Those who quit work for traveling: not everything is so colorfully as you tell!

Almost every day. Recently, we have heard stories about people who quit their boring work from 9 to 6 due to the irrepressible thirst for adventure. And the example of this is Chanel Katell and Steveo Dirnberger. At the beginning of the year, young people quit, abandoning stable earnings in advertising. And all – in the desire to find out how far from the house will be headed by a muse of long-haired. After that, they immediately became a sensation!

And no accident – after all, they are ready to scribe toilets to scrape for a ticket. This couple of bloggers refused profitable work for traveling. And you have such a shoulder?

First of all, first thing. Toilets

Chanel and Steveo describe their adventures in the blog, which they called “how far from home”. Since the beginning of their adventures, our heroes published colorful pictures made in the most amazing corners of the world. It may seem that friends embody the dreams of office workers who are exhausted daily routine. That’s just not always they positive on the sunny beaches of Greece, demonstrating the highest pilot of yoga. During the rest of the time they have to drag the toilets and ask for money in debt.

Reverse side of the medal: no embellishment

In his blog, Katell says that published posts are only the top of the iceberg, without revealing the whole truth about travel. Therefore, Chanel and Steveo decided to show the cooler side of the medal and write a post without. After all, if someone from readers decide to make an equally bold step and go in a world journey, he should see the whole picture in order not to teach himself beautiful fantasies.

135 toilet bowls, 250 kg of manure, 2 tons of stone – and this is not all!

Katell says that in the breaks between pamping for unique photos, it and Steveo has to work hard, not bent the dirty work. According to the girl, rejecting all the delights of a comfortable life in Johannesburg – the largest city of South Africa, Katell and Deernberger were beyond poverty. Luxury they changed the exhausting work of volunteers. “We dramatize toilets, clean the dog’s excrement on the streets, we are standing behind the counter in stores and even working Kamenotesia,” Chanel admits.

“At the moment we laundered 135 toilet bowls, 250 kilograms of cow’s manure were scattered, 2 tons of stone were knocked out, 60 meters of road were asphalted, the bed was charged 57 times. And how many glasses we polished – already not remember, “the girl admits.

Blogger told about the company “WorkAway” with which they cooperate. This organization helps volunteers find a pair to hire. In addition, the company in different countries is looking for employers who are ready to provide travelers with food and in exchange for the work done.

I have to deny yourself in the most common things

And although they work so that the back is lomit, you have to deny myself in the most ordinary things. Chanel remembers a trip with new friends in Norway. Travel bought beer and sweets, while they could get out only to the dental thread. The teeth are necessary to take care. To extract the maximum benefit with a scarce budget, they are forced to use all their smell. Encouraging each other, our wanderers have repeatedly coped with difficult tasks even in minutes of rampant sobs.

According to the girl, now she does not breathe health and can not boast the perfect figure. “Most of the time we eat only crackers with jam,” adds Katell

Those who quit work for traveling not everything is so colorfully, as you tell!

. These lovers of Extreme have to sleep at a maximum of 5 hours a day. Sometimes, carrying heavy backpacks by the shoulders, they are among the nights brawing in an unfamiliar city, trying to find the address of the new stay. After all, the bus trips will bring an irreparable blow to the pocket. However, according to bloggers, all those difficulties through which they had to pass, there are such invaluable life experience.

True essence of modest existence

“For us it is – Paradise,” said Katell. Yes, they have to harvest firewood for the winter and exporting garbage (in life for everything you have to pay your price). However, ending with work, Steveovo and Chanel Wolns explore the world around. They learned valuable lessons for themselves. Prominating the impressive income of the advertising industry to clean the toilet bowls, the couple realized the essence of humble existence. “It is important to live every day as if he is the last for you.”. Bloggers are proud of the work done during the journey, which is rare difficult.

Get out of the comfort zone once and forever!

Going down, the heroes of our story promised that they would challenge themselves and would avoid comfort, which will allow them to leave their own comfort zone. This was the source of inspiration for them. Hard work (not for Belarus) brought only benefits. Guys hope that their blog will help those who crave to expand the borders of their comfort zone.

“We want to inspire people to do the same!”- say the Chanel and Stephen. And add that this experience for all will be the most difficult, but at the same time – standing, instructive and extremely exciting.

Probably many of you have ever dreamed of a world tour. Could you give from home comfort and hit the road?

Those who quit work for traveling not everything is so colorfully, as you tell!
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