This is love

The history of the artist Aaron Yang vividly shows that sometimes the invasion of a woman in a bachelor life of a man affects him beneficial. Favorite – want, believe, you want, no – really transforms everything around. Well, or at least puts order in the apartment. I add all the guests to Aaron Yangu.

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Artist Aaron Yang Ros and studied in San Francisco. It is there, and later in Los Angeles, he mastered not only all kinds of boards and surfs, but also the art of balancing on the verge of brutal street art and glamor. He combines with expensive materials – and thus kills all the hares at once: and those who invest in art and fashion party, for which the connection with alternative art as a balm per soul, and curators with galleryrs. Aaron Yang’s works were presented in Moscow at the exhibition "What we have to" in "Red October". Then, within the framework of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, the influential gallery player Larry Gagosyan showed the best young artists, the future of Gagosian Gallery.

Was in this gold list and Aaron Young, recently only reinforced your status with a great personal alliance. His girlfriend – French franget Laura Eryar Diebrie – Mistress of the popular multi-brand Fashion Boutique The Webster in Miami.

Aaron and Laura form an ideal secular pair: these are everywhere and always, because art and fashion complement each other as America and Europe. Laura loves Miami beaches for which her boutique in the assortment is a huge selection of swimsuits, and Aaron inspires Paris with his indestructible spirit of free creativity. And they both love New York, where Aaron has an apartment in which Laura entered a little over a year ago.

This apartment went to Aaron thanks to the city program distribution art – residences and is in Bohemian Soho, about life in which another five years ago the artist could only dream. "So far I have not moved to me, I lived like a real artist, besides a bachelor," says Young. – paints were lying everywhere, completed and unfinished canvas lay stacks, SERFA Boards were piled up to the ceiling. There was no living space! I seemed to wait that Laura would appear and would help turn my burgog into human housing ".

Now there is a woman’s hand, accustomed to luxury and not alien to bohemian relaxation. If the bachelor art chaos reigned in the apartment, today everything is in harmony: "Laura has stunning knowledge and experience in the interior design, which she received, having worked on Balenciaga stores, admires Aaron. – Also, she knew the reconstruction of the building in style
Art Deco in Miami, which she turned into a truly high fashion – store The Webster. That before our apartment, then repair and reconstruction took the mail year. We seemed to create a complex art object – and it is still not completed. It is very captive – first overlap space, then select unique furniture, some details. For example, for bedrooms we found the doors of the design of the legendary Charlotte Perrian. It turned out the original interior, at the same time preserving the atmosphere of the "Bohemian Loft of the Artist".

This result was achieved thanks to not only the artistic taste of Laura, but also her attention to the work of his beloved: there is not a single room, where there would be no sculptures, paintings or art objects, and all of them – whether the work "Woman" created by Aaron specially For her, bronze "stone" with the inscription "GO HOME!»Or brass sheets for which traces of a motorcycle are diverged in all parties, – stand on specially selected places, adding bright accents in general, discreet decor of the loft.

Young is watching fashion and, although his bristles have not yet turned into a hipster beard, it looks very advanced. He does not have fun talking about his Fashion – addiction and discoveries: "There is such a young designer – Julian David. This guy will soon make a lot of noise! He recently received the prestigious French Fashion – AHDAM Prize for his first collection. I saw her three days before and bought all the whole!"

The history of Aaron Yang is a rare case, when a man is sincerely glad that a woman invaded his life: the artist gained his dream home again. The new life was healed and his art objects – not as in the museum or in stock, but at home. That before the happy owners, they continue to work on the interior of their bohemian loft and often suite dinners and parties here, on which the world’s world and the world of modern art are harmoniously complement each other – like Aaron and Laura.

This is love

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