Studio Apartment: Who is suitable and how to equip?

Borrowed the idea of ​​a similar apartment in the USA. The goal was simple – in a small place to accommodate all the items that are necessary for normal life. Therefore, such apartments studio were built. And later this direction began to develop, completed innovations and eventually formed a new style.

What is the apartment at all? There are many varieties, however, we can allocate general patterns. There are no partitions and interior doors in such apartments. However, walls that have decorative meanings are allowed in modern studios apartments.

Why the apartment is called Studio? Because, in general, it is provided for the work of creative people or those who work at home. Beautiful suitable for young people who have no family and children.

Pros and Cons Studio Apartments

What is good such an apartment? It is ideal for young people who loves to receive guests and arrange parties. After all, there is a lot of space, beautiful acoustics, a large amount of light.

What else belongs to the pros? It:
• the ability to re-equip the room to solve a function or another;
• minimum distance between different zones;
• Using any interior style.

However, there are significant disadvantages. These include:
• Not all rooms can be re-posted in the studio, because not all partitions can be demolished;
• All communications will need to be laid, and therefore, significant financial injections will be required;
• Lack of partition between the living room and the kitchen will lead to the rapid spread of odors and noise.

Before purchasing such an apartment, it is worth a pretty think.

Who fits the studio apartment?

In such a room, students, young people, not burdened with family, people who deal with creative work can be comfortable, people who are engaged in creative work and rather use the placement as a workplace.

Such housing will be perfect for one person. Also suitable studio apartment for a young family without children who spend a lot of time outside the house.

But it is better not to purchase an apartment-studio to families with children, families entering different generations. After all, life biorhythms in people of different ages usually do not coincide, yes, in general, the personal space should be every member of the family. And if a family with one small child can live in such an apartment for some time, then husband, wife, two children and grandmother will simply be able to accommodate in such a room.

Interior and layout in Studio apartment

Usually in the economical version there are two main ones on the intended space – a kitchen and a place to stay. And in studios that have large sizes, the following zones can be provided: for sleep, work, reception, library.

Studio apartment who is suitable and how to equip

The Studio Apartment itself looks much more spacious than the usual apartment. But in any case, the zoning is required in such a room. How can one distinguish different zones? This can be done by lifting the floor level, decorative shirms, built-in furniture, collens, racks, ceiling drops, indoor plants and other ways.

Special attention should be paid to the lighting. Very good if in the apartment panoramic windows. If not, it is worth adding various lamps, lamps, sconces.

As for the choice of interior design, any style will be appropriate for such housing. But, of course, High Tech, Loft and Art Deco are best suited. It is the studio apartment that will look great if you choose such interior styles. However, if you want something more gentle, you can choose and Provence. As for the classics, you can arrange an apartment in this style, but it is advisable to avoid monotony (bright spots will be by the way).

For the kitchen it is necessary to choose not too much headset. More mounted cabinets, because at the bottom is the stove and the work area. It will be best to put a round small table and a few stools, chairs or a small sofa. Here you should not make bright accents, it is better to choose neutral furniture. After all, the foundation of the apartment is a living room.

In the living room it is worth installing a large sofa transformer (it can be used as partition between two zones), table. You can choose a sofa with a built-in table. On the perimeter of the living room will be perfectly looking at homepags with home plants. The mirrors in the room allow you to significantly increase the area visually. In this regard, the wardrobe with mirrored facades is perfect. The situation should not be just beautiful, but also cozy.

What can be used as decor? Aquariums (they will also help zoning the room), paintings, plants, lamps. But in general, the studio apartment should have a minimum decor. But the multifunctionality and monochrome are required.

Going to acquire an apartment studio, it is worth considering everything to the smallest detail. Otherwise there is a risk of disappointed. But if you decide that such an accommodation is just suitable, come responsibly to the design and choice of furniture. Your comfort depends on.

Studio apartment who is suitable and how to equip

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