Three habits that will help to lose weight

On the way to the beautiful, slim figure, the only way to lose weight we seem like a strict diet. It would seem that everything is simple: you want to get rid of excess weight – just do not eat. In fact, everything is simple and easier. More difficult – since it is not always the effectiveness of weight loss depends on nutrition restrictions, it’s easier – because not everyone does not always need to sit on a diet to get into your favorite dress. Some sufficiently change some habits so that the weight began to go away by itself ..

Feed on schedule

Israeli scientists found out that it is not necessary to "starve themselves with hunger" to reduce weight. It is enough to streamline your life – in particular, there is strictly on schedule. With this approach, it is possible to lose weight even on a conventional diet, including fatty food. Fats with such a graph will not be postponed on the waist and hips, and they will immediately turn into energy.

According to experts from the University of Jewish University (Jerusalem), the schedule places an exceptionally important role in ensuring special metabolism. In the course of the experiment, scientists for three months fed mice in different schemes. The first group was sitting on a diet and felt on schedule. The second group also consumed non-caloric products, but without any schedule. Rodents from the third group ate in graphics fatty products. The fourth group is "lucky" the most – mouse tremended than and when they wanted.

As expected, the tests from the fourth group recovered the most. Surprised scientists The results of mice, which in the graphics of ate fat food. They weighed less than their fellow people who ate low-fat products without schedule. It turned out that the fat consumed by them immediately went to receive energy, and not postponed on the body.

The researchers concluded that the schedule is more important than the products we feed. The body that gets food every day at the same time, successfully copes with product processing. Metabolism is accelerated, and the errors in the nutrition pass for the figure imperceptibly. Those who wish to lose weight experts recommended not to consider calories, but adhere to the regime.

Do physical education

For a long time it was mistaken that physical education classes only enhance appetite. Recently, American scientists experimentally found that fitness changes motivation to food: the appetite decreases, and the person does not try to fill the habitual volume of calories during the day. Obviously, the decline in appetite allows to reduce the amount of food consumed and gradually solve the problem of excess weight.

Specialists of the University of Brigham Yang in Provo (Utah) organized an experiment, during which the level of motivation of the weak gender representatives was fixed using electroencephalography. Half of the participants had a normal weight, in the second half – obesity. Scientists studied the impact of the morning jogging on the following meal.

Participants were engaged in a treadmill for 45 minutes, after which they searched 240 pictures with food and colors. Pictures with flowers demonstrated the response of participating in images that are not related to the theme.

On the head of each participant there were electrodes registering brain activity. Measures were made daily. After a week, when the participants were no longer engaged in simulators, scientists re-scanned their brain while watching pictures. It turned out that exercise reduced the reaction of women into food images, and, therefore, decreased appetite. This trend has emerged in both groups of women – both with normal weight and those who suffered from excess body weight. It is noteworthy that participants in the study did not try to compensate for the calories missed in the morning throughout the day.

According to Professor Michael Larson, this study showed which neurological response occurs in a person for food after physical education. Scientists intend to figure out how long this effect can last if you stop classes. Most likely, for a steady decrease in appetite sports will have to do regularly.

Three habits that will help to lose weight

Read labels

Spanish scientists came to the conclusion that curiousness and scrupulousness, which manifests itself in regular reading women labels on food, contribute to a slim figure. According to a study conducted by specialists from the University of Santiago de Compostela, such women weigh by about four kilograms less than those who do not read product information.

Experts made this conclusion on the basis of 25 thousand health reports, consumer habits and nutrition of Americans. The specified number of people was also interviewed on the subject Habitals to get acquainted with product information on packaging. The weight of the participants was analyzed.

It turned out that the least weighing people who are wondering what kind of product they are going to purchase. The list of data to which buyers pay attention includes calorie content, the presence of nutritional supplements (natural and artificial), the presence of vitamins and T.D.

The most attention to the labels pay attention to the visitor of the weak floor with higher education. At the same time, citizens are interested in food characteristics more rural residents. But the smokers and smokers (regardless of the place of residence) at all never get acquainted with the specified information. It is understandable – if they smoke daily, they are not exactly interested in their own health. And information about calories and dyes them completely nothing.

The analysis clearly showed that interest in consumed products affects consumer weight. Obviously, a person "reading" in most cases will prefer less calorie food, as well as healthier products – unlike unhealthy, stuffed additives, which, as you know, enhance appetite and can cause dependence on high-calorie food.

Three habits that will help to lose weight

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