This is not a diet: the basic rules of the Great Post

Christians began the great post, the longest and strict in the year, he will last before Easter. We are talking about a special period when believers deliberately refuse entertainment and bodily joys, and also limit themselves in food. Unfortunately, many short-sighted people perceive the post as one of the ways to lose weight quickly and focus on food, forgetting that it’s not about the bread. Without the appropriate mood, it is not necessary to take a burden on yourself, which may be unbearable.

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Exhaustive diet, and completely meaningless – this is what the great post turns for many who do not delve into his essence. Meanwhile, at this time, the revision of life values ​​is provided, the refusal of bad thoughts, and in general, self-improvement, and not just an exception to the diet of animal products.

As the knowledgeable people say, there is no point in abstaining from meat, if we continue to swear with others, firmly and do not forget about bad habits that have long followed from life. What we are advised to make christmas workers?

This is not a diet basic rules of the Great Post

We so often forget how happy, compare ourselves with other people and reflect on what they may have lucky more … Although most people have a roof over his head close, close, food on the table and beloved work .

During the Great Post, it would be nice to rethink your values, spend more time with the family and in general thank the world for gave us. Try to get rid of the negative, do not walk sad, count the days before the permission to eat Olivier or Cake. Trite, but you have to think about the soul, and not about goodies.

Lift oneself in food

Yes, those who want to be cleaned, you must forget about the spreadslines. This is how the church custom is reading. We will have to forget about meat, fish products, milk and eggs, and on Wednesdays and Fridays, they can be content with one crumbs and water. But on the other days, it is allowed to eat vegetables, fruits, cereals and nuts.

But do not fall in extremes – take care of your health! It is unlikely that your ulcer discovered will help to get closer to God if there are serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is also not worth zealous, because you can harm the body.

Nutritionists emphasize that it is necessary to approach the question with great care and it is advisable to start with small posts, and not from the Great. By the way, Von Vegetarians and use only plant food at all and that? And this does not make them better or worse than others.

Pray and visit the temple

Many argue that they do not need to visit the Church, they say, God is in the soul. But no one says that it is necessary to pray around the clock. But believers celebrate a special atmosphere, which reigns in the temple, because they call for visiting it. Drop all bad emotions, ask the highest strength on the performance of a cherished dream, getting rid of trouble, and just send positive thoughts into universal.

As a rule, the parishioners pursue these goals, from which their permanent cases are given. We all have something that I would like to correct and what to forget about, just to the great post can be recognized by the past mistakes and repent of them, if this was not done before.

Focus on your own reflections it is necessary not to the detriment of others. Sometimes people are so docked on self-improvement, which becomes indifferent to the rest. During the Great Post, it would be nice to make a good deed, to join charity, if you never did it before. And not for the sake of praise and narrowness, but from the pure heart, if a desire really arose to help those who need it.

Great way to make the world a little better – to collect money, products or other goods for orphans or nursing homes. Or just talk with those who clearly craves communication and a warm word.

And further. If you hold all the basic rules, do not gloom the address to those who clearly do not share your views. Iha, I ate the sausage, and then went to the church … or won it is not baptized, or not comes … There are quite a few examples when people fall into extremes and roughly indicate others, how to behave in the post. We are all different, each has its own worldview, their religion is finally. After all, how we are told? Judge not lest ye be judged…

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This is not a diet basic rules of the Great Post

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