Three recipes that you want, but never cook

Rodolfo Guzman, Chef Chilean Restaurant Boragó, shared with us three of your favorite recipes. They sound and they look masterfully, but here to try them will be definitely not many.

At the end of April, TWINS restaurant held touring Rodolfo Guszna, Chef Chilean Restaurant Boragó. He managed to work in a variety of famous restaurants in Chile and Europe, passing through the entire hierarchy of posts in the kitchen. The author’s style of Rodolfo is based on the interpretation of local products and following local traditions. In his dishes, he uses Chilean seafood, plants, mushrooms and water from forests, valleys and mountains, thereby trying to show the variety of tastes that the earth gives us every day. The chef takes the basis of the agricultural traditions of the Mapuche and Pikuch, the indigenous Indian peoples of Chile, but at the same time develops their own attitude to the gastronomy and shows the products familiar to us in the new light.

We asked the Chef Share with us his favorite recipes. I warn you to read it is interesting, it is impossible to repeat!

Dish Capas

Ingredients: 2 whole Changai crab, mollusk with marine algae, 250 gr. sunflower oil, 2 egg yolk, seaweed powder, 1 Chilean edible mollusk, juice of two lemons, salt, 1 Chagual cactus root; Skillful fennel: spinach mashed puree, fennel, sunflower oil, butter, cheese, salt; Waffles: 700 gr. flour, 45 gr. ink squid, water

Cooking method:

  1. Changiy crab: Take a whole crab and wrap in food film. Boil a couple of 80 ° C for 5 minutes. Pull the crab meat using forceps and set aside.
  2. Three recipes that you want, but never cook
  3. Mollusk with marine algae: Prepare mayonnaise, mixing egg yolks and sunflower oil. Sell ​​to taste with seaweed powder, lemon juice and salt. Cut the mollusk for 2 mm cubes and lay out the mayonnaise.
  4. Cream Fennel: Fennel phenher sufficient oil to cover it completely. Dry on a hot pan or contradictory until the fennel on one side is slightly smoothed. Heat puree from spinach in a saucepan. At the same time add the required amount of oil and cheese to get a smooth and creamy mixture. Add to the mixture toasted fennel and season salt to taste.
  5. Chagual cactus: Remove the external fibrous cactus layers. Take the internal gentle layers and put it fine.
    Marinate in lemon juice for an hour. Slit excess water and season salt to taste.
  6. Waffles: Divide flour on 4 parts: 200 gr., 200 gr., 150gr. and 150 gr. Divide the ink squid into 3 parts: 1 gr., 4 gr. and 40 gr. Thus, you should have 4 kinds of waffles of different colors: white, gray, dark gray and black. For the first species, mix 150 gr. flour and 1 gr. Kalmar ink, to the second 150 gr. Flour add 40 gr. Ink, and to 200 gr. Add 4 gr. Leave 200 gr. flour without ink. To each piece of flour add enough water to get liquid dough. Bake the dough smooth waffles. Divide ready-made waffles for several small parts.
  7. Innings: Connect the crab meat, mollusk, creamy fennel and cactus, neatly lay out the waffles and serve.

Dish Rocas

Ingredients: 400 gr. Lunoid Bean, 32 gr. ink squid, 10 gr. red pepper chili, 4 bulbs, 4 red peppers, salt, 40 gr. sliced ​​sea eel, flour; 4 kg. The roots of seaweed Caoche; Squid ink in oil: 100 gr. flour, 100 gr. rice flour, 2.6 gr. Dough baking powder, 36 gr. Calmar ink, 20 gr. Honey, 130 gr. Pisco (grape vodka), 130 gr. Chilean Laghera (Variety of Beer)

Cooking method:

  1. Bean puree: For the night, soak the lounomous beans in the water. Cut with thin pieces onions and red peppers, fry to a soft state. Boil the beans in water to a soft state. Mix all the ingredients to puree. Add seasoning to taste.
  2. Ink squid in oil: Mix all dry ingredients. Gradually Mix Chilean Lagger, Pisco, Honey and Ink Squid. Pour the resulting liquid dough into the siphon and using a CO2 spray and twice sweep the mass. Store in the cold.
  3. Broth from the roots of sea algae Caoche: Cut the roots of marine algae Cashing big cubes to make a dish external more voluminous. Put in a saucepan and fill with water. Bring to a boil and boil on low heat 12 hours. Straighten the broth through the cloth.
  4. Innings: Add a squid and puree ink broth and serve.

Dish Tres leches

Ingredients: 9 eggs, 120 gr. Sugar, 80 gr. Beet puree, 50 gr. Beet juice, 200 gr. flour; 1 L. donkey milk; Goat Milk Cake: 3 l. goat milk, 1.5 l. cream, 45 gr. glucose, 720 gr. Dry milk, 750 gr. Sugar, 180 gr. Dextrose, 12 gr. stabilizer; Buzine Mousse: 400 gr. elderly syrup prepared at home (with whole berries elderberry), 3.2 gr. Agar-Agar, 45 gr. Glazes of transparent color, 5 gr. gelatin, confectionery decoration in the form of a branch; Flashing from Macs (Chilean Prince): 76g. Maki extract, 60 gr. Blackberry extract, 500 gr. genuine glaze; Cut Fresh Cow Milk: 50 gr. cream, 200 gr. yogurt; Strawberry Jam: 200 gr. Sugar, 200 gr. water, 1 basket of ripe strawberries; Lucerne oil: 100 grams. Selected flowers alfalfa, 100 gr. olive oil

Three recipes that you want, but never cook

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