Styletto – fitness on heels

We all know that for good well-being and maintaining the figure (and even more so – wishing to lose weight) is very important. But often some types of physical exertion seem to be a beautiful sex of boring, others – not at all feminine. Surely, each one of us once quenched the workouts soon, and even after the first "coming", or walked reluctantly.

For those who have tried many sports, and never found the load in the soul, or – saturated with all types of standard workouts – a relatively new sport-direction appeared – staletto. This is an interesting word means fitness on heels. Yes, yes, you all right. It turns out you can stay in your favorite shoes, even playing sports, while dischargeing extra pounds and transform the figure.

Origin and features of training styletto

This fitness direction originated in Italy. High workout data are different from dancing on them. The styletto more emphasis is placed on aerobic exercises. But at the same time there is a place and dance movements, borrowed, in particular, from the incendiary Salsa and Strip-Dance, which makes workouts with the most diverse and efficient.

It is noteworthy that at first the styletto complex was designed to ensure that the representatives of the fine sex work out beautifully gait and they could feel at heels as comfortable as possible, as well as, thanks to the strengthening of the muscles of the legs, they felt comfortably on heels. Over time, the styletto expanded the boundaries of its influence and converts to a full-fledged complex of physical activity, which is aimed at working out the entire body, suspending problem areas, improving the posture and the overall intake of the body.

An increasing number of sports clubs in our country offers their visitors to familiarize themselves with this interesting destination personally. If you decide to try a "shoe" fitness, pay special attention to choosing proper shoes. This is a key point that will help not only make training as comfortable as possible, but will reduce the risk of injury.

Heel should not be overly high. Styletto instructors do not advise to choose shoes whose height is more than 7 cm Even those outside the fitness center will not break up with heels. If in the usual life you exercise such shoes only in special cases, it is better to start training with shoes at a lower heel. It is also very important that shoes or sandals (view is not fundamental) just comfortably sat on the leg. It is better to "make" sock and just in case capture the leukoplasty. But as for clothes, it is better to choose conventional leggings and a fitness top.

Again, the main rule is convenience. You should not put anything or shoot movies. Be sure to keep the water bottle near yourself during training, it will clearly need it. In order to notice a tangible result, it is recommended to train at least two times a week, and better – three. The duration of one staletto workout is usually from 40 to 60 minutes.

Who fit staletto and what gives classes

Staletto is suitable for ladies who do not think of their lives without beautiful heels and do not want to part with them even at the time of sports. In addition, this kind of fitness will be useful and ladies who communicate with heels on "You". Surely, after sport on them, the usual penetration will seem much easier; With regular training, you clearly remove pleasant changes in your gait.

Of course, like all kinds of sports loads, styletto is recommended to women who wish to change their figure for the better and forgive with extra kilograms. Training Styletto will help not only "stay" on heels, but also will increase your self-esteem, making more feminine and confident.

What other advantages are staletto?

1. In order to walk on heels, you need to be able to to hold balance. What can we talk about the performance of fitness elements on the "lift". Muscles will help us to keep the balance. When training, ion and berical, femoral, as well as the press. As noted by girls who tried this sport on themselves, after a couple of months of regular training, even if the former nutritional mode is met, the body becomes more relief and attractive. If you enter the adjustment in the menu by making your diet more useful and low-calorie, for sure, the effect will appear even soon and will be more noticeable.

2. Styletto – View Aerobic Load, at which calories just "burn". This means that the fat burning process is launched – it is important for weight loss.

Styletto - fitness on heels

3. When practicing this type of fitness Metabolism is accelerated, What is generally useful for health. Slags leave the body, toxins, which also contributes to more productive getting rid of unnecessary kilograms and improving well-being.

4. Workout normalize activity of respiratory and cardiovascular systems: as a result, the lungs work better, and the heart muscle is strengthened and trained.

5. Styletto teaches to own your body and better control it.

6. Training under the supervision of an experienced instructor contribute Prevention of flatfoot, arthrosis, arthritis and varicose veins.

Contraindications for Staletto

However, no matter how useful and efficient styletto workouts, there are a number of contraindications. In the presence of such problems in sports, and indeed to go on heels for a long time, you can not at least, without consulting with your doctor (which does not hurt those who feel good).
Here is an exemplary list:

1. tangible excess excess weight;
2. Varicosis, Arthrosis, arthritis and other serious illegality of limbs or pathology affecting joints;
3. frequent dizziness and cases of loss of consciousness;
4. Foot injuries or spine;
5. Serious heart and vessels;
6. pregnancy;
7. The total weakness of the body;
eight. Recently transferred surgical interventions.

Styletto - fitness on heels

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