This is sexism: how modern society humiliates women

We live in frankly sexist society and face the manifestations of men’s lamination every day, not even suspect. And this is our main problem.

Cave sexism is still the background of our lives with whom we have to put up. Announcements on finding a beautiful, slim, young girl with long legs, white teeth and model parameters did not disappear anywhere. TV presenter Alla Mikheev in advertising one famous telecom operator depicts a cute fool. Egor Crem "Looking for" the bride with the help of television show. Muscovite is trying to record a daughter for computer animation courses, but in return to it only "needlework and modeling" – not female it, they say, it’s a schedule to draw! Finally, the Dean of the Highest School of Television of the Moscow State University believes that Leonid Slutsky’s deputy "has the right to put a hand on his knee or another place of a woman". All these examples are only the vertex of the iceberg called "Genonenavitalism". Someone will say that against the background of many other political, economic and social cataclysms, not to feminists and their "contrived" problems, but this is not true. Sexism – no less acute and dangerous problem with which you need to fight here and now, and that’s why.

Sexy = discrimination

Sexy – Direct Corollary Patriarchate. Someone, probably, believes that women in an age-old history of the struggle for equality achieved everything they wanted, but this opinion is far from the truth. Unfortunately, in Russia, some manifestations of sexism are fixed by law. For example, in our country there is still a list of professions, closed to women under the fabulous preposition of health care. These are mainly dangerous or harmful production, but the idea of ​​"female health" should not be a reason for the ban: women can work where they want, and no one is right to limit them.

Discrimination exists in other labor rights of men and women. The most obvious example – when taking. Most often, women aged 20 to 30 years old are faced by a simple reason: it is believed that this age is most favorable to create a family and birth of children. According to the employer, fertility will distract the woman from work, influence its quality. Another vulnerable category – women of pre-age age: in work most often refuse simply due to age, without other visible reasons, calling the absurd requirement "age value".

This sexism as a modern society humiliates women

Another example is the difference in wages. Women get on a quarter less than their colleagues of men: the Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets announced this in September last year. De jure Labor discrimination on sexual basis is prohibited in 3 Article Tk of the Russian Federation, and 19 Article Constitution of the Russian Federation declares equality of rights and freedoms regardless of gender and other social categories – but in fact, as it is often, neither the one Complied.

The attitude of government representatives to female discrimination is very different. It is noteworthy that these representatives are women. So, about salary discrimination Even earlier, the head of the Commission of the Public Chamber of Russia for Social Policy and Labor Relations Natalia Pochinok stated. Other opinion of the Vice-Speaker of the State Duma Irina Sumarova: The deputy opposes the policy of gender equality. Politician believes that "In the West, the situation of women was devalued", and in Russia "We are for women’s privileges", pointing out among them "politeness, delicacy, care, attention, complimentaryness".

"The fact that a woman who is engaged in politics broadcasts sexist glances is sad, but, unfortunately, very characteristic of Russia," – Says Channel Channel "Feminists explain" Marina Vasilyeva. "While in our country, all systems and institutions are aimed at maintaining the so-called" traditions ". It is logical that people who agree with this are in power, so they have to overcome less resistance. As for the "female privileges", it seems to me that this concept is easiest to explain the simple illustration. You can remember how usually people behave with pets or children: feed, dress, open the doors on the first requirement. And everyone is familiar with jokes about how cool to be a cat, and that the cat is the main in the apartment. But such "privileges" appear because their recipient cannot (or thinks that he cannot) do something. The cat can not open the door. Woman in Krnolina could not make a chair. The woman who the law forbidden to have property and work could not pay for himself. The system in which such privileges exists, assumes that their recipient is amazed in rights. And to help with bags and yield a place – it is cool, and raises the mood to all participants in the events. But it is necessary to help those who need help, and not to people selected on a sign that does not have anything to do. The man also may well, for example, turn the head in transport, and will be wonderful if someone gives him a place ".

This sexism as a modern society humiliates women

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