Thong – Sexy and Dangerous Underwear. Harm threshing for women. What and why harmful thongs for health

It is believed that the thong panties were sworn not so long ago – at the end of the past, the twentieth century. However, in fact, they were invented before the beginning of World War II, in America.

Someone from the authorities of the property once (accidentally or not), found himself in a nightclub, where the striptease was shown. Ladies danced before the public completely naked, and a high guest, who differed in more stringent glances, ordered to cover intimate places at least to some extent.

Then the thongs appeared, and the striptease with them became much more interesting and erotic. And all the subsequent generations of women gladly began to use this detail of clothing, allowing you to feel liberated and sexual.

Thongs are exactly what covers "to some extent" – a triangle from the fabric to which the rigs are attached. Of course, it looks sexy, especially those of those ladies whose buttocks are in good shape. The practicality of thongs is also one of the reasons for their popularity: after all, they allow you to wear what it wants – a transparent and easy skirt, tosing an evening dress, fashion jeans, and at the same time remain completely invisible under clothes – as if they are not.

The choice of thongs on the market today is very wide. Manufacturers try to make their own models as close as possible, and use a variety of materials for this. Cheap thongs, like the other cheap linen, sew from synthetic fabrics. However, those who really produce high-quality products use other materials: mesh cloth, silk, microfiber or cotton.

Nevertheless, the gynecologists of the whole world consider thongs a serious problem. The desire of women with their help to emphasize their sexuality and attractiveness is fraught with serious trouble with health, and sometimes heavy forms of various diseases and infections.

There are a lot of reasons, and one of them is the use of synthetic for sewing threes. The more synthetic fibers, the easier the linen will keep the form. However, the air such a fabric passes badly, accumulates moisture, irritates the skin and tender mucous membranes.

The shape of the studs also contributes to the development of various diseases, since the narrow damp between the buttocks literally helps intestinal bacteria from the anus in the vagina.

So what to do – abandon the thongs at all? But it is so comfortable, stylish and beautiful! And most importantly – sexually!

It turns out, you need to choose between beauty and health? This question sounds ridiculous, especially since beauty is, first of all, health, and especially women’s health. And what sexuality can we talk about, if it is with the female sexual authorities that problems will constantly arise?

In fact, everything is solved quite simply. If you bought a thong, it does not mean that they need to be constantly, in any situation, whether shopping, free time, walk or even working time. Here in working hours, the thongs are completely nothing, if, of course, you do not work in the club striptease.

Thongs are designed to show your advantages in certain situations in the advantageous light, for example, when you need to wear an elegant and emphasizing your femininity evening dress, or thin tight trousers. If you wear thongs exactly, then problems, as a rule, does not occur.

Thong - Sexy and Dangerous Underwear. Harm threshing for women. What and why harmful thongs

However, it is most often the opposite, and women, and young girls, too, carry thongs constantly, acquiring inflammation, thrush and diseases more complicated, which do not want to remember here.

Buying thongs, give preference to panties from natural materials, best of the cotton. If sometimes you put on synthetic panties, then use gaskets for every day (by the way, this is the norm that is not discussed at all).

Do not wear thongs all day, and even more so – at night. After all, they are needed for several hours, as well as stiletto shoes, so at the first opportunity, replace them with a more "calm" option, for example, slips or tango.

And of course, always choose the thong of your size, and not cheap. Needless to say that cut into the skin and rubbing mucosa linen, and in this case, the strings are the most favorable opportunity for irritation, inflammation and infections. Remember that your body is worthy of the best!

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