The most useful summer drinks

In the summer you always want to drink something refreshing and cold. Unfortunately, we often choose various sweet sodes: Coca-Cola, Fed, sprite and t.D. But the sweet drinks purchased in the store contain a lot of sugar and calories, and useful substances do not contain at all. You should reconsider your choice and thicken the thirst for other no less delicious, but more useful drinks. So what to choose?

Clean water is the perfect drink. It does not contain calories, cleans the body, settles and accelerates the metabolism, prevents dehydration. Water participates in all biological processes of the body. This liquid is responsible for growth, regeneration, rejuvenation and moisturizing. So when you want to drink, it is best to choose water. If you do not want to drink just clean water, you can add lemon or lime lick, mint leaf. It will improve and diversify the taste of the drink.

Compote and Mors

Summer – berries season. But you can not just use the fruits, but prepare their useful drinks. Mors and compotes without sugar – this is what you need for quenching thirst. Each berry contains a set of beneficial substances. Therefore, during the summer season, drinks should be prepared from as much as possible different berries. This will help to saturate the body with valuable substances.

Blueberry Contains Vitamins A, C, E, K, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Lutein, Flavonoids, Fatty Acids. This berries are useful for the health of the eyes, excellent memory, a normal digestive process.

The composition of the raspberry includes vitamins P, groups B, A and C, essential oils, salicylic acid, anthocian, chlorine, magnesium, potassium. Berry helps to prevent the development of atherosclerosis, removes the heat, removes inflammation, removes harmful cholesterol.

Strawberry contains many vitamins of the group B, as well as E, C, A, K, antioxidants, fiber, pectins, organic acids. Sweet berry strengthens immunity, removes extra liquid, improves brain.

In a small berry, Irge is a mass of valuable substances: vitamins, minerals, tanning and essential substances, flavonoids, acids, etc.D. IRGA contributes to the rejuvenation of the body, improves the heart of the heart, strengthens the vision.

Strawberries contains substances such as cobalt, iodine, phosphorus, manganese, flavonoids, sugar, group vitamins in and s, pectins. This forest berry protects against tumors and diseases of the joints, helps to lose weight and improve brain.

Cherry besides vitamins and minerals Contains Kumarin, ELLAGIC Acid, Anthocian, Organic Acids. Cherry eliminates insomnia, improves the work of the heart, brain, urinary system, protects against viruses and microbes.

Prepare drinks easy. For Morse, it is enough to squeeze the berry juice and mix it with water. And to prepare a compote, a mixture of berries in water is literally a few minutes. If the drink turns out very sour, you can add honey.

Smoothie and cocktails

Such drinks help to quench not only thirst, but also hunger, that is, to eat. Prepare them from fruits, berries, greens, vegetables, dairy and fermented drinks, juices, mineral water, various spices. Smoothie – a thicker drink, usually in it berries and fruits are not completely crushed, but a cocktail – a more liquid drink.

To prepare such drinks, you will not need much time. Enough to beat all the ingredients in the blender. For example, banana, strawberries, yogurt or kefir, cucumber, greens. Variants of mass! There are sweet and savory drinks. But, of course, it is worth refraining from the use of sugar, fatty dairy drinks, shopping juices. Otherwise, such smoothies and cocktails are not only thickened thirst, but also add some extra kilograms.

The most useful summer drinks

Cold tea

Of course, you can simply brew green or black tea, cool it and drink it. It is good thirst. But it is better, of course, try new and more useful recipes. For example, add a few grated ginger to welding, lemon juice. Or brew green tea, and when he cooled, add any sliced ​​fruit and berries, ice cubes.
There are also many options here. Good add citruses, mint, melissa, currant leaves and cherry, as well as much more.

Recipes of soft drinks

Here are some original options for drinking, which will help to quench thirst and do not add extra kilograms.

Berry smoothie
Mix blueberries, blackberry and raspberry (enough glass), add vanillin, 200 ml of natural yogurt, spoonful of lemon juice and beat in blender. If you wish, you can add a couple of mint leaves.

Mint drink
Squeeze juice from two lemons, mix with a liter of warm water and add sugar to taste. Bunch of mint beaten in a blender, add to the drink and leave forty minutes. Then cool and you can drink.

Glass of black currant pour two liters of water and bring to a boil. Add two sliced ​​apples, six plums released from bone. Cook three minutes, then add ten pieces of strawberry and cook for another minute. Remove and cool, if desired, add citric acid.

Choose Right Drinks for Roast Summer. Prepare them in advance and take with you. It will help to avoid the use of ready-made sweet drinks.

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