Thousands of concubines and one emperor: the best Chinese money for men’s power

Chinese emperors were famous for their harem. It is known that min Juan, for example, contained about 40 thousand concubines at the court. It is clear that with such a number of women, the ruler had to have an incredible male force. To strengthen it, the emperors used a variety of means.

Herbs are still very popular in China. About 5 thousand different plants are used for therapeutic purposes, most of which relate to the means of traditional medicine.


Surely everyone knows that for many centuries in China to increase potency used ginseng. The wonderful properties of ginseng are evidenced by Chinese inscriptions on the bones and turtle shells, dating back to another 3000 year before the Nativity of Christ. Modern scientists have proven that the Chinese were absolutely right. True, with long and non-valid use, ginseng can cause the opposite effect. Therefore, when sexlessness, experts advise adhere to a certain treatment scheme. Ginseng tincture, which is sold in pharmacies, take 15-20 drops 2-3 times a day before meals. The full course is 6 months.

Chinese healers are confident that it strengthens men’s strength and Lemongrian. Lemongrass (its seeds or berries) take inside in the form of infusions and alcohol tinctures. For the preparation of tincture, the seeds of the lemongrass are poured with vodka (50 g) and withstand 2 weeks. Take drug three times a day 30 drops. Also to increase potency use 2-3 berries immediately before the act. Effective lemongrass and combined with ginger. For the preparation of infusion, 100 g of berries of lemongrass, 100 g of ginger root, 1 kg of sugar and 1 l of water. Berries and sliced ​​ginger folded into a jar, pour boiling water and insist 5 days. After infusion merge and add sugar. Take 1-2 st. Spoons 1-2 times a day.

Despite the proven effectiveness of listed plants in the victory over male powerlessness, in China, treatment is never limited exclusively by the reception of herbal informations. Chinese experts believe that any disease can be overcome only through a whole complex of events. Therefore, the course of treatment includes a variety of procedures and exercises.


So, for the treatment of prostatitis, which is known to negatively affects sexual life, must be performed Samomassage, complier with anus. Such massage prevents stagnation of blood and removes inflammatory manifestations. However, the exercises must be performed regularly, several times a day, otherwise the result will not. The self-massage of the prostate gland should be made not only in the morning and in the evening (50 times), but after each urination, emptying of the intestine and sexual intercourse with subsequent urination (10 times), as well as heavy physical labor (20 times).

According to Chinese doctors, keep male sexuality in adulthood helps and Complex of exercise "Iron forks". If you do not reduce the intensity throughout the year, the function of the testicles will improve the function of the sexual member, the potency and premature ejaculation will increase in the past. In fact, there are many complexes of exercise "Iron Wasi". One of the most simple is the following:
1. Hand brushes need to be confused to heat, then take the testicles into the hand, while placing the external strand of the mother’s other hand on the border of the hair at thenore of the abdomen. Collect and try up with the power of both arms of the testicles and sexual member of about 100 times, and after change your hands;
2. Scroll through the sexual dick and testicle moves back-forward 100 times;
3. Squeeze the testicles and sexual member with both hands and squeeze them with strength up and down 3-5 times;
4. Thread the testicles with fingers. Slimming hands, spend and lower abdomen a few dozen times.

Thousands of concubines and one emperor the best Chinese means for male power

These exercises are not recommended to do those who suffer from diseases of the genital organs, eczema, as well as young people who have not yet acquired families.

Dishes and drinks

Ancient Chinese doctors said: "Food, drinking and habitat are sources of diseases," hinting that the wrong built house and diet can affect human health. Therefore, the Chinese treat gender dysfunction and with drinks and dishes. So, in the subway, the fruits of lychee, who have a long-standing glory of a natural causative agent. No wonder in the east, lychee is also called "the fruits of love". In China, they make wine, which "excites the soul, awakening love". Useful for diseases of the urogenital system and Bamboo tea. For its preparation, you should take 3 g of dried bamboo leaves and 1 g of tea and pour them boiling water.

In general, the Chinese have developed a whole menu that you need to adhere to people suffering from those or other illnesses. Experiencing difficulties in sexual life mature and elderly men are recommended to use porridge with ginseng. 3 g of powder ginseng, 60 g of round nonlay rice and crystalline sugar poured 750 ml of water in ceramic dishes. There is such a porridge for breakfast and dinner in autumn and winter. By the way, the Chinese in principle use ginseng exclusively in the cold season. There are among therapeutic dishes even soups that increase sexual activity. For example, lamb soup: low-fat lamb (100 g), the root of the chinese man (20 g) and ginger (6 g) to put in ceramic dishes and stew on slow heat until the meat is fully readiness. For the result, you should eat not only lamb, but also drink broth.

Of course, this is not all means and methods that Chinese men enjoy to increase potency. On this occasion, whole works are written, so it is impossible to accommodate all of them in one article. But I hope someone will be useful and brief recommendations. Health to you!

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