Exam for three letters: how to prepare for the exam without stress and horror

75 percent of Russian schoolchildren on New Year’s holidays are planning to prepare for the USE, and not careless minecraft on the network. Such are the data of a recent sociological research. It is understandable: the exam is a terrible thing, because for any schoolchildren turns around with unknown. The receipt depends on the exam, so, as they say, or pan or disappear. How to prepare for this insidious exam, Eve.Ru told the founder of the Center for Educational Technologies ADVANCE Nikolay Yagodkin.

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Children, according to statistics, think more and afraid of the exam, what is really preparing to him, because the exam is scared from the elementary school. So stress is the first problem. The second is the quality of the knowledge required. Often, the exam on good points requires knowledge of big, what gives school. Let’s deal with how to change the situation.

As you know, the most difficult thing is to start, so you need to start in advance, better in the 10th grade. The child should build a clear plan to understand how much themes to prepare. Then you need to divide them into blocks and see how much time you can pay each topic (for example, month). Such a system works for any subject. The first month does not need to think about the results of preparation, it is in order to accustom himself to sit down and allocate time. If mathematics scares, let it first be biology.

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Three letters exam how to prepare for the exam without stress and horror

You know what the most standard problem in preparing for any projects and exams? Man immediately trying to choose the most difficult and do everything at once. It’s like doing sports from morning to evening all Saturday (if you don’t get to the hospital, then you will not engage in the next 40 years). This demotivates.

Do each day with small blocks. Be sure to pay a lot of time to repetition, you can sometimes arrange intensives, but start with a minimum. (If during the year you need to prepare for half an hour, start from 15 minutes, and then increase to 35-40 minutes).

Preparations need to start with the textbook of the junior classes. His child will pass quickly and remember easily, because it is designed for younger students. Base, overclocking on a simple material, habit to do – that’s all you need. Remember that textbooks and benefits on EGE are not the only sources. On the Internet there are also many useful materials.

First prepare on the Four

It is important to organize training levels. Biology, mathematics, physics – no matter. First you need to go through the entire program to the level of the four. Without high points, complex tasks and deep topics – only "by versham". It will be fast, easily, and most importantly – the child will stop afraid that he wakes up the exam, because he already knows the "four"! When I prepared children to the exam in mathematics, at first they decided on the Quartet to consolidate the effect, cope quickly and confidently. Disperse in this way, you can move to more complex tasks.

Use technology and repetition system

At the first passage of the textbook, you need to take all the terminology, facts, dates, formulas, laws and record on cards (for example, on one side the term, to another – value). When a child learns them, the base will be ready for which another material will easily. In addition, with the help of cards quickly and conveniently repeat.

Use Mind Cards. The main thing is no details. When first passing, we need a skeleton of the subject. Somewhere difficulties – boldly skip.

Do you need tutors?

They have their pros and cons. The problem is that children are engaged in tutoring and come to good faculties, and then they themselves can not prepare for the exam at the proper level, because they have no skill. I would recommend a simple level of the child to go through the textbook itself. The tutor can build a plan of classes and respond to complex questions that the child saves, every two weeks. The more the tutor is doing for a child or he controls his parents, the less structured and independent it will.

How to prepare for all exams immediately?

In order for the information to be forgotten, it is necessary to prepare for all the exam in parallel. Doing the focus on some one subject, but you can not forget about the rest – you need to repeat or simply rewrite options / examples / known tasks. Our task is to build such a system so that most of the new information remains in our head, and it did not have to rebuild it again. It works, and develops colossal speed. All formulas of mathematics and physics I repeated, at one time, in two minutes. Memory trains is a fact. On how to stop everything forget
read in this article .

Ideally finish training for one or two months before the exam and actively decide, repeat, ask questions. All this will reduce stress. Allocate time + develop speed – here is a success formula when preparing for the exam.

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