Three desserts from Alexander Kovaleva

Tiramisu, Rudeli and other foreign desserts today on the wave of popularity: they are offered in cafes and restaurants, and Russian hostesses comprehend the science of cooking "Panna-Cott" in their kitchens. But sometimes, tired of overseas abundance, so I want my own, desert desserts from childhood, who were still preparing our moms and grandmothers.

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    Three desserts from Alexander Kovaleva
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We asked Alexander Kovalev, the leading transfer "pilgrim with a midnight" (12+) on the Food Network TV channel, share with us recipes 3 such desserts. More recipes for traditional Russian cuisine from Alexander recognize on Thursdays in 20.10 (MSK) on the Food Network TV channel (TV channel is available in cable and satellite operators).

Corges: Eggs – 2 pcs., Sugar – 200 g, flour – 2.5 glasses, butter – 200 g, honey – 100 g, soda – 1 h. L.

Cream for cortex: cream fatness of 30% – 750 ml, sugar powder – 250 g, cottage cheese – 100 g, Vanillin – 0.5 h. L.

Cake registration: nuts, almond chips, fruits and berries to taste, Fresh carrot juice, gelatin, water.

Cooking. In a big deep plate, scrape the eggs with sugar. In a saucepan on a slow fire, melink the butter and honey, add 1 h. L. soda, thoroughly mix and cool down to room temperature. Pour the resulting mass into whipped eggs, then pumped there by 2.5 cup flour. Knead the smooth dough, divide it on 6 equal pieces, form dense balls from them. Each ball with the help of a roller roll in the root for the diameter of the baking form. Preheat the oven to 170 ° C, place a form with one of the cakes and bake it within 5-6 minutes. Repeat the same with the rest of the korzhi. As you cook, lay them on a flat surface for cooling.

While the cakes are cooled, prepare cream. In a blender or using a mixer, boot cream with sugar powder. Add a wipe cottage cheese there and take the resulting mass to form a thick cream. Set aside part of the cream to decorate the cake, the rest of the dense the cooled cakes. To decorate the cake, prepare jelly from fresh carrot juice and gelatin. Decorate the top korzh jelly, pieces of fruits and berries, almond chips and nuts. With the help of a cream residue, reorrite the sides of the cake pattern in the form of a wicker basket.

Pears in a berry brave with honey and spices

Ingredients: Large Solid Pears – 6 pcs., Cherry juice – 1 l, honey – 500 g, Carnation, Cinnamon, Badyan, Zestra 1 Orange, Ready Puff pastry – 1.5 kg, butter – 50 g.

Cooking. To prepare a honey-berry syrup pour into the saucepan juice, add honey, cinnamon, carnation, badyan and orange zest to it. Put a saucepan on fire and bring the syrup to a boil.

Clean pears, gently lower them in boiling syrup and cook for about 10 minutes, then get them cool to room temperature. Finished puff dough roll and cut down with long narrow stripes. Lubricate baking baking with butter and warm the oven to 180 ° C. Watch the pears of pears with a dough, put them on the baking sheet and put it in the oven for about 20 minutes. Serve dessert along with jelly from honey and lingonberries.

Rogs with nuts and prunes

Ingredients: chilled butter – 200 g, flour – 600 g, sour cream 25% fat – 200 g, prunes – 200 g, walnuts – 150 g, sugar powder.

Cooking. Squake the flour and pour it with a slide onto the working surface. Cut the chilled butter with cubes, add it to the flour and overtake it to maximum grinding. Add there sour cream and knead the dense and thick dough – at the stage of readiness it should not stick to hand. Divide the dough on 6 parts, roll the balls from them and remove them in the refrigerator.

While the dough is cooled, prepare the filling for the bagels: in the mortar, grind walnuts, finely cut the prunes and mix them. Remove the balls from the refrigerator and pull out each of them in a pancake. Divide the pancake on the 8 sectors, put on the wide end of each sector filling and roll the rogal. Repeat the same with the rest of the pancakes. When laying on a baking sheet, hence the horns inside. Lubricate the baking sheet for baking with butter, heal the oven and place the bagels in it. Before serving on the table, sprink them with sugar powder.

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