Three dangerous things that can destroy your marriage. How to detect them in time and prevent?

How recently, Mudro noticed Mama Timati, Popular blogger Simon Yunusova: Those who are a little in 30, understand that life is not a fairy tale about scarlet sails! We all want happiness once and forever, but not everyone turns out to be ready for this. Eve.The ru knows what Simon says: after the wedding you need to work on relationships! We have collected the main challenges of the marriage – study them, and then you will have a chance to stay in your fairy tale longer.

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1. Failure to personal space and meetings with friends

After marriage, many girls (like some men) are fully concentrated on their family and refuse "separate" life, including meetings with friends . No more funny Friday sites and dancing in the club until the morning. Why it happens? When we love, completely dissolved in your loved one, we do not want to spend a second without it. And this is a big mistake! As you know, sometimes it is useful to sit on the hungry soldering, so that you may want to eat the usual buckwheat porridge. Sadly, but a fact: to support fire in a man, you need to sometimes leave it alone, but to dress yourself and run away to the party "only for girls"!

Three dangerous things that can destroy your marriage. How to detect them in time and prevent

However, always watch out what kind of friends you let in your life.

For example, a young family settled next door to you. You are somehow imperceptibly starting to be friends with houses, but in their pair the relationship is not so harmonious, like yours. It is here that it is worth understanding that it is time to reduce this contact to a minimum – hello, so far and lend salt to salary. After all, their problems sooner or later you will begin to project and on your relationship.

Psychologists confidently recommend to be friends with the same prosperous and harmonious couples as you yourself. If you, of course, do not plan to divorce. Because problems are inflated! As you know, tell me who your friend and I will say who you are.

2. Hugs during the day go to no, and sex turns into a routine

You do not even imagine how important kisses and touch in ordinary life are important. If you have noticed that I stopped touching each other’s lacquer – it’s time to beat the alarm! First go to touch, then kisses and eventually sex once a month, and even two. Couples that do not have sex lose not only pleasure, but also an important tool – sex helps to put up, helps to say to each other: we are together, we love, we value!

If passion in your pair began to fade, think – perhaps the fact is that you are too tired. What’s here it? What is the passion here, if, worked in the office day, in the evening my wife should cook dinner, make lessons with children and do not forget to stop before bedtime, stroke things on the morning to all households and find some time on a relaxing bath (and then if lucky!).

Surprisingly, almost no one agrees before starting together life about domestic responsibilities . And usually they somehow themselves lie on women’s shoulders. So should not be.

What kind of sex life can we say if a woman for the day is so exhausted, which falls asleep, just touching the pillows? Don’t want it so? Agree on the shore that part of home care will take the husband or hire the assistant.

If life is distributed equally, it becomes more, fatigue is less. And then hot sex exactly be!

3. Boring conversations

Remember, "what will we do on Saturday?"Or" what is for dinner today?"- this is not talking. This is the beginning of the development of "neighbors’ syndrome, which in the end can kill your marriage.

After all, at the beginning of your novel, you found topics for conversations? So why decided that now you can bring a conversation for the discussion of the weather. Boring!

How to change it? Find an interesting topic for conversation with a partner. Discuss a film, book, picture, news or politics. Yes anything, if only you at this moment were an interesting interlocutor, who I want to listen and with which it is pleasant to argue.

Speak a lot. Speak about everything in the world. And even better, find yourself a few common interesting sessions – cycling, dancing or mountaineering … Include imagination. New interests, besides, also common, will certainly return energy to your marriage.

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Three dangerous things that can destroy your marriage. How to detect them in time and prevent

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