treated for quite a long time, but everything was unsuccessful until heard about the Wonderworker from Palestine. It was jesus christ. Prince sent a messenger to him. Christ after washing wiped her face with a towel, on which the image of the face of the Lord was imprinted. The messenger taking this towel to the prince, and only one touch to this towel eased the suffering of the prince, and then healed him at all. The towel (remotion) of Christ became the banner on the robe tower of Edessa, as it saved the Lord. So the custom was born to protect rotative tower of cities Christians images of Christ, the icons of the Savior (Savior). Therefore, the rocker tower of the Moscow Kremlin is called Spasskaya. From here, origins take another name for the holiday – "saved on the canvas".

Like many other folk holidays, SPASS also received their signs:

First savage

Three saves

Maccaya collect poppy. On the first Savior Spring Wells, Saint Wreath Bread. Roses flow, good dews fall. From the first rescue and dew good. Prepare Humne and Ovina. Pasha under the fiber, this fierce. Wine honeycomb. On the first saved horses (all livestock) bathe.

Second savage

Savior came – all hour: fruit greasy. Savior came – take mittens about the supply. To the second susta do not eat any fruits except cucumbers. The second saved fruit and honey. Apples eaten from the second save. From the second save, sowing over. Sunset in the field with songs. Cut the honeycombs, relieve the fruits.

Third Sport

Ending harvest. Named Sheaf (last). Separate: "Plain, Plain, Give my Silk: For the Pest, on Babylo, on the threshing, on the ripen curve". Swallows fly three times, three saves.

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