This is not obesity, these are hormones!

It is impossible to underestimate the influence of hormones on life and human condition. Hormones affect literally all: on weight, sex life, mood, skin condition, feeling of fatigue, satiety, etc. One of my girlfriend most of his life suffered from obesity. But as soon as she was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries syndrome and hormonal treatment began, its overweight literally melted in front of her eyes. I myself am absorbing unnecessary kilograms, mainly during pregnancies, then throw them out for half a year without diets and exercises, when, obviously, the hormonal balance comes to normal. And the hormonal swings lead to a weight gain during menstrual cycles, climax and other complications associated with the reproductive health of women.

So how to stop hormonal chaos and bring the weight in order?

As soon as you find a weight gain, your first impulse, most likely, will be – go to the gym to quickly "melt" hated fats on the treadmill. And, most likely, you will be wrong. Overweight in women in most cases is determined by hormones. And if you suffer from hormonal imbalance due to stress or PMS, your hormones simply program you to be thick. And very often strengthened sports in this period not only do not lead to weight loss, but also forced to score even more weight!

Two main sabverters Slimming: estrogen and cortisol.
Let’s start by S Cortisol: This hormone produced by the adrenal glands, if it is easier to speak, opposes stress and sugar. When you are experiencing a significant physical activity, you burn glucose in the blood – which takes about half an hour – and then go to the body’s reserves. At this point, you force adrenal glands to download cortisol to convert fat from cells in blood glucose. So far nothing is bad, because we want to get rid of fat cells, though? Problems begin when it interferes with this process estrogen – Female hormone produced by ovaries and carrying out many functions, from the regulation of the menstrual cycle to the distribution of fat deposits. And it interferes very actively, since almost all "events" of women’s life (PMS, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibrosis, endometriosis, infertility, pregnancy, low libido and pre-menopause) are accompanied by an increase in estrogen level. And it is still not to consider natural and synthetic estrogens that come to us from some products and cosmetics. And estrogen makes us keep a circulating sugar in the form of fat. Such a closed circle. Just just the cortisol releases some glucose from fats to burn it, as estrogen immediately converts it back into fat! And this is during sports!

As if it is still not enough – we will exacerbate the problem by our rational. With raising the level of stress, we are walking it "Sweet". Cortisol is produced in smaller quantities, and during the workout it may not be done at all, since we do not have time to burn even the sugar accumulated per day, not to mention the reserves. Meanwhile, energy is spent and needed to feed food!

In addition, in the second half of the menstrual cycle, the lutein phase, the estrogen balance is broken by progesterone, leading to an increased sense of fatigue and even greater load on adrenal glands.

With this scenario, you are reduced to "no" your weight efforts and workouts and put under the blow almost all of your endocrine system, which is simply confused and no longer knows how to react to all this hormone mesh, glucose, fat. And therefore it just breaks all away from the fat cells to at least relax.

What to do in such a situation?
Stop letting yourself with many hours. Yes, not always "more" means "better". Than diligently and the longer you do, the stronger the useless load on your hormonal system. And if you have a risk of hormonal failure, then with duration of workouts Over 30 minutes your weight will stand still. And if you start training already during stress, that is, with a higher level of cortisol, then only increase your weight even more! Try to relax at least an hour. A good exit when problems with hormones will also replace intensive workouts with a relaxing yoga. 20-minute cardio or power training can be carried out, and then proceed to short and less intensive loads – for example yoga, swimming or walking.

This is not obesity, these are hormones!

What other hormones can interfere in the process of weight loss? Well, at least what we can affect?

This is, for example, Leptin, Hormon, which is mainly responsible for appetite and a sense of saturation. Leptin level decreases with a lack of sleep. So you or sleep enough time, not less than 7-8 hours, or eat. If you are waking up with a wild feeling of hunger, then you slept not enough. With the normal number of sleep, there is no dream in the morning, even if you did not eat the eve of "after six".

Signals a deceptive feeling of hunger and Great, Short-living hormone produced in the stomach. Fructose (one of the types of sugars, which is especially large in fruit juices, honey, corn syrup and carbonated beverages) stimulates production of Grethin, leading to an increased and more frequent feeling of hunger and overeating, and in the end – to an increase in total calorie intake.

So, striving for an ideal figure, you can do much less, but with greater efficiency. The main thing is to understand what you are doing, how and why.If you are at a weight loss to take into account your hormonal balance and learn how to listen to your body, you do not have to extend yourself with rigid diets nor useless workouts.

This is not obesity, these are hormones!

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