Studs on the shelf: how comfort became synonymous with femininity

The position of a woman in society is changing and together with it changes the style of clothing: mini and heels in 15 centimeters, who have recently recently the indispensable attribute of femininity, go into the past, leaving the palm of the championship of comfortable clothing, which, however, does not prevent us from being attractive. And in fact, the power of female attractiveness in platforms and tight dresses, and health is not more important than the opportunity to move the legs in thin pantyhose in a 20-degree frost?

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Going out into the street, I notice that we are increasingly a woman between beauty (in the very understanding of glossy magazines) and the comfort makes an unequivocal choice in favor of the second. Not so long ago, I went to the store and specially visited visitor hairstyles. Among them were both young girls and adult ladies, all with completely different haircuts, but all of them combined one: simplicity of laying.

Walking the store, I saw that every second walks with loose hair. The couple came across for me girls were with braids – hairstyle, which takes two minutes, or negligent beams, for which it was spent. Perhaps most of all the older women were trying – their short, mostly haircuts were often generously filled with her hair.

Studs on the shelf as comfort became synonymous with femininity

I usually do not look at passersby. First, looking at other people’s people is not too interested, secondly, fashion is interested in little, because Koko Chanel thought that she leaves, and the style remains. However, turning attention to the appearance of unfamiliar women once, I decided to continue to observe in what form they prefer to leave the house, and came to certain conclusions: the style is no longer sent to militant femininity, we choose comfort.

How often do you see women who go on a holly on hairpins at 10-15 centimeters? Personally, I am increasingly noting that even young girls choose shoes on a flat sole or a small stable heel: Suddenly, we are no longer ready to risk falling and hit your head about the ice for the sake of attractiveness, are not ready to be treated in the gynecologist, walking in a short skirt in the cold. We are not ready in a few years asking on the Internet, what to do with a bone, which got out of the heels. Are not ready to change the form of their edges and deform the organs for the small waist.

We, selfish women, decided to leave their long-suffering bodies alone and just live, and the world of fashion, like men, now nothing else remains, except to adapt to us. You still remember those times when sneakers were shoes exclusively for sports? Now every second sneakers in everyday life put on every second, women began to wear them with dresses, and the most brave celebrities may appear in sneakers on the red carpet. And if the last is still surprising, the first two points are perceived by society normally. And the girl in fashionable sneakers (as long as "fashionable" models such a pure utilitarian shoe appeared?!), we will be frank, looks exclusively stylish.

Footwear on a huge heel gradually goes into the past. Will not be surprised if another 10-15 years will be the same atavism like corsets. As long as we remember the horror of the 19th century girls, and sometimes the 20th, which voluntarily spoiled their health to achieve a thin waist, our grandchildren will be hijite with horror on us, emphasizing their femininity with the help of footwear to our legs and spine.

We are accustomed to think that women have achieved all the rights that men possessed for centuries, and on modern feminists to lick both on the crazy fanatics, which they themselves do not know what they want. However, looking at how the role of a woman in society has changed in our century, I begin to think that they can be right.

The trend towards simplification manifested itself in the second half of the last century, when women began to acquire more and more weight in society. Now she is close to her peak, and designers to stay on the horse are forced to fully change the style, and even it does not save them – Chanel and Dior are far from prestigious, say, vetements.

Sneakers, jeans, leggings, sweatshirts, t-shirts, ballet shoes, pants – this is what wearing a modern girl, who would look like a beauty of the old Hollywood with contempt. Going to work, walking with a child, dinner in a restaurant with a beloved man – the free woman of the XXI century chooses clothes that helps her feel comfortable even after a day on the legs, and not limiting her movements. After all, now we have to have time to do not just follow the house (and this part of worries still in many families is assigned only to a woman), but also work on a par with men, and this requires comfort.

I see only two ways by which society can go now. And I consider the first of them more likely: after the final formation of women in society and achieving full gender equality. Clothes as a whole will almost cease to share on male and female, the difference will be unless in the Call, because men’s jeans simply do not want to sit on a female figure.

I confess, this option seems more likely to me, considering the trends in society. But, perhaps, that we are pleased with comfortable clothes and want to get back to dresses and heels, because the fashion has repeatedly showed its cyclicality, and the human soul is always looking for something new, which is a good forgotten old.

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