The Iron Lady

Ancient Greekhesky Lekari for the treatment of Malokroviy gave the rougher to drink water in which iron swords rust. Since then, medicine has stepped far ahead, but many still believe in the Methods of Middle Ages: they are treated with apples, proking them with nails. Such frivolity is dangerous – anemia can be a symptom of a more serious disease.

Diagnosis – Malokroviya

In everyday life, anemia is often called anemia. It does not mean that blood in our body is missing, with its number everything is in order – problems with quality. It’s all about the lack of full-fledged red blood cells – red blood tauros. They contain hemoglobin – a complex protein that ensures the delivery of oxygen to organs and tissues: oxygen is attached to iron atoms. Therefore, if the level of hemoglobin is lowered, the cells begin to "choke". This affects all organs: the immunity is reduced, you feel fatigue, the headaches are concerned in the morning, the appetite is reduced.

If iron deficit does not fill, shortness of breath appears, rapid heartbeat, the skin becomes pale, the lips acquire a bluish shade. Cars appear in the corners of the mouth, nails break, hair falls out. A desire appears to eat chalk, clay, toothpaste, attracts the smell of acetone, kerosene, exhaust gases.

Dangerous loss

The cause of anemia can be a lack of iron in food, and since the main supplier of iron Organism – meat, most of all risks the adherents of a vegetarian diet.

Often anemia is not a separate disease, but a symptom of another disease. So, repeating bleeding (injuries, nasal bleeding, bleeding ulcers in the digestive tract) lead to chronic iron deficiency anemia. From anemia, women often suffer, because with each menstruation the body loses about 15 mg of iron. But it is fixable: if you eat fully, the lost reserves will be restored during the month. Inflammatory bowel diseases can lead to a disease, since the absorption of iron occurs in it.

Metal detector

If you are often tirewing, the hair is shaking, the nails leave, and the face is pale – be sure to consult a doctor’s doctor. The specialist will appoint the necessary tests – a general blood test (will reveal the level of hemoglobin), biochemical blood test (will refine the type of anemia, since it can be caused not only by iron deficiency, but also disadvantage of vitamin B12 or folic acid). Normally in men, the hemoglobin content of 130 g / l, in women – 120 g / l. It happens that a person has the level of hemoglobin and red blood cells in the norm, but iron reserves are already exhausted. To find out if there is a deficiency of iron, they will need special laboratory tests: determining the level of iron of blood serum, the total iron-binding ability and level of ferritin.

It is very important to find out the cause of anemia, for this you will need additional surveys (gastroscopy, colonoscopy, ultrasound, hysteroscopy). Also be sure to check the thyroid house – anemia can accompany hypothyroidism. According to the results, treatment of the disease caused by anemia. In parallel, the hematologist picks up the treatment of iron deficiency.

Mineral in tablets

The Iron Lady

Until the 60s of the last century, it was believed that the mineral deficit can be eliminated by a vegetable diet rich in iron. Only in the twentieth century nutritionists discovered that it is best absorbed by iron contained in meat food, and then the effectiveness of special drugs was proven.

Without iron preparations, anemia cannot be cured: the body absorbs only 10% incoming iron from food, and from medicinal sources absorption of iron increases 10 times (20-25 mg per day), the hemoglobin level increases by 1% per day.

Preparations are produced in the form of dragee, capsules, tablets, injections. The doctor will pick you up a complex drug where iron is combined with vitamins – they protect the mucous membrane, iron from them is released gradually and is well absorbed (ferroplex, sorbitifer, malto). If you suffer allergies, the doctor will recommend a monopreparation, it contains only iron (ferrom, hemoofer). Injections are prescribed under inflammatory bowel diseases (when the absorption of iron in the intestine is broken).

For the treatment of anemia, the dose of the drug is prescribed in excess: the body needs not only to normalize the blood formation, but also restore the consumed reserves. It will be needed for 2-4 months.

So that the tablets have the most effective action, it is important to take them correctly: drink drugs in the second half of the day, it is at that time the hardware is absorbed more actively. And no later than an hour before meals – it should be absorbed in the intestine, without contacting food. Since iron preparations are better absorbed in combination with ascorbic acid, drink tablet with citrus juice. You should not at the same time with iron preparations to accept calcium, almagel and tetracycline antibiotics: they slow down his assimilation.

In addition, with anemia, it is necessary to stick to the diet rich in proteins (without them the iron is poorly soaked), vitamins and iron. Also, a specialist can recommend rest in the mountainous area, since the decrease in the partial pressure of oxygen in atmospheric air is a factor that stimulates blood formation. Useful walks through the coniferous forest – this area is enriched with ozonized air. Iron you health!

The Iron Lady

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