Thoughts, creating women’s happiness

It seems that everything is fine: you are married, there is already a child, and you seem to be not enough life. What is the case? And the problem is that going married, we are waiting for the husband to create happiness. And not receiving the desired we begin to make a claim. And everything is very simple – Take your happiness and happiness of the family in your hands. Look at my husband because not everything is so bad otherwise you would not marry him.

And also an important track fortunately women. Woman should work, because the need to be in sight, to be in society, the opportunity to show yourself and communicate – it’s a step fortunately. Woman should develop as a person. And then, she will not feel an empty place in modern society.

What we still need for happiness? We must be beautiful, having a slim figure and beautiful legs. Woman creature emotional and her whole life is solid emotions. It is known if something badly wants, then everything will turn out. Therefore, a woman having an emotional motivation can turn himself out of a garde duckling in a royal swan. And if she needs it, she will achieve all the goals in love and even in business. After all, a man looks at us with his own eyes, but sees what we want to show him. Every woman if you need to go for the evening in a new dress, it will lose weight for three days without diets and pills. Ugly women do not happen. There are those who believe in themselves and who does not believe in their strength. Not in vain say that women’s happiness is harmony with you.

We and our life rules our subconscious and those images that exist within us. Important is what laid since childhood. We copy the unconsciousness of our parents and therefore if the image of happiness is laid in childhood, then there are almost no problems. As we subsequently live on the program then. Need to ask yourself a cup – is you happy that you mean the happiness that I want, what kind of relationship with a man, what you want to be. Most importantly, it is necessary to understand yourself and inside the image of happiness, and not concentrate on the negative of life.

Happiness just never comes. Over happiness you need to work hard. Thoughts should be bright, and images are positive. Thinking about negative events, we thus drive away from ourselves and do not feel happiness and joy of life. So – more positive emotions and optimism, and luck will come.

Of course, if a program was not laid in childhood, because your mom is unhappy in marriage, the negative program will have to break, and make considerable efforts. If you just dream of a good, without sobering about the reasons for your current problems, it is unlikely to succeed in changing the program within you. Many women notice that they begin to treat her husband, how, when Mom belonged to his father. So try to look at my husband with other eyes, and you will see that not everything is so bad. Change your attitude towards him, and everything will be fine with you.

Thoughts, creating women's happiness

What is simple female happiness? Uttering it, we do not think about what has been said. This widespread definition and each it has its own. Happiness is – love, success, wealth, family or just having a husband. Women people changeable, and often can’t decide with their desires and feelings. Today you are happy, and tomorrow. And if you figure it out, you don’t have much so much for happiness.

At first, love. And you should not just let yourself love yourself, but also love yourself. After all, there is nothing more than mutual love. Then life will become bright and rich. But love should be real, and it should be sought, keeping and cherished. And in love it is necessary to give, then you will get happiness in response.

Secondly needed a family And necessarily with her husband and children. The feeling of happiness, when the whole family together, when peace reigns and love and sounds children’s laughter. Family focus – this is the heat that warms us all his life. A family – This is the harmony of our life and happiness given to us. Women’s happiness is impossible without maternity, so laid in us by nature. Each feels that she is primarily a mother and already, so when choosing a satellite of life, we look at its certain qualities. On those who will help grow healthy and smart children. Present women’s happiness in children.

Third, the component of women’s happiness Welfare. Well-being, comfort in the house, warmth and peace. It’s when there is an opportunity to live and not survive. When we are calm for our children and confident in our strong owner. What happiness do not call the masters, and everything works in the house. Well-being is as they say – Being for her husband as a stone wall. Woman wants to live with dignity, without fear, look into the future of his family. These are these thoughts, creating women’s happiness.

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