Three Makeup Ideas on YSL Corporate

How to make a party so that it is fashionable, but not too much, especially for Marie Claire also showed Maria Pyrenkov, leading makeup artist Yves Saint Laurent in Russia.

Make a festive makeup – the point is responsible, especially when it comes to the appearance on the corporate. Your image should be festive at the same time, but not to go beyond the fractions. Dramatic "Smokey" to eyebrows, rainbow on eyelids or half-one-emers – we hope all these options do not even come to mind. Together with Maria Dipenova, the leading makeup artist Yves Saint Laurent in Russia, we chose three makeup options, which, firstly, will be appropriate at a party in a circle of colleagues, secondly, correspond to the latest beauty trends and, thirdly, easy to execution. Take note!


Storing is almost the same contouring, but only "cleaner". The task of such equipment is to place glare on your face, and not the shadow. As a result, your leather seems to shine from the inside. Such makeup is beautiful as in itself, and can serve as a wonderful canvas for further manipulations with lipsticks and shadows. With the skillful handling of it, you can not only erase all sleepless nights from the face, but also to create an illusion that you have just returned from the cruise on baggammas. Agree, perfectly smooth face without visible deficiencies – the best decoration. Moreover, in the light of Sofit, the small shimmer on the face will look stunning.

  1. First apply the base on the face. In this case, the base of Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow was used, which not only moisturizes the skin, but also creates a light shining effect due to the smallest shirmware – what we need. Then apply a tonal cream.
  2. After the base for makeup and tone to work there is a highlighter, for example, TOUCHE ECLAT 2, which is applied to all convex parts of the face – on the back of the nose, cheekbones, tick over the top lip and under the eyebrow to refresh the look.
  3. Cheeks highlight with the help of a belt of a gentle pink shade (we used tool 2 in 1 kiss&Blush 12). Alternatively, apply bright shimmering shadows (Couture Mono 12). Remove eyebrow shape with eyebrows gel (Couture Brow 2). Carefully squeeze the eyelashes. The main thing is that there were no lumps.

A game of shadows

Watching photos from the latest impressions, you probably saw this simple makeup of lips: one color of lipstick along the contour and the other (darker, lighter, and sometimes in general the other shade) in the center. Gradient lips – an unbearable alternative to a monophonic makeup, which diversifies the usual image. We offer three options to choose from: Red – the most festive, gentle pink and peach – if you like a nude makeup more. However, you can choose any other combination of colors. The main thing is to shades "be friends" with each other.

  1. If you decide to make an active, bright gradient on the lips, then you first draw a pencil contour of the lips (the pencil should be in the color of a darker lipstick) and grow it in the center.
  2. Apply the "main" lipstick on the contour of the lips, leaving the center is not painted. There you will apply a bright shade, slightly visiting the previous color to smooth out possible borders.
  3. Three Makeup Ideas on YSL Corporate
  4. On top, you can still apply lip gloss for a more seductive image.

Color, color, color

Bright arrows are always fine, multicolored mascara, with all its dispute, is also good. Moreover, with a pretty fantasy share, the combination of these two "chips" can be extremely elegant. Remember, the eyeliner does not have to be black or brown, it is quite possible to afford the colors of the barrel – purple, lettuce, or pay attention to liquid liners with a glitter from gold to brightly raspberry. We decided to show you how the makeup can look in blue shades – after all, this is the most that there is a winter color. So, we take the blue felt-tumbler, the mascara of the shade "Navy" and not afraid of experiments!

  1. Draw arrows favorite shape. Best for festive makeup take a felt-tip pen, it will last much longer.
  2. Next, score eyelashes in the color of eyeliner.
  3. It is best to choose neutral companions to such a makeup: there will be ideally for the rugging technique, a bit of Rumba (we took a means of 2 in 1 Kiss&Blush 8), and on the lips – a drop of tinting oil (VoluPte Tint in Oil 4).

Photographer: Alena Ko

Model: Catherine Gorby

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