This is not Abugu! 8 things due to which you should not worry about

We have already told you about the main signs of toxic relationships: often people cannot understand why they are so unhappy and what they do wrong, but the fact is that their relations function incorrectly, poisoning life. But there is a reverse situation: we take a completely healthy behavior for toxic and believe that there is an abuser next to us.

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The abuser is a person who mocks his second half, he oppresses, insults, suppresses or ignores desires. This word so part has become fascinated on the Internet and psychological studies that we even look possess the shadow of the Abuse. However, we are not always right: sometimes a panic for nothing.

Here are some examples with explanations.

He does not answer you at the same second!

You think: "Well, everything, I am no longer needed and not important," and draw a picture in the imagination, where he is in the arms of other women. But in fact it is nonsense. You can love each other, respect, you can be the main priority and number one in the list of interests, but each of you has your own life. And not necessarily every second or every minute, your man should think only about you.

It is probably even more than probably, he now has a dozen tasks more important than your message, so he has the right to answer you later, having understood with all the cases. In the end, we do not engage in training instantaneous reactions, however?

He does not want to discuss all-all-all

It is useful to speak, it’s all already learned, but it is not at all necessary to discuss everything in the world. Not necessarily fall on your partner all experiences, problems and doubts that flashed in your head per day. With some way you will handle yourself, just like it (some, of course, require discussion!) And this does not mean that he does not trust you.

This is not Abugu! 8 things due to which you should not worry about

Sometimes with pronouncing problems Easy to turn into a boy from Bassni about the boy and wolves. If you constantly shout: "Wolves!", Then at the moment when they actually come, no one will pay attention to your cries. No one will understand that this is really important for you.

He tells the truth (and is open to the discussion)

It says a lot about what you need to take care of a partner’s feelings, we must try to make it infinitely happy every minute. This is great, the main thing – with such a promise not to please in the web of a lie, where it will be difficult to find at least something real.

No need to intentionally insult a person, no one canceled diplomacy and will not cancel, but if you cannot tell each other truth – there is something wrong.

He comes out of the room during a quarrel (or goes to sleep)

Of course, it is better to discuss everything and does not go to sleep evil and irritated, but this is when it comes to a healthy discussion, which lasts 10-15 minutes. This is quite enough to discuss everything, then make up and ask for forgiveness. But if you argue about for hours about something, then this is not just a household quarrel, it is the highest league and professional sport. Here you can stay. Most likely, stay – exactly what you need. An hour later (or in the morning) you cool and understand that all this is some nonsense.

He does not need you, and you – not the meaning of his life

You can only be a meaning of someone’s life only in unhealthy-dependent relationships, this healthy person will not allow this, he has no mechanisms in his head to implement this scheme. Again, it does not prevent him from love, appreciate and respect you.

If you do not like this approach, the Council is one: do your life. Let it be interesting and bright. because.

He has his own life

Go to this item. He can have his own interests, friends and habits, he lived somehow before you, though? He may well play tennis without you, or (oh, horror!) go to the bar with friends, as well as you can do those who are interested in you. There is a common time, there is a time for yourself, you are not necessarily at the time of dating to get superclones and smear it on yourself, waiting for now you will all do together.

Egoism and love for themselves is good and right. Self-love is a self-esteem, awareness of yourself as a person, care for yourself. In general, absolutely normal things.

And in fact, only a person who loves himself can love someone else. There are no other options.

He looks at other women (or simply finds them attractive)

Of course, you can pretend that at the time of the meeting with you your man is blind, and selectively, not to notice other women. But this is not the case, you understand that he continues to see them. It also may well assess their attractiveness (or unattractiveness). Well, you can make him lie to you, only it is not clear why?

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