Those who were not founded: top 5 salads for holidays

It seems that all Olivier and herring under the fur coat are still in the first days of the new year. However, if you are still sitting at the table and want to taste something tasty, our selection of recipes will have to you by the way. We have collected interesting recipes that can be useful to you today, and for any other case. Ingredients are not exotic, so it’s hard to strain in cooking.

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Salad with herring and beet

Those who did not eat top 5 salads for the holidays

Beets – 500 gr
Selenka – 100 gr
sour cream – 3 st. L.
Mayonnaise – 1 st.L.

Cooking process:
1. Boiled beetroot three on a major grater.
2. Selenka finely cut. Actually, the smaller – the better. Especially if the herring is very saline.
3. We connect all the ingredients. The herring does not put immediately, but portions to not reduce the salad. Mix everything well by checking the level of saline.
4. Let’s give a salad with beet and herds. Stay at least 30 minutes.

200 grams pickled mushrooms
2 medium bulbs
2 Medium potatoes
1 raw carrots
300 gr of any boiled meat (you can language)
250 grams of solid cheese
mayonnaise and sour cream (to taste)

Cooking process:
1. Mushrooms finely cut, put in a salad bowl. Onions cut and fry on vegetable oil, let cool and drain oil.
2. Put on mushrooms, lubricate sauce (sour cream + mayonnaise).
3. Boiled in mundar potatoes clean, grate on a large grater. Grease sauce.
4. Grind carrots on a large grater, lubricate with sauce.
5. Meat cut into small pieces and put on carrots, lubricate sauce. Top of grate on a large grater cheese. From above Salad can be decorated with lemon slices and greens.

Canned tuna – 1 bank (can be replaced by chicken)
2 eggs
1 Cucumber
Canned corn – 1 bank

2 tablespoons of yogurt + 1 st. L. olive oil
Spices to taste
salt pepper
Mustache to taste

Cooking process:
1. Tuna Ment a fork (excess liquid to pre-merge).
2. Eggs and cucumber cut. All ingredients for salad mix. ⠀
3. Preparing sauce. All ingredients are mixed. ⠀

Salad with rice and red fish

Rice grade jasmine – 150 gr
boiling water – 450 gr
Lemon – 1/4 h.L.
Trout Washed – 200 gr
Cucumber – 150 gr
Egg – 4 pcs.
mayonnaise – 50 gr
Greens for feeding

Cooking process:
1. Cucumber and greens wash. Swim eggs boiled, cool in cold water.
2. Rice for this recipe need a grade jasmine. It is cooked by a special method and has a thin aroma, it is well holding a form, due to which the salad can be served using portion rings for feeding. But at the same time, rice remains crumbly. Boil water, rice, not washing, add to boiling water. Set the timer for 11 minutes (time is designed for cooking 150 gr rice). Cook on medium heat without lid, periodically stirring rice. Even if there will be some water, it is not necessary to evaporate. Salt rice also do not need.
3. Throw back rice on the colander and immediately rinse with cold water. Leave to glass all extra liquid, break out rice with a spoon and pour a bit of lemon juice. Stir and set aside.
4. Clear Fish from Bone. Fish and cucumber cut into small cubes of the same size. Eggs clean and cut a little smaller cucumbers. Add fish, cucumbers and eggs to rice, stir.
5. Add half mayonnaise, stir. Try salad. If necessary, salute and add more sauce. Mayonnaise in salad should not be a lot. Keep refrigerated.

Salad gentle with pineapple

Fresh champignons – 150 gr
Chicken fillet – 150 gr
Pineapple Fresh or Canned – 80-100 gr
Cheese low-fat – 50 gr
Eggs – 3 pcs
Onion – 50 gr
Greens to taste
salt, pepper to taste

Cooking process:
1. Eggs and chicken fillet put to bother. Onions and champignons are finely cut and fry without butter until you are ready, please add fresh greens, salt, pepper, we give cool.
2. Boiled chicken fillet cut on not big pieces. Eggs divide on squirrels and yolks, rub on a grater separately.
3. Pineapple cut into small pieces, rubbing cheese on a large grater.
4. We form a salad: the first layer put mushrooms with onions, on top of a chicken fillet, launching mayonnaise, further cheese and yolks, again miss mayonnaise, then proteins and last layer put pineapple. We give a little soak and eat to the table.

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Those who did not eat top 5 salads for the holidays

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