Stud Sandals – High Elegance

Sandals on the heel in the entire history of their existence passed several significant and interesting stages. Once, during the period of ancient civilizations, such shoes served as a sign of status and wealth, but over time, the shoes on high acute heels could afford both people of lower classes, and the hairpins could wear both men and women. In the newest history of fashion, sandals on the heel are traditionally associated with frank femininity, sexuality and temptation.

From the history

Revolution, as a result of which sandals on the heel became what steel was not instant. The stud was included, it went into oblivion, and it happened both in the Middle Ages and in the past few decades. In principle, the heel has evolved the heel from just a high heel and it is this type of high heel that is more less consistently held on the popularity of popularity, moreover, since its official appearance on the podiums and in life, which happened in Italy in the 1950s, the stud has turned In the classic of shoe design, which never comes out of fashion.

According to fashion historians, the first thin high-heeled shoes appeared at the end of the 19th century – the beginning of the 20th, and then the hairpin was positioned as a symbol of femininity and frank sexuality. We have reached the photos of one famous Paris singer, made in the 1940s, on which the famous fashionista poses in high and thin heel shoes. The idea of ​​design such a shoe belonged to the famous French designer Andre Perugia, who is more famous today as the author of ballet shoes, women’s shoes on super low.

Heel stud in the form in which we know it now, appeared in 1954, the author of the concept became French designer Roger Vivier. Fat Wooden Heel Vivier replaced on a thin metal rod that allowed to emphasize the bending of the female leg and make a woman more slim and attractive in general. The hairpin made a real extension, shoes and sandals on the heel turned into a real hit, connecting the symbol of female elegance and a real sexy fetish.

However, even such loud popularity did not save his hairpin from fashionable transformations, which in one way or another affected the relevance of this type of heel. After the loud success of the 1950s, the heel stud gradually went to the background in the 1960s, but in the next decade, the stiletto sandals with the triumph returned to the vanguard of fashionable design. In the 1990s, women began to move to a thicker and stable heel, this contributed to the strengthening of women in business and professional activity, but at the beginning of this century. Business style concept. Business style: Play with color? somewhat changed and the stud quite legally became part of the office and business style of a woman.

Despite the fact that the sexuality and attractiveness of the hairpin has nothing to do with the convenience and practicality, millions of women around the world agree to endure such inconveniences to become slimmer, graceful and confident in themselves. No wonder sharp as a needle, heel pin has become a symbol of a fatal woman.

Stiletto sandals – the classic of the summer business image, depending on their color and design details, such shoes will fit both to a light dress and a business suit. Modern fashion allows you to combine everything quite distant from the style of things, so a combination of ripped jeans jeans: now and always boyfriends and classic barefot on the stud no one. A variety of models of sandwichees on the heel will enable such shoes in any image from romantic to avant-garde.

How to wear heel studs easy and nice

The fact that the hairpin is not the most convenient option, everyone knows, but often discomfort when wearing such a shoe is a consequence of non-compliance with certain rules.

Stud Sandals - High Elegance

Wear shoes of the desired size, too large or close sandals can rub legs and create additional stress in the foot area. In the end, the shoes do not look in size. Do not forget that with age, the size of the foot changes, and the sandals that you were at the time of twenty years ago, it will not be too good to sit on the leg and now. It is useful to know the exact dimensions of your foot, completeness, length and width of the foot.

In order for the shoes sitting as needed, it is important to know the type of foot. Flat foot or high lifting can be determined independently. Lower the leg into the water, and then step on a sheet of paper, the footprint will show how flat or deployed it is.

As it were beautifully did not look like sandals on the hairpin, such shoes, of course, is not suitable for everyday wearing. Try to alternate the hairpin with a more comfortable shoe fashion shoes against convenient: how to find the necessary balance . When walking on the studs, the body is devoid of supports and the spine turns out to be an additional pressure, not to mention that the unnatural bending of the foot is extremely harmful to health.

If you had to spend the day on the hairpins, get a ray of ten to perform on stretching the foot and toes.

Pay attention to how the sandals is attached to the leg, the thicker the strap, the more dense the shoes are sits on the leg. Thin straps look very sexy, they are not too reliable and often dug into the skin, rubbed and leave on the leg ugly marks.

Stiletto sandals should be in the wardrobe of any woman, and even if you prefer more practical conservative shoes, do not spare money for a couple of beautiful sexy studs. In the life of any woman, sooner or later, it is definitely a reason to wear such shoes and feel like a fateful seductive.

Stud Sandals - High Elegance

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