"This is not a disease, but a feature of development": Mom girls with races spoke about the diagnosis of daughter

Already 13 years in early April, the World Day of Dissemination of Information on Autism’s Problem is celebrated. The goal of the date is to emphasize the importance of helping special people and increase their level of life. Svetlana – Mom Agelai, girls with races. She told how she learned that she had a special child, how do they react others and how her life changed.

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First nobody believed

This is not a disease, but a feature of development

Now Agela 2.9, the diagnosis of "autism" was set in two years. According to Svetlana, until a year and a half, the girl developed as everything – except that he did not respond to his name. "But then the words disappeared, I began to notice that she walks on tiptoe, does not fulfill instructions. On the Internet, we have passed a screening survey on autism M-Chat, "says Mama Agelai. – This is a list of simple questions about the child. On the basis of the answers, it is determined whether to contact a specialist for the consultation ".

The woman turned to a neurologist and psychiatrist, after which he received confirmation of the diagnosis.
Difficulties with relatives and friends, according to Svetlana, did not arise. Everyone knows about the diagnosis of the girl and take it. But at first no one believed: many it seems that a person with autism is an uncommunicative. "But Aglaya, although it does not use a speech – to communicate, it uses special cards, which is depicted that she wants – with joy interacts with others," Svetlana explains.

Inclusion must be real

From September last year, Aglaya goes to the Center for Support Foundation "Nude Hearts" – there are free services for families of children with features. "For kids spend an intensive behavioral program – 20 hours a week," Svetlana says. – The program is aimed at developing skills that children with autism are not easy to master. First of all, it is a communication, social skills, independence and self-service skills ".

Aglaya – a child, and her interests are the same as all children: games, soap bubbles, swing riding, cartoons. Last year, the girl went to kindergarten for a couple of hours, but, according to Mom, while it is difficult for her to interact with other children: she is interested, but what to do, she does not yet know.

Svetlana believes that Aglaye needs to continue to study in a secondary school, in a resource class. "However, it is important that the inclusion in school is real, that is, that for her there was a special program for teachers to own modern knowledge about working with the children’s children, so that there was a tutor and classmates took Agela," says Mom Girls. – Only in such conditions, Aglaya will be able to receive academic knowledge, and make real friends ".

All people are different

Having learned about the peculiarities of the daughter, the family continues to live ordinary life only with small adjustments. "While Agela and I only went to a long journey, to the village. She was interested: I liked it that so many new things around, I liked to swim, "Svetlana says. – Aglaya is well tolerating the road ".

According to Mom, there are many myths around autism around. Among the most popular: Autism is a disease that can be cured. "In fact, this is not a disease, but a feature of development associated with a violation of the central nervous system. They can not be sick, it cannot be cured from him, they can not be infected, – explains Mom Aglai. – There are modern effective methods of help that help children with autism to communicate, go to an ordinary kindergarten, school, friends ". Learn more about Autism can be made on the information platform "Nude Hearts online".

"I think that the surrounding will be more friendlier to people with races, when they will know more about what autism is and what they are, people with autism, – says Svetlana. – And all this is important to understand since childhood. If all parents explain to their children that all people on earth are different and at the same time they all have equal rights, our world will become really inclusive ".

Socialization is important for all, and for children with the peculiarities of its meaning is especially difficult to overestimate. The project "Help Near" helps charitable funds and other non-profit organizations to organize travel of wards in the city. This allows them to move freely and free, attend classes, go to travel, to use the capabilities of various rehabilitation centers at the maximum.

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This is not a disease, but a feature of development

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